How Can I Get More Charisma?


It’s tough being someone like Pierce Brosnan…you can’t just “go out” for ice cream. You’ve got to have body guards to ward off the paparazzi, drive a block out of your way to lose them, and probably sign a few autographs at the Dairy Queen…what a drag.

But you CAN harness the awesome power of charisma, and like any weapon, use it skillfully and purposefully. Is there any doubt that Pierce Brosnan (Or any Hollywood leading man) HAS charisma?pierce brosnan halle berry

You don’t have to be a movie star to develop and refine your charisma, pal. You only have to recognize it is within you and focus on being the best YOU possible.

There is a host of nuances and tactics you need to perfect in order to work a woman up to a frenzy like that. Being Peirce Brosnan in and of itself probably would work! It is may be fun to act like another character and if your job is making out with Halle Berry or Rene Russo…oh well.

Of course NOT being Pierce Brosnan may not be that much fun either! You probably didn’t get to make out with Halle Berry, Rene Russo, or hundreds of unknown makeup artists in the back of a trailer. Is that a good thing or not? Pierce may age gracefully but the bottom line is, women continue to find him handsome, sexy, and charismatic and many faithfully monogamous women would give their fidelity a second consideration given the opportunity.

How can you get more charisma? What is that special something that is so hard to define? What is the “look” that women want? What makes a man attractive? Is there charismatic energy that women naturally gravitate to? Why does is seem that “bad boys” get the hot chicks? Is this subject really clouded in mystery?

I have good news and bad news, fellas. Women want it all (Just like we do!). They’d like Tom Hanks as the father for their kids and George Clooney to take home and bang all night. See? Tom can’t be George or visa versa. There is hope for you! First order of business is NOT to try to be both! You can’t be sweet, gracious and a family guy during the day and James Bond at night. Nobody will fall for this duality of looks, personality or charisma. The only way to harness, manage and increase your charisma is to be authentic. Your personality leans towards being the nice guy or the bad boy.

Pick one.

Now, with small amount of forethought and a wee bit of effort, you can develop some of the magnetic qualities that can DRAMATICALLY increase your sex appeal and have the women (or woman) slipping notes to you at work, at home, or in gym class. You’ll do this not by reading some pick up book or going to charm school, but by taking who you are and making yourself better. Becoming more charismatic can only happen when you focus on subtle changes that fit YOUR personality. Begin with 3 steps to permanent change:

  1. Who are you? Take a personality quiz and determine your strengths and weaknesses. There are plenty available online. You can even go to a myriad of dating websites and take a test there. If you are married, be sure to invite your spouse to do the same. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do if you accidently sign up and start getting steamy messages from Bambi.
  2. One bite at a time. Take one area of your life and work on that ONE area for a solid month. Don’t try to change your wardrobe, your hair style, your vocabulary and your income all in 30 days. Attempting a quick makeover is an action. You want to create permanent change, and that requires new habits that will become second nature to you. Look at the list below and begin a methodical and casual increase in your strengths and abilities.
  3. Eliminate weaknesses. Becoming a volunteer and liking it may only take a few days, but ingraining that as a habit will take longer. However, if you smoke, eat poorly or swear too much, you can take THOSE habits and eliminate them immediately. Just like it is impossible to NOT think of a pink elephant when you read those words, bad habits are easier to replace than to simply stop. Try replacing your smoking with sugar free lollipops. If you have an addiction to donuts, don’t ignore the craving, simply replace it with high-protein, low carb substitute.


When looking into the nuances of what you can change, I will avoid the obvious ones (Make more money, lose that spare tire, and have good oral hygiene). You know that the more financially and physically attractive you are the better. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not, the more you earn and the better you take care of your body, the more sex and attention you will get. Period.

What about the subtle things? What about your attitude, the books you read and what you do with your spare time? In the next post, we’ll take a look at 7 simple things you can do to begin your path to increased charisma and charm. In the meantime, visit and learn how hundreds of married men are rekindling the lust, passion and QUANTITY of sex in their lives.

If you have to ask yourself, “What would Rene Russo find attractive in me?” you are on the right path. I applaud you for aiming high! Becoming a more charismatic you is a great thing to do. Just don’t forget who you are.