Push Her Envelope


Your sex may be great….you can make it greater.

In fact, if you don’t focus, read, study and PRACTICE improving your techniques, style, position, gels and toys, you are doomed to a life of average sex. This may not be all that bad for most people. After all, even mediocre sex is pretty satisfying.

Until you’ve had “off the chart” sex.

After you have raised your bar, sexually, what most people consider great sex is flat out routine for you. Ignorance truly is bliss. I have personally ruined cunnilingus for dozens of women. Not because I did a poor job, mind you. Exactly the opposite. You see, when I was single, I learned highly advanced techniques that 99% of men haven’t a clue about. Once you unleash these headboard-breaking skills on a woman, you have tainted her for life. No other man will come close to making her as happy sexually as I did.

Sorry ladies.

Her odds of finding that level of ecstasy is one in a thousand. Any woman willing to go through a thousand guys to locate that type of experience again is likely to have a different set of problems.

Fortunately, my wife and I are both sexually adventurous, trusting and have a high desire to improve, experiment and push the envelope.

What envelope can you push tonight?

Even experimenting with a different position shows her you care. Even if you mess up, she will know that YOU need and desire new experiences and a higher level of intimacy.

What about trying something erotic, forbidden or out and out naughty? Sure, she may squeek, squirm or shake her head, but with a smile on your face and a bouquet of flowers in your hand, you will be surprised what she is willing to experiment with.

Go ahead and push the envelope on your sex life. With a partner who trusts you, nothing is off limits for conversation and even a trial run. Send your comments, stories and ideas to me here. I am anxious to hear from you! We will publish only your story and first name, of course. Leave your comment below.

-Doug Steponin