Push Her Envelope


Your sex may be great….you can make it greater.

In fact, if you don’t focus, read, study and PRACTICE improving your techniques, style, position, gels and toys, you are doomed to a life of average sex. This may not be all that bad for most people. After all, even mediocre sex is pretty satisfying.

Until you’ve had “off the chart” sex.

After you have raised your bar, sexually, what most people consider great sex is flat out routine for you. Ignorance truly is bliss. I have personally ruined cunnilingus for dozens of women. Not because I did a poor job, mind you. Exactly the opposite. You see, when I was single, I learned highly advanced techniques that 99% of men haven’t a clue about. Once you unleash these headboard-breaking skills on a woman, you have tainted her for life. No other man will come close to making her as happy sexually as I did.

Sorry ladies.

Her odds of finding that level of ecstasy is one in a thousand. Any woman willing to go through a thousand guys to locate that type of experience again is likely to have a different set of problems.

Fortunately, my wife and I are both sexually adventurous, trusting and have a high desire to improve, experiment and push the envelope.

What envelope can you push tonight?

Even experimenting with a different position shows her you care. Even if you mess up, she will know that YOU need and desire new experiences and a higher level of intimacy.

What about trying something erotic, forbidden or out and out naughty? Sure, she may squeek, squirm or shake her head, but with a smile on your face and a bouquet of flowers in your hand, you will be surprised what she is willing to experiment with.

Go ahead and push the envelope on your sex life. With a partner who trusts you, nothing is off limits for conversation and even a trial run. Send your comments, stories and ideas to me here. I am anxious to hear from you! We will publish only your story and first name, of course. Leave your comment below.

-Doug Steponin




How Can You Get Your Husband To Do The Dishes?


As any responsible journalist (Is that what I am now? LOL) it is my duty to not only share what I know about love, sex, marriage, and intimacy from a man’s perspective, but also check out what the ladies are thinking! I know the old jokes about it being impossible to understand women, but as you read my blog and book, you’ll see that it is really quite simple and boils down to open, honest, and NON-JUDGMENTAL communication. I was reading an article from  the site, www.100marriagequestions.com today about “How to get your husband to do the dishes” and burst out in laughter!!! OBVIOUSLY written by a counselor or a woman, they gave the reader 6 techniques on how to influence him to help out around the house.

Of course you guys MUST help out around the house…it is a team thing, this marriage! But, men know that of all the 6 “ideas” and “strategies” of influencing us to change our behavior, talking and threats don’t work! The LAST idea works 100% of the time, of course. Since it was a short article, I hope the author placed it last as the final and most EFFECTIVE method.

As a man, that’s the way I read it…Here is that last tip:

Have sex: frankly, many people will use all kinds of excuses to explain why they are frustrated, except the real truth. And the truth might be that you are just feeling neglected. Be honest with yourself and discuss it with your husband. And there is nothing wrong with leaving the dishes in the sink while you both take care of more important business right there in the kitchen. The messier, the merrier.100marriagequestions.com, How Can You Get Your husband to Do the Dishes?, Aug 2009

You should read the whole article.

Don’t be a Jerk: JERK OFF!


Have the BEST sex of your life…WITH YOUR WIFE!? Nobody knows your body better than you. Does your wife? Can she jerk you off as well as you can? This topic is rarely talked about but follow me on this…

Getting your wife to touch herself and assist in foreplay is acceptable, right? OMG, shadow dancers, strippers, and lesbian porn prove that a woman who touches herself is sexy as hell. What about us? Watching a guy jerk off is most likely NOT in the top 10 downloaded porn videos…it just isn’t sexy (for either party). So why do it?


Because you are the master of your domain, my well hung friend. Your ability to do EXACTLY what your body needs is obvious. What is less obvious is that your wife probably does some of what you like, and can get you going pretty well. BUT, is she a pro? Does she know exactly the pace, rythmn, pressure, and timing that you like? Can she translate her hand job skills to her mouth, or her vagina? Think about it…

Most people moan and use 2 word sentences when having sex. (Oh, baby or Oh yeah) I am going to suggest you have FUN with this, dude. Keep the lights on, tell her you are going to give each other a lesson and you should each do a full masturbation session for the other. Pre-excited, during, and climax. When you do a full session on yourself and she observes EXACTLY the technique, speed, and intensity that you like (no note taking or video please) she can better duplicate the precision that you need to have more satisfying sex.

Don’t worry about the embarrassment of it…she’s seen you pee and listened to your farts for years. If it makes it any easier, she can always peek out of the closet while you do it. Just ask her not to giggle or say anything so as not to break your concentration. For more ideas, advice, and strategy on having the best sex of your life, visit my website at www.makeyourwifehot.com and see for yourself that you already have a MILF in your house, time to make her a pro!

Make Your Wife HOT


She used to be HOT! What happened? She can be HOTTER than before. Here’s how…

Sex, love, intimacy are all things we crave and go “ga-ga” over. Unfortunately, kids, responsibilities, and routine are in direct opposition to what our relationships were like BEFORE we were married. OK, Chump, I guess you have a choice to make. You can either look for that “ga-ga” feeling elsewhere (in a bottle, being a workaholic, or Stacey in accounting) or you can simply DATE YOUR WIFE AGAIN!

Oh, I know what you are thinking (but DEFINITELY not saying). “Yeah, that makes sense, but my wife is frumpy, older, and just not the hot sex-kitten she used to be. I had the same situation. I turned it around and created the hottest wife imaginable. I am the envy of my friends and I am actually sore from having so much sex. I don’t meant to brag, mind you. But after a few of my friends saw what had happened, I decided to write a book and blog a little on the subject in order to give back. Besides, it keeps me sharp! After creating this skinny, bubbly MILF, I have to make sure I can keep her! Here are a few tips.

1. It starts with YOU! Your communication and lack of attention is disgusting. When was the last time you sent her flowers for no reason? When was the last time you stared into her eyes for 2 minutes without talking? When was the last time you sent her to a spa for a day with her friends. You see, prince charming, you may have found a princess, but in order to keep her from becoming the frumpy, old queen, you have to KEEP TREATING HER LIKE A PRINCESS! GET IT!

2. Communication is going to be dicey. If your wife has put on too much weight and dresses more like a mom, then you have to communicate to her what is important to you, what you like, how it will improve your relationship and what YOU are going to do FIRST! That’s right. If she put on a few pounds and you did too, well, the first step is to set a good example. Go to the gym and get back to your ideal body weight. This will inspire her to do the same. If she dresses like June Cleaver, then you go out and buy her some sexy outfits. Don’t worry about how they look at first, your communication must build her up. Her self-esteem may not be too high. Tell her how wonderful she looks (even if she doesn’t). She knows exactly what she looks like and the more you shower her with praise, the more she will live up to your accolades.

3. Finally, ACT like you are in love with her. Give her praise, spend extra time with her, give her a simple gift of a card or a flower once in a while, and when you are out with your friends, embarrass her by telling her friends, how much you love her and how wonderful she is. This public announcement of your honor and love is extremely powerful.

For more tips, advice, ideas and sarcasm, please visit www.makeyourwifehot.com and turn any wife into a stone cold MILF. We are not talking “Stepford wives” here…I mean your wife should become as naughty, sluty, or sexy as you desire…just for you!

Making Her Wait…Wet With Anticipation


How do you transition from good sex to GREAT sex?

By delaying sex, of course!

Men are traditionally known for minimal foreplay and rushing off to the races. Our need for sex is usually stronger and it is no secret that men are aroused quicker and easier than most women. Sex is the expression of love between two individuals, of course, so it behooves you to not only acknowledge the woman’s perspective and chemical triggers, but embrace and USE her “ramp up” time to your advantage.

Since we arouse quicker, as soon as SHE is ready, we normally “get going.” My advice here is to do the opposite! As soon as you have used all your charms and skills to get your wife hot and bothered, take even MORE time by denying her your love…as soon as she asks for you, change direction, give her an erotic massage, or continue foreplay beyond the time you normally switch into action mode.

By extending foreplay way beyond what is necessary, you have accomplished more than a few things:

1. You have built up her anticipation and thereby increased her desire
2. You have shown her YOU care about her pleasure
3. Her anticipation will most likely increase her performance
4. You have extended your intimacy time together-stregthening your connection
5. Your variety of “moves” will impress her AFTERWARDS as well as during your session

Changing pace, direction, and environments are only a few of the ideas, concepts and strategies to creating not only the relationship you both want, but creating the smokin’ hot MILF of your dreams! For more ideas, visit my website at www.makeyourwifehot.com.

Your Marriage is BORING!


Dating, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, kids, and then….blah…

Do you remember when you actually dated?
Do you remember when you actually had to pursue your quarry?
Don’t you miss the exhilaration of conquest?

After 2.2 kids, 10+ years of marriage, most men (and women) forget how much fun they had when they went out of their way to actually impress one another. If you want those feelings again (and who doesn’t) you have to actually DATE YOUR WIFE!

Now I am not talking about “date night” where once every week or two, you go out to dinner or a movie without the kids…any moron can do that! If you really want to add TRUE excitement and spice into your boring life, then you must pursue and conquer. Your masculine tendencies MUST be quenched. For a complete guide on creating the smokin’ hot wife of your dreams, visit my website. Below is a sample of the pointers to I’ve used in my 20+ years of marriage to double the excitement and triple the pleasure!

1. Let your wife know that YOU to be excited and to feel alive, that you must pursue and conquer.
2. This isn’t role playing. You both must understand each others real needs.
3. Send her out and let her buy the most seductive outfit imaginable. Get edgy. A little sluty is OK.
4. Before you go out, tell her to go to a bar, take off her ring and relax.
5. Show up 15-20 minutes later and remember what you USED to do to get laid!
6. Tell her NOT to immediately act interested in you. Playing hard to get makes it more fun.
7. It can be more stimulating if she has had a drink or two before you arrive.
8. If you are feeling very confident, ask her to flirt with a guy or two.
9. When you arrive and “win her over” both of your egos are satisfied.
10. Don’t end it here…when you leave, have sex in the car or go to a hotel.

Dating is simply a word for the animal urges that we all have. Our DNA isn’t wired for grocery stores, cubicles, and 7 minutes of sex 2 times per week, As men we are wired to kill the wooly mammoth, protect our families from sabre-toothed tigers, and populate the earth! Now the first two species are extinct. The declining masculinity of the male gender puts us on the endagered species list. Don’t let it happen to you. Let your woman know that you are a man, and that you are going to protect her and provide for her. Being strong, seductive, and strong is a definite turn on for her. After you seduce your wife again, take her back to your cave (not by the hair, necessarily) and bang the shit out of her. If you are smooth AND strong, she will thank you for it!

For more tips, advice, and strategies to drive your wife wild, make her into the MILF you desire, visit my website by clicking here.