Why We LOVE Butts


What is it about a woman’s rear that drives men crazy?

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are a boob-guy or lose track of time when looking at a nice set of legs, I get it. In fact, throughout my life I have definitely transitioned from being a face-guy, to leg-man and…hell….I think it all matters!

But the rear? Really? I mean, boobs are sex toys, legs lead to that spot where they come together and eyes are the window to the soul.

The only thing a woman’s rear leads to is that place that is used to remove the waste products from her body. Sure, the rear is used for sitting. The muscles are there to support her frame and her butt is attached to those long, lean legs. But in and of itself, why is the butt of a woman appealing? What makes it special?

Generally speaking, curves coincide with a woman’s ability to conceive children. A woman with wider hips and bigger breasts have the equipment to bear children and breast feed.  A super slim streamlined woman with a smaller chest subconsciously may die at childbirth and/or be unable to breast feed. Of course this isn’t true, but to a man’s deep primordial DNA, big boobs win and when the hips match; score!

What is strange, however, is when there is an imbalance between the boobs and the butt. When a woman has a large rear and average or smaller breasts, it is generally not as appealing. When her breasts are full and her butt is small, generally she is considered attractive. Why?

Your comments are appreciated. I am a student of anthropology, human sexuality and relationships. Sometimes my posts are fun, obnoxious or insightful. From a purely sexual angle, big boobs and a small butt are an absolute JOY to behold and to have sex with. The idea of banging a big butt-yuk. But a round, full ass with breasts to match-yum! A set of full breasts with a small, tight ass-Yowza!

I am looking for feedback on this one, guys. Drop me a line.

Doug Steponin

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