Making Her Wait…Wet With Anticipation


How do you transition from good sex to GREAT sex?

By delaying sex, of course!

Men are traditionally known for minimal foreplay and rushing off to the races. Our need for sex is usually stronger and it is no secret that men are aroused quicker and easier than most women. Sex is the expression of love between two individuals, of course, so it behooves you to not only acknowledge the woman’s perspective and chemical triggers, but embrace and USE her “ramp up” time to your advantage.

Since we arouse quicker, as soon as SHE is ready, we normally “get going.” My advice here is to do the opposite! As soon as you have used all your charms and skills to get your wife hot and bothered, take even MORE time by denying her your love…as soon as she asks for you, change direction, give her an erotic massage, or continue foreplay beyond the time you normally switch into action mode.

By extending foreplay way beyond what is necessary, you have accomplished more than a few things:

1. You have built up her anticipation and thereby increased her desire
2. You have shown her YOU care about her pleasure
3. Her anticipation will most likely increase her performance
4. You have extended your intimacy time together-stregthening your connection
5. Your variety of “moves” will impress her AFTERWARDS as well as during your session

Changing pace, direction, and environments are only a few of the ideas, concepts and strategies to creating not only the relationship you both want, but creating the smokin’ hot MILF of your dreams! For more ideas, visit my website at

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