Jan 25 2011

Fantasy Night


Oh sure, you’ve THOUGHT about putting on the policeman uniform, but have you seriously considereed integrating your fantasies with reality?

Role play is more than costumes and toys. It involves getting into “character” and creating the suspension of disbelief that will occur in the first few moments.

If you don’t get into the TRUE spirit of role play, you will be doing more harm than good. The reason sincerity is important is because we all have fantasies. It gives us a rush and the more forbidden, the better. Your spouse has them also. Be sure to cater to her needs when you go down this path. You may have to cajole it our of her, but asking at least shows you are interested.

Be playful, be spontaneous and be consistent. You don’t have to win an Oscar to make this work, but you should abide by a few simple rules when creating fantasies for your spouse. Follow these and your role play will actually work.

1. Use lighting, costumes, characters and accents consistently.

2. Always be sincere. If you are a policeman, don’t change to being a clown.

3. Create a profile on who you are. As you talk, mention to her your 4 yrs. as a fighter pilot.

4. Give her a role, too. If you are thorough, give her a profile, mission brief and a new name.

5. Location is important. If you can get out of your house, that adds to the reality.

6. Virtual three-somes. If your spouse isn’t into this, bring your third girl to bed, close your eyes and ask your lady to do both roles. (advanced stuff, but good)

7. Laugh at your mistakes, but the longer you do your play, the more real it becomes. Enjoy.

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Jan 16 2011



This is what she wantsYeah, you’ve used the excuse of burning calories as a way to add an extra sex session with your mate. It may have been funny the first time and it may actually work. But do you love your body?

Can you look at your body and honestly say, “I’d go for that if I were a woman?”

Don’t simply use sex as an excuse to burn off 120 calories (average), use high-caloric burn to increase your stamina and increase the length of your sexual sessions.

The average couple has sex for 13 minutes. Yes…I know…you go for 2 hours all the time, but when you average your quickies, your “just-wanna-get-off” sessions in with your marathons, the AVERAGE time a couple has sex is under 15 minutes. Even if you are at the top of the scale and average 1/2 hour a session, your caloric burn is not going to make a significant difference in attaining those six-pack abs and ripped frame.

Unless you go the extra mile.

Study fitness experts. Many of them use accelerators or pre-workout supplements to increase thier caloric burn and cardio workout when they exercise. By using the RIGHT supplement before and after any workout, you can increase the effectiveness of that workout by 30% or more. Now that 120 caloric burn in the sack can really be upwards of 156 calories. Push yourself to the top of the curve and go for 45-60 minutes every other day and we are now talking significant calorie burn while you are having sex!

The side benefit of pre-workout supplements is that you will create a spiral effect by making the sex better, you can last longer and you both will look better.

Jan 12 2011

Unusual Sex Positions: Creative Orgasms


Variety is the spice of life.

Dont’ get this wrong! So many men associate a different WOMAN with variety. While this may work, it also works for environment, outfits, wigs, accents and yes…even positions.

Many people realize a specific position and/or sequence to make their partner orgasm. Hey, if it ain’t broken there is nothing to fix-right?


You see, as much as we all need certainty in our life, we also crave surprises. Certainty is important in our jobs, our income and even our expectations on a vacation. This desire for certainty is clearly portrayed in our desire (especially as children) to view the same show or movie over and over again.

What does this have to do with orgasms?


You see, once you are CERTAIN how to make your wife orgasm, you tend to not deviate from it for fear of lowering your status as the stud that you are. However, when you discover and improve a NEW technique or position, you open up an entirely new level of romance and discovery.

Try a new position every week. If you are ambitious, try a new one every night. There are an infinite number of variations on where a leg here or a pillow there can not only hit a new spot, but actually make your penetration deeper and more satisfying.

So go ahead, hike those legs up, put a pillow under her ass, grab those legs like a wheelbarrow and speak in a foreign accent. The variety you both seek is all around you!

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Here are 26 positions to get you started. I bet you’ve only refined less than 6 of them, so get busy!

Jan 3 2011

Educational Porno


With the proliferation of MILLIONS of sex websites, it is sometimes difficult to filter the good porn from the ridiculous. Many people use video porn or erotic novels to stimulate and enhance their love life.


However, do you realize there are some really GREAT sites out there that can actually teach and educate us on advanced techniques? I know everyone thinks they are fabulous lovers, but in reality, only a fool believes he/she knows it all. All good teachers (yours truly included) is in a constant state of experimentation, discovery and erotic search mode.

The more variety, spontaneity and fun you put into your sex life, the more your love life improves. Many people get this backwards. While there is a time for romance, tenderness and communication, exceptional lovemaking rarely leads to divorce.

Instead of searching online for “porn” or “amateur porn” try search terms like “kama sutra” “advanced cunnilingus” or more specific items of curiosity. You’ll find a whole new world of videos, techniques and reading that will open your eyes…and her legs.

I encourage you to add YOUR favorite educational porno sites in the comments section below. Together we can build a list that committed couples can refer to over and over and over and over again…

Doug Steponin


Dec 30 2010

Adult Drive-Thru Store in Alabama Offers Privacy


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — Gabrielle Silva takes down a customer’s order from the drive-thru window, stuffs a bag full of products and passes it outside to the couple waiting in a car. Unless you are from Alabama, you probably didn’t know that vibrators are illegal.

In fact, unless you have a medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcemen need for a sex toy, you are subject to a misdemeanor offense in Alabama, the third notch in the bible belt.

Don’t believe me? You can read the full article here.

What year is this, anyway?

It’s 2011, folks and its time we realize that sex isn’t bad, naughty or should be a secret. Heck, without it, our species and ALL life on this planet wouldn’t be here! What’s the deal?

Thankfully, creative entrepreneurs like Florida businesswoman, Sherri Williams developed a workaround for this archaic law. Customers buying toys — items that can be used for sexual stimulation — fill out an anonymous form with 10 questions including whether they or a partner have difficulty with sexual fullfillment.

What is it about sex that makes people anxious, nervous and feel the need to hide it-act as if nobody does it? Clearly, based on businesspeople such as Williams, the sex toy industry does more to bring happiness and joy than most other entertainment products. In fact, the ability to save a marriage probably does more for our society than all the legislation lawmakers can throw at same-sex marriage or any other moral-based laws.

So the next time you are in Alabama, be sure to pay a visit to Pleasures One Stop Romance Shop. The marriage you save, could be your own.

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Dec 28 2010

Sex-escape Room


My wife and I recently bought a little getaway place to escape the city and it was a quaint, comfotable 2 bedroom. We set up the kitchen, office and bedroom. The original thought was this would be a sanctuary where kids were NEVER invited and it would be a true retreat for just the two of us.

With no restrictions, our imagination ran wild!

If you could build the PERFECT getaway, how would you design it?

What would it look like?

What add-on’s would you like?

Here is our list so far…I encourage your feedback on design, toys and layout for our place. I won’t be posting pictures. Instead, let’s let our imagination take hold and create a space that others can emulate, adapt and flat out copy.

1. Mirrors…lots of them. We haven’t done the ceiling yet, but the closet full length mirrors are an excellent start.

2. Stripper pole.

3. Light dimmer.

4. Pillows…lost of them, too. Throw pillows and the sex pillow or wedge.

5. Bar. Our favorite libations.

6. Sex lounge chair. These are AWESOME. Check out the site http://tantrachair.com

7. Tennis balls. We’ve broken a few headboards…time to cushion the blow…so to speak.

Send me your comments, ideas and thoughts on the ultimate sex escape room…

Doug Steponin


Dec 23 2010

Bi-Curious Women


No…this isn’t for you, Fred…well…I mean it IS for you, but not you.

My wife was raised in a strict Catholic household. She was raised by a nice family and was a virgin when she got married. So how did she become bi-curious and eventually full-on bi-sexual?

I have no idea.

But, when we looked back on her sexual journey, we did discover a few things that may be helpful to the man/husband who would like his wife to become a little naughtier and possibly explore a tryst with a woman.

1. Start with reading and exploring feminine/masculine roles in history. The more we read about sexuality and anthropology, the more we discovered that bi-curious females are more popular and accepted by many societies.

2. Start slow…watching a full, bi-sexual porn movie isn’t a good place to start. Try going to a nice gentleman’s club or reading a beautiful erotic novel together.

3. Openly discuss your needs and curiosities. Everyone has fantasies and many people are embarrassed to talk about them. Start off by sharing your desires WITHOUT calling attention to any lack in your relationship.

Once you start the discussions and research, keep the dialogue open, but if she becomes uncomfortable, back off and re-direct. Don’t discuss your desire for a three-some right away…that can only happen after you warm her up to the idea of her and another woman in an intimate setting.

Talk first. Be open.

Doug Steponin

Dec 22 2010

Take Your Wife to a Strip Club


Are you serious?

Absolutely. You see, for the conventional man, a trip to a gentlemen’s club is an escape from his humdrum love life at home. For the empowered man who is training his wife to also be his girlfriend, a trip to the strip is a great catalyst for so many things. For instance.

The pure sexuality of a strip club is impossible to ignore. The first trip may be a bit awkward, but after a few drinks, she’ll be fine. Just don’t pour too many down her, otherwise, she may leap on stage and pretend it’s amateur night!

The safety of taking your wife there is irrefutable. When you go alone, she has NO idea what happens there. So long as you go to a reputable establishment, now that she knows that it is harmless fun, when you do go again, there will be no question in her mind as to what you REALLY do there.

When you go with your wife or partner, the dancers will tend to focus on HER rather than you. This, of course, is a good thing!

There are really no downsides to this trip. You’ll either get her to enjoy it or at least alleviate any fears she has about when you do partake in the sport.

Of course, if you are a high-level member of our site, you may be using these excursions to open up your mate to a bi-curious tryst. Bi-sexual porno is OK, but they are usually pretty raw. A trip to a strip club is usually a great first step in opening up your wife to a threesome. (see our other posts on this topic)

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Dec 21 2010

Are you Naughty or Nice?


Are you naughty or nice?

Can’t you be both?

Don’t we want it all? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a nice girl in public and a naughty girl in private?

Guys, it is up to you to encourage, develop and affirm your gal’s desire to take on both roles. The best way to encourage nice, professional behavior is to support her needs as a woman, mother, friend, daughter and wife. The best way to do this is to SEE things from her perspective while maintaining your masculinity. Understanding a woman’s needs isn’t the same as SYMPATHIZING with those needs.

In fact, when a man is TOO touchy feely, he becomes emasculated and subconsciously unattractive to most women. Women desire a strong male as a partner. You must understand her needs without becoming one of her “girl friends.”

Affirming her nice side is a simple as encouraging and being genuinely interested in her work regardless if it is outside the home or not. You don’t have to take up needlepoint, but show her you care  about her hobbies, interests and life by asking questions and really listening.

Now, how about that naughty side?

You can be with the most conservative, introverted woman and I guarantee you there is still a touch of naughty inside of her. She may not be open to the stripper pole in the bedroom (or she may!) but getting her sexy lingerie, a sex toy or a romantic dinner followed by a night in a hotel is a sure way to encourage her to open up and release her wild side.

Feed both of these personalities and show her that you love both of them equally. That is the only way to develop and grow the side you like most….the naughty one, of course! Duh!

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Nov 30 2010

Make Your Wife a Swimsuit Model


Look at your wife, now look at the girl in this post, now back to your wife. See any resemblance? Yes? Congratulations, you married a super model.

Now, for the rest of you, your wife has had the role of income earner, mother, sister and multi-tasking, do-it-all superwoman. Has she had time for the spa, a health club and personal trainer? No?

That’s YOUR fault, Frank!

You see, a woman’s body goes through a massive amount of changes when she bears children. Some women return to their formerly sexy selves.

Many more do not.

Add to those physical changes endless feedings, diaper changes and a career and you have a woman with 30 hours of work to do in a 24 hour day. Something has to give.

So, many men fantasize, find a hobby or a girlfriend. These are strategies that, like a band-aid, may temporarily feel better, but they only cover up the real issue.

Consider taking the opposite approach.

Why don’t you continue to date, woo and worship your GIRLFRIEND, who happened to have a child?  Here’s an ideal situation, try this on and imagine the following:

1. You have an unlimited budget.

2. Encourage your wife to nurse, care for and raise your kids.

3. Outsource EVERYTHING else!

If you had a nanny to do the laundry, take care of the house, make meals, take kids to school and all the other “chores” and allowed you and your wife to nuture, teach and raise your children, she would have time to spend her days at the spa, gym and learning about proper nutrition.

When you treat her like a princess, she will feel and act like one. The more you can do to take the mundane tasks and outsource them the more time you will have to focus on your relationship, health and sex life.

“But I can’t afford a nanny,” I hear you say.

Great, then keep sleeping with frumpy mommy, Felix. Listen, if you want a sex kitten in the bedroom, then it is up to YOU to create an environment of health, abundance and sensuality for your relationship. Be a man, take charge and make more money. When you invest in outsourcing laundry, landscaping and other tasks that don’t add anything of value to your relationships, you naturally create more time FOR those relationships.

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