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Doug Steponin

“Men may be from Mars, women may be from Venus, but the key to creating a sexually-charged romance is to simply have an affair with your wife or start dating your husband. Come to this ‘closed door’ event in Sin City to learn hypnotic, NLP strategies to get your wife to become your private whore.”

Doug Steponin, your workshop leader, is an expert with women, marriage, relationships and even separation. He resurrected a cold, frigid, sexless marriage into a smokin’ hot affair with his wife.

…Now it is YOUR turn to learn the secrets and unleash the vixen inside your spouse.

To: Husbands, wives, couples and singles
From: Doug Steponin
RE: My secrets to transforming my conservative wife into my private sex slave


It’s me, Doug Steponin, best-selling author of Make Your Wife Hot.

I finally cracked the code on how happily married couples can not only keep their passion alive but INCREASE it over the years. And now I want to teach YOU how to do the same so you can get all the sex you want. In fact, not only am I offering to teach you how to increase the quantity of your sexual exploits, but the quality as well.

Maybe you’ve heard my story. I had a typical marriage and a very dramatic meltdown that created a perfect storm of pain, desperation, separation and midlife crisis. I nearly lost it all.

After over 2 years of counseling and a 7 months separation, we were clearly headed to the divorce attorney’s office when I discovered this game-changing psychological model that turned my sex life around…way around!

I’ve now taught hundreds of people, transformed their sex lives, marriages, love, respect and their intimacy with a system and set of tools that I am going to teach a select few in an extremely intimate and PRIVATE workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 5th.

Your wife wants to be sexual. You have sexual needs. Deep down inside you both desire the same thing. I can show you how to get it…in less than 3 hours!

I want you to envision for yourself what happens when your wife or girlfriend starts to obsess over you and stares at you with lustful eyes every time she sees you.

Think about it:

What if your relationship can be more intense than ever? What if you could turn on her libido like a thermostat and have her crave sex with you like she needs air to breathe?

There is that and a whole lot more…

—Get her to lose that post-baby flab

—Create an atmosphere full of pheromones and lust

—Stimulate her wild animal side even if she is shy

—Transform her inhibitions into wanton, sexual energy

—Re-create the feelings of “newness” like when you first met

—Get the danger and intrigue of an affair 100% guilt-free

—Create role playing and fantasy games, so real, you believe you are in a three-some

—Have her be 100% loyal to you for the rest of her life

—Learn key phrases and actions that can trip her sexual energy into overdrive

—Learn how to channel arguing and fighting into “off the chart” make up sex

Is this all possible? Can you really transform the “ice princess” into a sluty nurse or private whore in 3 hours?

The answer is YES and you can do it in the next few days, but you have to act NOW!

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(NOTE: The workshop was a HUGE success. Drop me an email and let me know when you’d like to have the next one!)

How to win over your spouse fast

Sex Workshop is my private ½ day intense training for men and couples who are stuck in the poor communication and frustrating situation of being married or committed, but with low or no sex. This workshop can cut through the baggage, establish new rules and create a NEW relationship that can meet or exceed any amount of connection and/or lust you once had.

Here’s what you’ll learn at the Sex Workshop:

  • How to create an atmosphere of love, respect and intimacy
  • Why your wife became cold, distant or sexless and how to turn it around instantly
  • How to channel a fight, argument or disagreement into mind-blowing sex
  • What specific triggers she will respond to in order to get her wild side out
  • How to get her to not only let YOU watch porn, but enjoy it TOGETHER!
  • How to get her fantasies out of her head and into your bed
  • When to talk, when to shut up and how to listen like a woman

The best part is that ANYONE can transform their sex life even if you haven’t been sexual, intimate, or even friendly for months or years! This works for anyone – yes, you!

Is this you?

Are you a man who has been providing love, financial support and committed to your relationship but simply aren’t attracted to your wife anymore? Are you feeling lost, frustrated or have you possibly given up on sex altogether?

Are you frustrated, irritable and don’t understand how your wife became so frigid? Do you want her to be a freak in bed, but don’t know how to talk to her about it?

Have you had an affair or thought about leaving your spouse because the lack of intimacy and sex has driven you away? Do you find yourself fantasizing more about women other than your spouse?

Have you been to couples counseling or therapy? Have you tried libido enhancers, self-help books or CD programs that guaranteed to create that spark that is missing?

Do you crave young, sexy, naughty sex? Is your wife totally turned off by your suggestions of going to a strip club, trying anything new or experimental?

Really, it doesn’t matter who you are, how long you’ve been together, or how bad you THINK your relationship is because you now have the chance for passionate love, sex and intimacy with a proven system and tools to transform your marriage, relationship and sex life to the ecstasy-filled euphoria you deserve.

Why over half of couple’s divorce and the half of the other half are miserable

Why do most marriages fail, anyway?

Reason #1: They don’t know how to communicate

When we fall in love, logic is pushed aside and our libido, pheromones, DNA and emotions direct our thoughts. Love truly is “blind” and there is little we can do to set those emotions aside to analyze in a logical manner the compatibility of our mate. It is only when the passion fades, that many of us realize that our communication style is not conducive to unemotional discussion. Your conversations carry the stigma of personal attack and judgment.

Reason #2: They don’t know how to adapt to the inevitable changes of life

We all change as we pass through life. There is nobody who does NOT change as they grow older. Sometimes these changes are subtle and manageable. For many men and women, the changes of midlife are too much to bear and our spouses cannot cope with these changes.

Reason #3: They try to fix their situation by themselves or using conventional wisdom

Many people assume that a few good books on saving a marriage, communication or a trip to Mars or Venus will restore the euphoria of love in a relationship. Self-help is akin to an attorney representing themselves at a trial. It is not a good idea. Insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Are you getting this?

You see, your relationship issue is too big and too complex to fix with a book or a weekend away. Most of us simply don’t have the correct strategy or set of tools to understand what we are feeling and how to influence our partner, let alone ourselves.

This half-day workshop will give you more insight and tools than you will ever get from a single book, counseling session or program.

I guarantee it.

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(NOTE: The workshop was a HUGE success. Drop me an email and let me know when you’d like to have the next one!)

Results that surprised even me

I figured out how to do this, almost by accident. It was desperation, really. After investing thousands and thousands of dollars in counseling, books, and therapy, the boiling point in our relationship was pointing toward medication and divorce. It was only the personal journey, retreat and understanding of myself that allowed me to re-connect with my spouse.

You can too.

Here is what is possible after you leave our half day workshop:

  • Have your wife stare at you lovingly every time you walk into a room
  • She may be the one who suggest you two go to a strip club together
  • Her darkest, inner most secret fantasies will be revealed
  • Your sex life will be invigorated, stimulated and recharged like you are in your 20’s.
  • Your intimacy and connection will be restored and greater than ever
  • You may be 100% authentic and share everything (even stuff previously uncomfortable)

Is this all really possible?

In fact, it is and it is my story. And I did it all in less than 6 months!

How long would it have taken me to do it all by myself? Forever…maybe never. How much would it have cost to pay professionals to figure out the strategies, NLP secrets and tools necessary to restart our hearts and fire up her libido? Priceless.

The surprise of all of this is that my spouse and I were about one week away from filing for divorce. Our emotions and patience had truly reached the limits and beyond. Not to get too spiritual, but some force kept us going for just one more day to see if there was a way out of this mess.

(Hey, if it worked for a guy with clinical depression, multiple affairs, separation and financial ruin, it can work for anyone!)

So now I would like to show you exactly how we did it…and give you all the resources I used and you need to do the same thing to re-spark your passion and sexual lifestyle.

At the sex workshop I give you ALL of the exact same names, lists, books, toys, data, web links and specialized knowledge I used to turn my cold, shy Catholic girl into a private slut.

When you attend, you’ll get my famous resource guide that includes:

  • Movies: List of the 100 of the most romantic movies of all time
  • Enhancers: Off the shelf, natural enhancers for men AND women
  • Toys: Discounts and deals on common and UNCOMMON sex toys
  • Video links: Get all the classy (and naughty) porn you can handle
  • Midlife Crisis survival guide: Workbook and report on how to navigate this time
  • Makeup Sex Manual: How to use the energy of an argument to increase orgasms
  • Multiple Orgasm Secrets: How to give her rolling orgasms
  • Swingers 101: How to introduce anyone into a threesome
  • Break up Busting: How to restore a marriage on its last legs
  • 101 Romantic ideas: When movie and a dinner just won’t do
  • Plus much, much more…

Can I immediately do this myself?

Yes. Because I train you to.

Here’s what you need to know about this workshop…

  1. This is NOT a sales event. I have NO other products, services or programs that we are introducing. We are having this event at an intimate setting in Las Vegas. We do NOT have time for sales. We are going to focus on “speed sex” in order to re-wire you and your girl in 3 hours. After that….it’s Vegas, Baby!
  2. There is no other way to TRULY learn this material. I have written books, articles and reports on this subject. While many people can garner enough knowledge to make a dent in their struggles, only a live event in Sin City has the all encompassing effect to restore your intimacy, lust and passion.
  3. I am a trainer. That means I do not stop until you can walk out the door and confidently start the process by yourself. We will be delivering content PLUS giving you the tools you need to practice, make adjustments to your situation and immediately take ACTION.

What people just like you are saying:

hot wife cheryl

What you need to get started

“So Doug, how in the world can I get my wife horny again? She’s shut me off for years! Why would she change so quickly?”

It is the answer to this question alone that makes this workshop worthwhile!

The fact is that ANYONE can do this regardless of background or current circumstances.

All you need is:

  1. A desire for change.
  2. A spouse or partner who once loved you.
  3. Patience with yourself

You DON’T need to be a stud. You DON’T need to be rich. You DON’T need to be smooth.

Hear me out: All you need is the patience, a spouse or partner who loved you in the past and a sincere desire to change your situation. That’s it!

The best part

Here are my favorite parts about the sex workshop in Las Vegas.

  1. This workshop is only a half day. After we move through the material, you are encouraged to go out with your spouse to sin city! If you are attending this workshop alone, you are invited to personally go out with me! (I promise to not get you in any real trouble…I saw the movie “The Hangover” twice and know where to go and what to avoid!)
  2. This workshop is in Las Vegas. Removing yourself from your home, office and family is a good thing once in a while. By having the workshop in Nevada, we can learn in a fresh environment which allows us to explore the new framework and system that is going to transform your sex life.
  3. If you are also interested in making INSANE money online, I have a special offer where you can attend the Sex Workshop ABSOLUTELY FREE! Simply read this article in its entirety and you’ll see how to make HUGE money online and come to my Sex Workshop for FREE! This seminar combined with the Sex Workshop is the perfect combination of “Sex and Money!”

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(NOTE: The workshop was a HUGE success. Drop me an email and let me know when you’d like to have the next one!)

FREE BONUSES If You Register before Nov. 1st

Let me be 100% transparent. I WANT you to attend this workshop!

Why? Believe me, at $500 $250 per person it’s not the money! I am in Vegas for the Big Seminar with Arman Morin and would probably be just as happy having dinner and catching a show before the Friday event starts. The thing is, I have been getting dozens of request for this training and know that it is my time to give back.

Rather than going across the country and doing seminars in major cities, I felt as though a half-day workshop in Sin City would be an IDEAL location!

On top of delivering the entire “Make Your Wife Hot” system to you, each participant will receive the following FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1:
101 Romantic Ideas Book. When dinner and a movie become boring, here are over 100 ideas to keep your relationship fresh, new and fun! Value:$37

Bonus #2:
Convince Your Wife to Bring Home a Girlfriend Book. Not all ladies will go for the bi-curious idea. In fact, the majority will not. This book will outline for you a simple step-by-step system to introduce that naughty side to your relationship. Surveys show that between 7-17% of women are susceptible to a mild to serious encounter with another woman in their life. Not the best of odds, but we show you how to get 95% of the EXACT effect of a threesome without the emotional baggage so many people face. You can have your cake and eat it, too (pardon the pun) Value: $49

Bonus #3:
Enhancement Guidebook. There are cheap, natural and powerful alternatives to prescriptions for E.D. We also include sources and details about female libido enhancers to give you both a little kick! Value: $29

Bonus #4:
Multiple Orgasm Secrets. The mystery of the female orgasm is legendary. Most women are capable of achieving more than one orgasm. Learn the anatomical and physiological triggers to pre-orgasm, orgasm and how to create a rolling orgasm for your lady. She’ll never leave you after you give her a few of these! Value: $29

Bonus #5:
Sex Toys for Adults. There are standard, off the shelf toys and there are the unusual, weird and downright ridiculous kinds. You’ll get information that combines ALL the major catalogs, distributors and reviews of every major toy available. Value: Priceless!

What’s my Sex Workshop Training Cost?

Listen to these results:

hot wife magnar

hot wife brat

What would you pay to create the passion, love and sex-charged relationship of your dreams? What is it worth to YOU to not simply stay married, but stay happily married? (Ever hear it’s cheaper to keep her?) What is the value of avoiding therapy, counseling, sleepless nights, arguments, or a potential divorce?

Thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, of course. In fact, to prevent the pain and suffering of a lackluster sex life, people have paid over $2,000 for the same intense training to solve their marital issues and create the sex life of their dreams.

It would be a stone-cold home run if this workshop was $500.

Since I am going to be in Las Vegas for the Big Seminar internet conference, your investment will only be $250 for the entire afternoon and early evening.

The Sex Workshop seminar will be held at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 5th. We will begin promptly at 5 PM and finish around 9 PM. After that, couples will be sent on a “field trip” and singles can party with me as we explore Las Vegas in a safe and semi-responsible manner!

Crazy EXTRA Bonus

If you would like to learn how to earn an extra $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 per month working only a few hours per week, listen carefully.

I am offering the first 20 participants to my workshop who also attend Arman Morin’s Big Seminar the opportunity to attend the Sex Workshop ABSOLUTELY FREE! I will be there all weekend, too. Learning about sex and money in Las Vegas…uhm…YEAH!

The Sex Workshop is only $250. If you want to stay the weekend and learn how to make money online too either way you win! That’s right. If you don’t want or need any extra money, you only pay $250 for the Sex Workshop and you’ll get the training, manual, book and all of the bonuses I mentioned above.


I personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with my event and that you will learn everything you need to know to win back your marriage, your wife, and your sex life.

If, after attending the entire seminar, you don’t feel 100% satisfied with your seminar for any reason, then look me in the eye with integrity and tell me why…and I’ll refund you 100%. Period.

If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund…

…and you can keep ALL of the materials you received from me, no questions asked.

That’s how confident I am you’ll be blown away by this workshop. I will personally contact you, send you 1 of the bonuses IMMEDIATELY along with the hotel details and agenda. Let’s do it!

In case you missed it.

Again, here’s what you’ll learn and receive:

  • Make Your Wife Hot Manual and workbook.
  • Personal training by the author.
  • Online support for 6 months from the author.
  • All the free bonus books, links, catalogs and information listed above. Over 200 pages of solid, tested, and timely information to create a sexual vixen out of your wife or girlfriend.

AND you can bring your wife for free!

I know that the announcement of this workshop is last minute. I wasn’t even going to invest my time until people found out I was going to be partying in Vegas for the weekend. I know that some guys like to be away on their business trips. That’s OK. If you are flying solo, you are welcome to hang with the boys, learn what makes women tick and we’ll create a strategy and plan to transform her into the hot wife you want.

If she can attend with you, she will be welcome with open arms! NONE of the material we present is offensive or “hypnosis-based.”

I am confident that you will see the value in investing $250 to get a lifetime of happiness, passion and mind-blowing sex!

Click here now and register

P.S. You get a complete half day of training by me, the author including all of my materials, books, insight and a full 6 months of follow up via email..

P.P.S. No matter where you are in your relationship, you will find the content and strategies useful to get not only more sex in your life but better and more creative sex in your life. You owe it not only to yourself but to your spouse to become the prince charming, stud-muffin she wants beside her. See you in VEGAS!