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Afternoon Delight


Studies have shown that over 90% of people have sex in the evening as a matter of habit.

Men’s testosterone levels are naturally higher in the morning (See my post on “morning wood”).

It is a scientific fact that most women are tired after a full day of working, shopping, cleaning, helping kids with homework, etc.

Is it any wonder, your evening sex can be brief, uninspired or non-existent?

A few days ago, my wife and I took a few hours off of work and simply went up stairs, closed the door and pretended we were on vacation. The old 70’s song, “Afternoon Delight” wasn’t playing in our heads, but the energy, peace and quiet certainly made for some new sparks and fun times.

If you want to make your wife hot, you must continually “work” (actually play) at changing things up and creating new and interesting romance, excitement and passion. This can come in the form of costumes, toys, games, etc., but don’t overlook something simple like a new location or a different time of day.

As a bonus, after we made love that afternoon, we both dozed off and caught a much needed nap. Which naturally gave us more energy to enjoy the kids, have a nice meal and, of course, a 2nd helping of our afternoon sex.

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