Pay Bills = Get More Sex


My wife is not a whore.

In fact, she is an MBA with 3 teenagers and a new career that she loves. A few years ago, however, things were pretty bleak.

I had a midlife crisis, my 20 year business evaporated in less than 3 months and we lost our entire fortune due to a series of unfortunate events that nearly tore us apart-permanently.

Along the way, I stopped paying some bills. Along the way, the sex stopped. Along the way, our lives were in shambles.

Somehow, during this turmoil we managed to take infrequent breaks from the pain of bankruptcy and foreclosure and go out and see a movie or take a walk. Even a one or two hour break created a great deal of renewal and energy as we went out to tackle our obstacles and rebuild our lives.

Stress is the no.#1 killer in America.

Stress of your job, your spouse, your finances, etc. Let’s face it…stress sucks.

The stress of bill collectors can do more to kill your libido than watching re-runs of Tella Tubbies. This is especially true for women. Women crave security. Women are designed to take care, nurture and raise families. Don’t give me any arguments about woman’s liberation or careers. I don’t care. Let me prove my point.

Women are designed to be the primary care giver of families because they have breasts and men don’t. Get it? If God wanted us to share in the duties equally, he would have made us like the seahorse (I am not making this up) where the male seahorse carries and gives birth to the offspring.

Since women are designed to nurture the family, it is obvious that men are designed to PROVIDE for the family. Our job, as men, is to provide that security they crave so women can focus on two singular tasks:

1. Raising the children.
2. Making more children.

Now it doesn’t matter if your kids are teenagers or if you are done “making” babies. Our DNA doesn’t know how old we are. Women are designed to breed and the more attractive they are, the more we want to have sex with them. Survival of the fittest works both ways, guys. The more a man can provide and support the family the more attractive he is and the more a woman will open up to him.

I don’t apologize for making these examples over simplistic. Basic biology and anthropology back up what I am saying. Transferring this into the 21st century is your job.

  1. Pay your bills.
  2. Provide for your family.
  3. Show her you are a good provider.
  4. If you have financial troubles, reassure her you are going to do better.

Above all else, give her the financial, emotional and physical security she craves.

Your sex life will thank you!

You can have all the sex, romance and excitement you had when you first met. It isn’t more difficult as you get older, it just becomes more thoughtful. For more basics and ADVANCED techniques to create a sexually-charged relationship, visit today.

Now go pay your bills, buy her some flowers and get laid!

Sex During Pregnancy? YES!


sex-during-pregnancy1If you are planning a pregnancy, you’ve probably found an abundance of information about sex and how to get pregnant. But what about sex during those 9 months after conception? Your wife’s gained weight, she looks fat and perhaps a bit unattractive?

HOGWASH! My wife was extremely attractive when she was pregnant. That maternal glow and enlarged breasts were total turn on’s for me.

Like many parents-to-be, you may have questions about the safety of sex, when, how often and what’s normal for most couples.

Well, what’s normal tends to vary widely, but you can count on the fact that there will be changes in your sex life. Some of these changes may be uncomfortable, but I can show you how to make sex during pregnancy fun, interesting, enjoyable and memorable! Open communication will be the key to a satisfying and safe sexual relationship during pregnancy. The more you talk openly and honestly about what you are feeling and your mutual expectations, the better your relationship will become. The bottom line for nearly everyone is…

Sex During Pregnancy Is GREAT!

Decreased pressure from bloating
As you may or may not know, the bloating and discomfort a woman feels during a menstratal cycle CAN be alleviated with sex. It is very similar to when a woman is pregnant and there are many reasons some women don’t have sex during this time. The list includes:

  • Not feeling sexy…AT ALL!
  • Feeling very uncomfortable, bloated and not in the mood
  • The blood during sex is pretty yucky
  • My partner doesn’t find me attractive or appealing
  • I am used to having oral and that is a definite no-no during my cycle

The reasons are endless…

But, they all share a common thread of misconception. The primary misconception being that the “feelings” you or your partner share are locked in place and will never change. A woman’s feelings of being unappealing can change with a single thought. Sure, she may not look sexy, but you can certainly create some very exciting and romantic thoughts in your head. Try it! Right now.

Think about the most ROMANTIC and SEXUALLY EXCITING evening of your life. Go back to the special words, smells, sounds and activities that made it special. Remember the euphoria and joy you felt during that evening. Recall every single nuance, aroma, and word that was spoken. Recall specific things that touched every sense you have.

You see, your mind is a wonderful tool that YOU control. Just like recalling pleasant thoughts can change your mood, you can “order up” whatever feeling you like simply by triggering the thoughts in your mind.

When you think about your pregnant wife, that image may not be sexy or attractive. SO WHAT! You now have a specific tool you can use to change your feelings. By replacing the current image of a big belly with the “feelings” of a romantic, sexually-charged evening, you trick the mind into a state of desire.  Using this trigger you can create new thoughts which trigger new feelings.

Transferring that “Sexy” feeling to your wife
Great. Now you know how to use your mind like she uses her favorite vibrator. Simply plug it in and turn it on. Your thoughts are YOURS to control. What about hers?

What if she does NOT find herself sexy, appealing or desirable? What can you do to change her mind about sex? More importantly, what if HER thoughts, mood or action influence yours? Does getting yourself all worked up with no pay off frustrate you? It sure can!

For more tips on creating a sexually-charged, passionate relationship, read my book How to Make Your Wife Hot!

Below are 4 steps to change the direction and passion in your relationship during pregnancy. It is important to stay in control, have patience and a bright, playful attitude. The better you are at being affectionate, playful and flexible, the better.

  1. Establish The Goal. Your first goal is NOT to have sex. Your primary goal during this exercise is to be able to change each others moods, misconceptions, behaviors and attitudes about sex during pregnancy. Your goal is to go from point A to point B.  Point C will happen with time and patience. (C for coitus) Don’t force the sex thing….yet. Your goal is to set a foundation for open communication.
  2. Have an Open Discussion About Feelings. Guys hate this stuff, so read some articles from Cosmopolitan and suck it up. Do NOT talk about these topics in a romantic setting and definitely not in the bedroom. Bring up the issue of sex, romance, etc. at the kitchen table or family room. You may even reference a friend, celebrity, or other figure when it comes to the topic. The point is to practice talking about a private, personal issue in a non-judgmental fashion. If you need practice, try talking about politics or some issue first. When you talk about a topic in the third person, you don’t personify it and you don’t make the other person feel responsible or guilty.
  3. Discuss Your Mutual Needs. Once you are able to get her to talk about this stuff openly, you can bring up your personal needs in a non-judgmental fashion. Don’t spend too much time on your needs. You are going to be a 2nd class citizen as soon as that kid is born, so get used to focusing on HER needs first and foremost. You’ll get yours later.
  4. Compliment Her Sincerely. The more you show and tell your affection, the better. Women respond to our moods, words, and visual cues. The more you can combine all of these in a consistent manner the better. Tell her she is beautiful. Show her that you love her. Let her know your attitude is one of patience and adoration. Put her on a pedestal and honor her.

The more you relax and focus on her (possibly erratic) state of mind, attitude and comfort, the more likely you will be able to keep your sex life active. The key words to remember are honor, patience and focus. She is carrying the physical manifestation of your love. WOW! Let her know how incredible that is!

For more ideas on getting MORE sex in your marriage, creating a smokin’ hot wife and increasing the passion in your life, visit today!

Convice My Wife to Lose Weight


Ouch! Touchy subject. Obesity is sweeping America and the economy has taken its toll on our wallets, maybe its natural that overall sexual activity is down 17% as reported by a recent USA Today poll…or was that just a water cooler story?

Listen guys, the bottom line is you are a visual animal. Thin, sexy women are DESIGNED to be bred with. Why do you think large breasts are more attractive? Blame it on God, the universe, or Victoria’s Secret if you want. All I know is that sex appeal was created to propagate the species and I don’t want to battle mother nature.

If you are like millions of middle-aged men, chances are 63% that your wife is overweight or she soon will be. If the idea of sex once a month vs. every other night appeals to you, stop reading. (And that monthly sex will probably be “lights off” sex so you can keep it up.) If you don’t want to sleep with a frumpy wife, then it may be up to you to lead the charge and help her take the weight off and keep it off. There are critical psychological, emotional and nutritional steps to take.

1. Be a good example. There is no way you can expect your wife to trim down if you have a noticeable spare tire or you can’t see Mr. Happy when you are naked and standing up. Getting in shape yourself accomplishes many things including setting a good example for her, having more energy for sex, having more ROOM for sex, and…oh yeah…having more sex.

2. Don’t tell her she is heavy, fat or needs to work out. She’s looked in the mirror already and KNOWS what she looks like. Stating the obvious is about as smart as answering her question, “Does this dress make my butt look big?” In fact, it is better if you tell her she looks great! People will get defensive if they are accused of something, but most people will live up to the name they are given. So tell her she is thin and sexy and she will strive to become that for the both of you.

3. Nutrition. Of all the myths surrounding diet and nutrition there are a few undeniable facts. There are fads, pills, vitamins, machines, diets, and books but the bottom line to losing weight is simple and everyone knows it.

A) Calories are like fuel. You burn them for energy. What you don’t burn is stored as fat. That’s it. There is no secret pill, formula or machine that will take off the weight for you on a permanent basis. Know how many calories you burn every day and consume less than that. Period.

B) Processed sugars and bread, when not burned as energy, are stored as fat. You and your body KNOW what good nutrition is. Raw vegetables, lean meats, water and some fruit (Not too much because of the high sugar content) are foods that your body LIKES and can metabolize properly. Processed grains, sugars and corn syrup lead to heart disease, obesity, cancer, and premature illness.

Eliminating high-carbohydrate and high-sugar content foods will help to give your body the fuel it needs to run properly.

Make some meals for you and your family. By being the chef and taking the load off of her, you’ll not only establish proper nutrition, but you’ll score brownie points as being a well-rounded man and a husband who cares. Keep in mind, with the right attitude, proper nutrition and aerobic exercise BOTH of you will have more stamina, look better and feel like doing it more often.

You do want to get laid more, right?

For more ideas, tips and strategies on increasing your sex life and creating a wife who looks, smells, and acts HOT, visit

How To Make Your Wife a Slut


Schrreeeech! Hold on…Before you start thinking we are talking about passing your wife around at the next bachelor party, let’s get the facts straight.

There are 2 different “sluts”. The first one is the kind of girl that is a sex maniac and sleeps around with almost anyone. The second is the girl who is horny, ready, sensual and oh…did I say HORNY? Right. The difference is the second girl is selective. She may be a smokin’ hot vixen, but doesn’t sleep around. She has found the ONE GUY that she wants and worships and has no desire to go elsewhere. How to make your wife a slut means she will be YOUR SLUT and only for you to enjoy.

This article is going to focus on the second girl (Don’t worry too much if you are into the cuckold fetish of watching your wife bang other men. We’ll address your perverted fantasy another time)

The idea of a woman/wife who has a sex drive that is equal or HIGHER than yours is pretty appealing-right? Imagine if your girl really worshiped you. What would it be like if she couldn’t WAIT to attack you when you got home? What would it feel like if she woke up next to you in the morning, completely horny and said, “I have to have you…now.” Wouldn’t that change your outlook for the day? If you really want to make your wife a slut, you want her to do more than just TALK like that. You’ll probably want her to follow up with some steamy action, too. That is the tricky part.

Read on…

I am going to give you a step by step process for making YOUR wife a sex-crazed slut in the next 10 days. This process may have a few detours and depending on your woman’s background, personal history and  circumstances, you may see her change over in a few days or as long as a few months. Don’t stress about it. The journey to making your wife a slut is nearly as much fun as arriving there!

Creating a wife that worships you, adores you, fantasizes about you and wants to have sex with you in a variety of ways every day is the ultimate goal. You are going to unlock her fetishes, desires, and creativity and you will be increasing your creativity with new positions, toys, places, and ideas on a daily basis. Your sex life will be AMAZING. Her orgasms are going to double and your two will be laughing and playing on a consistent basis. Let’s get started!

Day 1 (Ongoing):
Change Your Attitude. There is virtually NO way to change ‘ol Ms. Frosty into a sex machine without changing YOURSELF first. Women aren’t wired like us, so you’ll have to put down sports illustrated and read a few pages of Cosmopolitan.

Put her on a pedestal. Start doing things that you might have done when you dated. Send her flowers, leave her a love note, call her for no reason, give her a sincere compliment, surprise her with a gift, tell one of her friends how great your wife is, do the dishes, take the kids on a field trip and give her a day of “do nothing”, send her to the spa, give her a foot massage, do the laundry, etc. You get the idea. Start taking ACTION and SPEAKING to her like she is a princess. Nothing will smooth over the “slut training” better than her knowledge that she is adored and respected by you. Being a slut commonly denotes a LACK of respect, so you must let her know how much you respect her now, otherwise, transforming her into a part-time slut will be demeaning.

Do one or any combination of the above mentioned actions on a daily basis. There is no end to this attitude and responsibility. If you want more and naughtier sex, get in the habit of treating her like a princess in public.

Day 2-4 (ongoing):
Communicate like a lady. Unfortunately, when men talk, they seem to go for “solution-mode” rather quickly. “Bob, let me tell you how Stacy messed up at work today.” Your response, “Why don’t you just tell her to stop doing that?”

Wrong answer, Bob.

Your job is not to give her a solution. Your job isn’t to respond AT ALL! Your mission is to listen, shut up, nod your head, and be empathetic. THAT is what women do and THAT is what will increase her trust, connection and security in you.  Without that secure feeling, it is difficult for her to trust you when you ask her to put the blindfold on next Friday! You want a smokin’ hot MILF, right? You are NOT going to get that without changing your tune a bit, Buster!

The first two steps are really like greasing the wheels, priming the pump, or preparing the field for play. Without this preparation, the remaining steps may get you the OPPOSITE reaction that you want.

Day 5-7:
Now that she sees that you listen, you can STRATEGICALLY direct future conversations towards the “slut training” that you desire.  IMMEDIATELY after draw her a bubble bath and give her a foot massage with the candles around the tub, bring out the razor and softly suggest if you can give her a trim (If she still has pubic hair). Her reaction will be one of three responses:

  1. No way! I don’t want you and a sharp object near me.
  2. Hmmm…I don’t know. That makes me kind of nervous. Why do you want to do that?
  3. Wow…I didn’t know it bothered you.
  4. Hmmm…sounds delightful.

Response to Answer  1.
If she is dead set against it, brush it off and say, “I was only joking. What I meant was can I pamper you some more? I have an idea…”

Response to Answer 2.
If she is hesitant and/or curious, simply say, “As you probably know, I’ve been really working hard at becoming closer to you. My love for you is boundless and I want to show you more every day that you mean more to me than anything. “(SAY THIS SHIT! Do not filter it. She may laugh, she may not believe you, but deep inside it makes any woman melt with euphoria) Continue by concluding, “I happened to have read in Cosmo that most women feel cleaner, sexier and their orgasms are MUCH more powerful.”

If she is already shaved or wax, SLOWLY introduce something else such as a toy, DVD porn, or slightly kinky idea at the PEAK of her relaxation with you. Naked, calm and sexy is the mood she MUST be in at the time of introducing your 1st step to “slutdom”.

Day 7-9:
After you have introduced a Brazilian wax job, dildo, or porn into her life, and she learns to appreciate it, you have accomplished 70% of the battle. The remaining 30% may be more difficult at first, but infinitely more exciting.

Tease her to please her. Most men are aroused in a matter of seconds. Most women take longer. The more you date her, romance her and treat her with respect, the more OPEN she will be to the very naughty thoughts that are in your brain! You need to double, triple or quadruple your foreplay time. Even though you and her may be ready for intercourse, the foreplay should turn into role play.

Don’t say a word about this. Simply go down on her for 15 minutes, make out for an extended period of time or if you can’t restrain yourself, during intercourse simply stop…slide down and start giving her cunnilingus. The more you EXTEND foreplay and MAKE HER ANXIOUS the more she will want you and desire you.

These two feelings of being completely open to you and a strong sexual desire are again; key moments to introduce your next perverted thought. At the peak of her excitement, blurt out some naughty sex talk. “You are so hot…I want to fuck you hard.” Or “OMG, you drive me insane…you are a very bad girl and need to be spanked.” You get the idea. The purpose is to say something OUT OF CHARACTER for you.  If you already talk like this, take it up a notch. Don’t DO what you are saying. Speak it and feel her body reaction (or listen to her reaction). The more in-tune you are with her body language, the easier this becomes.

Day 9-10:
Give her a mind-blowing orgasm. If she traditionally comes only once, afterwards cuddle with her and let her know how special she is. In the aftermath of delight, let her know your fantasy. Tell her that you adore her, but one of your fantasies is for her ON OCASSION, to be slutty. Let her know that yes, you love her and ONLY her, but its every guys fantasy to have a nympho in the bedroom and even if she role plays it for you on occasion, you would be eternally grateful.

I have known the most conservative, uptight moms who turn into complete whores in the bedroom. This doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen because you are some gigolo porn star. It happens because you have tapped into a woman’s’ core issues:

  1. Security. Make her feel secure in herself, her body and in your life.
  2. Trust. Let her know that you would never try anything she didn’t want to.
  3. Communication. It becomes free and non-judgmental to discuss ANY fantasy.

That is the short version on making your wife a slut. It can take a few days, a week or a few months, but the journey can be fun, sexy and challenging. Enjoy the ride. For more ideas, strategies, and tricks on getting more sex in your life, click on today!

Sex in Unusual Places!


After a few years you may run out of positions to try…sure you’ve found your top 2-3 favorite ones…the ones that are a 100% sure fire hit and get you and your spouse to share in the euphoria.

But what about WHERE you have sex? After you’ve “broken in” the rooms in the house, done it in the car or on the back patio, where can you go to add some spice and ‘ZIP’ in the relationship? Below are a few ideas I gleaned from my personal experience as well as a few other people. (I can’t and WON’T claim having sex in church or near the dumpster…yuk!)

You’ll never run out of places or WAYS to spice up your sex life! We are not talking porn here, just some edgy stuff to give your relationship some new life and vitality. If you don’t keep doing NEW things, someone is likely to get bored and have an affair and/or get divorced. Your sex life and your marriage may be at stake!

Send me YOUR entry as to the most UNUSUAL place you’ve had sex and win a copy of my book-FREE! Send me an email to or simply post your story or place in the comments section below.

  • In a public Jacuzzi with others around.
  • In my ex wife’s parent’s basement while they were home!
  • In a public park pavilion in daylight.
  • In the elevator at a 25 story hotel (quickie)
  • In the alley next to a dumpster (empty thank God) behind a nightclub.
  • On a trampoline in a college gymnasium.
  • On a picnic table outside of an icehouse. People were cheering us on.
  • In most of my friends bathrooms during parties.
  • In the front seat during road trips (in mustangs, very hard to do).
  • In my ex-boyfriend’s parents bed with my husband.
  • In a Christmas display in the middle of the shopping mall.
  • In the back bed of a ford f350 while being driven down the road.
  • In a confessional and behind the altar.
  • At an amusement park haunted house with people walking through.
  • At a baseball stadium pitcher’s mound (with the pitcher of course!).
  • In a jump tower on a military training field.
  • At the zoo in front of the monkey cage (after hours).
  • In a dentist chair (I worked in a dental office).
  • On the 50 yard line at Raven Stadium at night.
  • At an ice hockey arena change room in between games.
  • At an elementary school in an empty class room.
  • On top of a school building during a football game.
  • In the ladies room at a law office during business hours.
  • In a room full of guests (my girlfriend sitting on my lap and nobody was the wiser).
  • In the bathroom stall at parking garage.
  • In a park in the bushes next to a playground.
  • Under the Rheine main bridge downtown Mannheim.
  • On the roof of a high rise after a thunderstorm.
  • In a church up by the organ late on a Sunday night.
  • On a massage table one hour before the spa opened.
  • In the darkroom at a photography lab.
  • On the EXACT beach where they filmed “From Here to Eternity” in Hawaii.

Try something new and send an email to and let me know what new and unusual place you’ve had sex. Winner of the most UNUSUAL place will get a copy of my free book. Any other stories are welcome…all names changed or hidden to protect the guilty!

For more ideas, tips, strategies and ways to spice up your sex life, have a SMOKIN’hot wife visit today!

5 Things Men Want More Than SEX


kissing_is_good_1I recently asked a friend of mine what men want in a relationship and she point blank told me, “That’s the easiest question ever,” she said. “Men just want sex!”

While her response was obvious, my response to her was not.

In studying and writing about relationships, sexuality and marriage for years, my husband and I have distilled the whole ‘love and relationship’ game to some basic communication fundamentals. Our blog sheds some light on communication basics and advanced strategies to create a passionate romance regardless of how long you’ve been together.

Would you be surprised if I told you sex isn’t even in the top 5 things men really want from their partner? Sure, they are visual and seem quite myopic in their hunger for sex. But, sex and the pleasure it provides isn’t the final emotional feeling that men want from their girlfriends and wives, in the end, it’s five other often overlooked and under-appreciated things that men crave, desire, want, and need to make their relationship the envy of their peers. Each of these five things can *lead* to great sex, but none require it. Curious? Read on…

Women, when your man feels at his best, he will seek out every opportunity to spend more time with you and to satisfy your needs. So, it’s in your best interest to give him what he wants (and it’s easier than you would ever believe), so you’ll get more of what you want. See how it works?

1.  Men Want To Be Adored

In every man, there is a little boy (Remember what a baby he is when he is sick?). A man’s ego is fragile. Before the industrial revolution, the man with the most amount of wealth (we’ll leave out the “big harem” example) was the strongest warrior and/or the most successful hunter. Ever since he’s traded in his spear for a pda, men have defined their masculinity through sports and/or financial success. The more you give him SPECIFIC accolades about his success, the clearer your message of love and respect will be towards him. Tell him why you love him so much, often and clearly. Let him know that he is important to you. Just as you may be his Princess, your man wants to know he’s your Prince.

2.  Men Want To Be Consulted

There is no need to pretend you’re stupid, but when you find something your man is knowledgeable or passionate about, let him take the stage. When you show a sincere interest in his knowledge base, the more you subtly stroke his ego. Again, don’t be sarcastic or placating. The more you take a sincere interest in his work and hobbies, the stronger your connection will become. Ask his opinion and let him feel he’s an active part of your decisions and choices.

3.  Men Want To Be Trusted

Many of us have been hurt or lied to, but if your man isn’t the one who hurt you, trust him. After we are hurt, we tend to keep our guard up. “Guilty until proven innocent” is a popular attitude after one is hurt. Trust must be earned after a person has lied, of course. But “innocent until proven guilty” can go a long way to building more of a connection that can lead to a two-way street of trust. Go out of your way to give him no reason to doubt you and your own trustworthiness. Let him know you feel safe and secure with him.

4.  Men Want To Feel Sexy

Of course it is time to stroke his…uhmm….ego, but men like to feel sexy, handsome or fit just as much as women do. You will get SO much mileage out of a few “Do you know how sexy you are to me?” or “You look hot in that!” comments. Keep the compliments sincere and specific. Don’t praise his beer gut and say, “More to love!” Like you, he knows what areas he has to work on. However, the more you point out his strong points, the more he will work on correcting his weaknesses as well. Additionally, he will start appreciating and complimenting you more too!

5.  Men Want You To Be Their Friend

Many men don’t have the traditional social outlets that women do to discuss their emotions, dreams, and fears. By being his friend first, without judging, you allow him to open up. Interestingly, men RARELY open up to other men. They are taught at an early age NOT to shed a tear which results in them not sharing their feelings in general. Coincidentally, most affairs are born from this. A man may have a difficult time sharing his deep troubles with his wife, but can with his secretary. OOPS! Be sure you set up a “safe zone” of conversation which allows him to be vulnerable and open. Letting him know that this “safe zone” (Both verbally and geographically) in NO WAY diminishes your opinion of his manliness in all other areas.

The love of a woman can make or break a man. The woman who criticizes her man creates what she despises. The woman who encourages her man and gives him what he truly wants creates what she inspires. Give your man what he wants and your life, your relationship, and your love will get better with every passing day. You will experience more loving, more caressing and more attention from your man than you ever imagined possible!

For more strategies and ideas on creating a sexually-charged romance with you wife, read my husband’s book and get YOUR wife to be as hot as me!

-Chris Steponin

Spice it up: Sex in Unusual Places


After 20+ years of marriage, you would be foolish to think that things wouldn’t get stale. In order to keep your love, lust and laughter alive, you have to proactively seek out new and exciting things to do with and TO each other! Having sex in different and/or unusual places is just one thing that can do the trick. Here are a few places my wife and I have done the deed. Feel free to add to this list! (Comments welcome) If you want to make them private, visit my website and email them to me. Here we go:

  • Walk-in closet on the floor or standing up
  • Kitchen Counter top (against it AND on it)
  • Front seat of car (in driveway or on the highway going 70)
  • Kids room (weird, keep the lights off)
  • In the dark room, processing pictures (before digital cameras, I know)
  • On the beach (watch out for that sand…why do you think they call it sandpaper!)
  • In the ocean (Bouncing is easier with the buoyancy of the water!)
  • In the hot tub (heat will tire you out quicker)
  • On the windowsill (6 inches of ledge was all I needed for that tight little ass)
  • In the pool (Great compromise between hot tub and ocean)
  • On the couch downstairs with the kids upstairs
  • In the bathroom (Mirrors can come in handy)
  • On an airplane (Officially it was a blow job, red eye under a blanket)
  • On the deck in the back yard (after a great barbecue with neighbors)
  • In the bathroom at a friend’s party (No really…we didn’t want to get caught)
  • On my desk in the office (I am the boss, so no fear of disgrace
  • In my chair at the office (Before I was the boss, so the fear of discovery was exciting!)
  • In the stall of a bathroom (A very clean one!)
  • In the dressing room at Nordstrom’s (Quickie!)
  • On a motor boat while underway (Make sure you trust the captain)

I will save the details of these locations, logistics, and crazy stories for more blog entries. For the slightly shy, there are steps you can take to prevent embarrassment. For the outgoing, there are steps you can take to embrace the danger and laugh at the situations you create at a later time. All in all, it is ALWAYS fun and exciting to try new things! For more ideas, advice and tips, visit my website at

7 of the Dumbest Questions about Sex


Think you’ve heard it all? As a popular blogger and author, I’ve had some of the strangest questions asked of me and my hot wife. She wasn’t always hot, of course. 2.2 kids and 20 years of marriage takes its toll on anyone. We did have a fork in the road a few years ago and we both underwent some serious “reprogramming”. I remembered what it meant to “date” and put her on a pedestal, and she learned how to dance on a pole! To hear more about it, click here.

Now, for the 7 dumbest questions I have ever received:

7. It takes my wife almost an hour to orgasm and I’m tired after 20 minutes. What do I do?

Uhm…you need to learn about foreplay, dude. It shouldn’t take her that long. Oh, regarding your stamina…try going to the gym. You are probably out of shape.

6. My wife isn’t hot at all, Doug. But, she is VERY horny. I love her, but her weight gain has made her less appealing than ever before. I don’t know what to do.

You can do what I did and get an escort for a few years, suffer the embarrassment of an affair, and endure 2 years of counseling…OR YOU CAN TALK TO HER!!! Try going to the gym yourself, then take her shopping, and let her know in the nicest way possible that she IS hot. She will live up to your encouragement.

5. I want to get my wife a naughty costume for Halloween. She refuses to dress up, even in private.

Dress up yourself, you pirate! She will get in the spirit of being a wench even without the costume when you dangle your scabbard in front of her.

4. I love blow jobs, but am not into going down on my wife. I know that seems like a double standard, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

Hello, Felix! Perhaps you missed the point. Going down on your wife is for HER pleasure!!! Just imagine you are painting the Chinese alphabet with your tongue. In fact, put some of your 4 basic food groups down there and have a snack.

3. My wife used to have long hair. As she got older, she cut it shorter and shorter. It’s not a big thing, but she looks less sexy to me. What do I tell her?

Go out and buy 2 different colored wigs. She likes the short hair, you only need the long hair when you are banging her.

2. I want to have sex in a public place, my wife is horrified at the thought. How do I get her to go to a secluded beach or park and seduce her?

A) You can take her to a secluded place, slip ecstasy in her Kool-Aid and have a ball or B) Start off by simply fondling her at the park on a few visits…get her used to it, then cut her off for a month, and next time you take her there, bring flowers, a diamond, a new BMW, and renew your wedding vows right before you unzip your fly.

1. I only like 2 positions and my wife wants to try a new position almost every other day. I think it’s best to stay with what works. What do you think?

I think you are a dork.

Of course, my answers were a little kinder. But the essence of the questions is based on fear and rejection. Think about that. You are already married, so real rejection probably isn’t in the cards. What do you have to fear? Trying new things is sometimes uncomfortable. However, it really depends upon your attitude. Get in the spirit of FUN! Accept that you will create some embarrassing moments. That is half the fun. You will end up with some great laughs and some terrific new sexual experiences. For more fun, go to

Sex, Jealousy and Open Manipulation


I went out with my wife and 3 of her hot friends last night and OMG what a rush!

Normally, the emotion of jealousy is negative and drives a wedge between 2 people. Tempers flair, people judge and we end up acting like little Johnny on the 5th grade playground.

However, there is a way to USE the emotion of jealousy to your advantage. Last night I did JUST that! Don’t worry, I told my wife exactly what I was doing before I did it. To the emotional side of our brain, it didn’t matter. We had a great time. Here’s how it worked…

The male ego would love a harem. Think a sheik and 23 dancing girls in his tent. That guy might have 12 wives and STILL he gets 23 dancing girls…ah the good old days. This boosts our ego and if women were not so independent nowadays, we still might be able to get away with that!

From a female perspective, she wants to know that SHE is the most desireable and sexiest woman in the world to her man. Some overly jealous women can’t bare the thought of their guy looking at other girls. I use that undeniable quality to increase the love with my wife and the passion of that love.

Before we went to the club with my wife and her three hot friends, I told her about my fantasy of going out with 3 hot women, dancing, drinking, and then all of us coming back to our hotel suite. We would party some more and ALL the girls would be giddy and a little bit “handsy”. After a few minutes of harmless teasing, I would look her friends in the eye and say, “You are lovely, but I really need to fuck my wife now.”

This fantasy accomplishes a huge ego boost for the both of us. I get the harem that I always desired and she is selected as the ONLY one from a flock of very desirable women. She is the prettiest, the best, and the one I love. This ONLY works, of course, with complete honesty and communication. The stage must be set with the right players, the actors must know the script, and even though we all know it is a show, we are turned on nonetheless.

For more ideas, stories, and strategies to make your wife the red-hot MILF she can be, go to Your fantasies can come true. But, you have to plan them out, prepare the players, and not be afraid to make any mistakes (because you probably will-that’s half the fun!)

Sexy Weather Thunderstorms Inside & Outside!


Guys, there are scientific AND romantic reasons you can have BETTER sex whenever you want! A thunderstorm just blew through our area and my wife and I opened up the patio doors, let the air in (and a little rain) and simply banged our brains out!

I am over 40 (so is she) and we are having more sex than most newlywed 20-something year olds. We didn’t always have this passion, but after we almost divorced, we took a few simple, well thought out, and specific steps to increase our sex, passion, and lust for each other. For details, click here.

The thunderstorm did a few things:

1. The ionization of the atmosphere makes the air fresh, clean, and crisp. Not that the smell of sex is bad, its just that we all know how clear the air is after a thunderstorm. It revitalizes your senses and heightens your pleasure!

2. The lightning, thunder and rain showers all add additional atmosphere to our session. We even adjusted our rythmn to the thunderclaps! (sort of like movin’ to the sound of music only different) When we saw the lightning, we added and extra push and tried to time it to the 3-5 second delay of the thunder…pretty funny, really.

3. Romance…ah after the storms passed and we were left with the gentle rain shower, our lovemaking became more gentle and soft. I slowed down considerably and we focused on each and every nerve ending in our body. By focusing on each other our rythmn became totally in sync and we climaxed easily together.

The bottom line is, while most people are running around rolling up their windows and checking the gutters, we took advantage of the malestrom and used the power of the weather to support and encourge the power of our sexual appetite. Go for it! For more tips, ideas, commentary visit today!