It’s the SEX, Stupid!


Some people (frustrated women, mostly) accuse me of focusing too much on sex! I get emails constantly from these people saying that I focus on sex WAY too much in my book, blog, and articles. Obviously, NONE of these people have ever read my book which CLEARLY outlines how we, as men, must be the first to change in our relationships. It is impossible to change another individual who doesn’t want to change! Therefore, the ONLY person we can change is ourselves. It is those subtle and often dramatic changes in ourselves that cause, influence, motivate or hypnotize the other people into wanting to change themselves. I clearly outline this in my book, which is available by clicking here.

If you haven’t read, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” I strongly encourage you to do so. There are dozens of other books that explain how and why we think and act the way we do. I have a recommended video and reading list available on my website. The MORE you understand how a woman thinks, the easier it will be for you to tap into their patterns, beliefs, and core values and use that knowledge to get what you want…MORE SEX!

This isn’t manipulation or “mind control” of course. This is simply communication at a higher level. The more you communicate in the style that makes SENSE to your wife, the more she will reciprocate and communicate in your style.  Here is an example:

Your wife wants to talk…too much. When a woman talks, she wants only one thing; for you to listen. NOT for you to solve, approve, agree, disagree, or ignore….but to listen. The more intently you listen and even just try to understand what she is saying, the more points you will score. These “points” are useful on two levels.

1. When you listen, and listen intently, you will understand her more. This leads to higher communciation, better connectivity and a more intimate relationship.

2. When she believes that you are listening and NOT trying to solve her problems, you will be communicating on her level. Women don’t often need a solution to their monologues, they simply want to be heard. Whomever listens well (usually it is their best girlfriend) is seen as a genuine friend. Imagine if that was you! Her emotional bank account will be filled with your genuine interest…interest that you can withdrawl when the time is right!

So, yeah…it is about the sex. Men need sex to feel loved, and women need love to have sex. As men, it is up to us to lead by example, deliver the intimacy they need, in order to fulfill our own needs. Don’t fake it, by watching the game and saying, “uh huh.”  that will immediately close your account for hours, days or weeks depending on your track record. An attentive listener becomes an attentive lover. 

For more insight into how a woman thinks, how YOU can tap into that power, and make YOUR wife HOT, visit my website by clicking here or visit,