Encourage Your Wife to Cheat



Cheating on your wife doesn’t sound like the right path if you want to make her hot…angry maybe but hot? Yeah, she’ll be boiling over with attorney letters if you do something as cowardly as cheat. If you want some sex on the side, but don’t want to get a divorce, I have the perfect and SAFE solution for you.

Cheat on your wife…with your wife.

In a previous post I mentioned how high-level role play can give you all the thrill and excitement of an affair without the fear of destroying your family or catching some nasty STD. Method #1 works wonders and while it can easily achieve 99% of the excitement of a real affair, it has zero liability. Pretty good trade off!

Method #2 involves an even higher level of persuasion, influence and work on your part. If you can pull it off, you will be in the top 10% of satisfied marriages. If you mess up any of the following procedures, you run the risk of months of therapy or worse.

Method #2 involves creating a bi-curious wife.

The strategy to do this STARTS in the mind and with a healthy dose of patience, almost anyone can pull it off. It will require some manipulation, but its all in good fun!

1. Be prince charming. Nothing warms up a woman like the perfect guy. Flowers, doing the dishes and lowering the toilet seat are the most overlooked acts of foreplay on the planet.

2. Schedule ongoing massages for her. Pamper your wife. As she gets used to the massages, start to change the provider. Move slooooowly over to erotic massage professionals ONLY after you accomplish steps 3-6.

3. Become an exceptional lover. Study cunnilingus techniques, Kama Sutra and simply spoil her rotten.

4. Introduce quality erotica into your bedroom. Start with a few toys for her and progress to some erotic stories, videos or other visual and sensory items to increase the quality of your lovemaking. Start to talk dirty and ask her to share some of her fantasies.

5. AFTER she shares some of hers, the next question is, “What about you, darling?” This is where you need to tread lightly. It’s OK to mention an asian flight attendant massaging her feet. It is not OK to suggest a three-some with your neighbor Buffy with the boob job. Talk only. Do it during sex. Create a three-some in your mind and hers during a passionate night of sex.

6. Let her know that having an affair is rooted in the excitement of things forbidden. The more forbidden it is, the more exciting it can be. Ask her openly about bi-sexuality. Do not ask her if she wants to perform, only ask her if she has ever thought about it. If you’ve planted enough visual and physical clues over the proceeding weeks, you have a shot.

7. Take her to a strip club. The classier the better. Touch her often and in the open. Find the classiest dancer there and buy a dance for your wife, not you! Alcohol always helps.

8. Schedule a wild evening at a swingers club. Most of them are BYOB. Bring her favorite libation to reduce her apprehension. When you go, assure her that you don’t have to DO anything. Many couples go there for the visual stimulation only. Touching is not expected, unless you are both ready.

If you’ve done a good job, you may have opened up your wife to being bi-curious. This is better than an affair! If you can get in a three-some every few months, you can have the excitement of a mistress with zero guilt and without destroying your marriage.

Good luck!
-Doug Steponin


Are you Naughty or Nice?


Are you naughty or nice?

Can’t you be both?

Don’t we want it all? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a nice girl in public and a naughty girl in private?

Guys, it is up to you to encourage, develop and affirm your gal’s desire to take on both roles. The best way to encourage nice, professional behavior is to support her needs as a woman, mother, friend, daughter and wife. The best way to do this is to SEE things from her perspective while maintaining your masculinity. Understanding a woman’s needs isn’t the same as SYMPATHIZING with those needs.

In fact, when a man is TOO touchy feely, he becomes emasculated and subconsciously unattractive to most women. Women desire a strong male as a partner. You must understand her needs without becoming one of her “girl friends.”

Affirming her nice side is a simple as encouraging and being genuinely interested in her work regardless if it is outside the home or not. You don’t have to take up needlepoint, but show her you care  about her hobbies, interests and life by asking questions and really listening.

Now, how about that naughty side?

You can be with the most conservative, introverted woman and I guarantee you there is still a touch of naughty inside of her. She may not be open to the stripper pole in the bedroom (or she may!) but getting her sexy lingerie, a sex toy or a romantic dinner followed by a night in a hotel is a sure way to encourage her to open up and release her wild side.

Feed both of these personalities and show her that you love both of them equally. That is the only way to develop and grow the side you like most….the naughty one, of course! Duh!

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Make Your Wife a Swimsuit Model


Look at your wife, now look at the girl in this post, now back to your wife. See any resemblance? Yes? Congratulations, you married a super model.

Now, for the rest of you, your wife has had the role of income earner, mother, sister and multi-tasking, do-it-all superwoman. Has she had time for the spa, a health club and personal trainer? No?

That’s YOUR fault, Frank!

You see, a woman’s body goes through a massive amount of changes when she bears children. Some women return to their formerly sexy selves.

Many more do not.

Add to those physical changes endless feedings, diaper changes and a career and you have a woman with 30 hours of work to do in a 24 hour day. Something has to give.

So, many men fantasize, find a hobby or a girlfriend. These are strategies that, like a band-aid, may temporarily feel better, but they only cover up the real issue.

Consider taking the opposite approach.

Why don’t you continue to date, woo and worship your GIRLFRIEND, who happened to have a child?  Here’s an ideal situation, try this on and imagine the following:

1. You have an unlimited budget.

2. Encourage your wife to nurse, care for and raise your kids.

3. Outsource EVERYTHING else!

If you had a nanny to do the laundry, take care of the house, make meals, take kids to school and all the other “chores” and allowed you and your wife to nuture, teach and raise your children, she would have time to spend her days at the spa, gym and learning about proper nutrition.

When you treat her like a princess, she will feel and act like one. The more you can do to take the mundane tasks and outsource them the more time you will have to focus on your relationship, health and sex life.

“But I can’t afford a nanny,” I hear you say.

Great, then keep sleeping with frumpy mommy, Felix. Listen, if you want a sex kitten in the bedroom, then it is up to YOU to create an environment of health, abundance and sensuality for your relationship. Be a man, take charge and make more money. When you invest in outsourcing laundry, landscaping and other tasks that don’t add anything of value to your relationships, you naturally create more time FOR those relationships.

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“I Want You NOW!”


Yup…words can make you hard, guys.

The same is true for your woman. So often we believe that a stroke of the hand or a well placed compliment is all that is necessary to raise our wife’s vibrational level or get her to become moist and ready for sex. Of all the things you can do (except shopping), your words are probably the most powerful aphrodisiac available to you.

The SINCERITY in which you orate your words will be more powerful than the words themselves. When you review the following list of phrases and concepts, of paramount importance is your ability to look her in the eye and let her know you 100% absolutely mean what you say. If you are texting her, be sure to back it up with a card, letter and/or flowers.

Don’t wait to get in trouble before you say these things. Speak your love into existence. Show her she is the only one for you. Make her BELIEVE she is the most beautiful creature on the planet. Do this and she will not only be your devoted wife, but your passionate lover for all time. If some of these sound too corny, don’t worry. A woman’s language is NOT yours! Try them out and be sincere. To your ears, you may sound cheesy, but to her, you will become the prince charming she’s always dreamed of.

You move me

I would die for you

I am so devoted to you

Your eyes totally put me into a trance

Your body hypnotizes me

I love you

I am eternally yours

I am so grateful to have found my soulmate

You are mine.

How can I serve you better?

The list is endless, but you get the idea. Women love security. Giving it to them is a good start. Speaking it into existence will create the sex kitten you desire. For more ideas, visit http://www.makeyourwifehot.com

Why Are Blondes Stupid, Sexy or Both?


In contemporary culture, from movies to magazines, blonde women are often portrayed as more attractive than women with other hair colors. In the USA this idea became popular by the 1925 novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Blondes are often assumed to have more fun! Is this true? Many references to “fun” are actually thinly masked portrayals of ignorance!  The “blonde stereotype” is often characterized as being less serious or less intelligent.

Who are these “dumb blondes?”

Where did the idea that peroxide killed brain cells originate?

It is believed the originator of the “dumb blonde” was an 18th century blonde French prostitute named Rosalie Duthe whose reputation of being beautiful but dumb inspired a play about her called Les Curiosites de la Foire (Paris 1775). Hollywood has expanded this idea with many blonde actresses whose characterizations exemplify stupidity. Women like Marilyn Monroe, Judy Holliday, Jayne Mansfield, and Goldie Hawn during her time at Laugh-In.  Even recently with TV shows like “Three’s Company” the blonde was always less intelligent than Joyce Dewitt’s brunette character. Alfred Hitchcock preferred to cast blonde women for major roles in his films as he believed that the audience would suspect them the least, hence the term “Hitchcock blonde”. This misleading portrayal was also cleverly depicted in the 2001 film “Legally Blonde” in which Reese Witherspoon succeeds at Harvard despite biases against her beauty and blonde hair.

Fortunately, women change their hair color almost as often as men change their socks. If your wife is not a blonde, you can invest in a wig or a salon treatment to allow both of you a change of pace and an evening of ignorance and playfulness. Just be careful on HOW you suggest it. Never tell her she would be sexier as a blonde. Always suggest that by role playing and being creative is the source of a vibrant and lasting relationship…in other words, learn to talk like a woman and act like a man.

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Your Little Princess


It doesn’t matter if your wife is an executive, tomboy or average girl, ALL women (although many won’t admit it) want to be a princess. This desire is embedded into their psyche at an early age from fairy tales, women’s magazines and a DNA laced desire to be feminine.

Your job, buster, is to create an atmosphere, desire and adoration of that princess inside of her. The more you can empower and create an environment of grace, beauty and purity for your little princess, the more she taps into her genuine desire to be feminine. After all, it is this femininity that turns us on…Right?

What can you do to encourage your woman to be more feminine and be the princess you both want her to be? Follow these simple ideas, expand on them using your resources and creativity and get ready to indulge in steamier sex, unbridled passion and extended sexual liasons fit for a king!

1. Draw her a bath. Women love to be pampered. Pamper her. Light candles, put some rose petals out and do EVERYTHING for her…including giving her a sponge bath. This will relax her and open her up to your advances which will come LATER! Don’t get her all warmed up and pounce in the tub like a golden retriever. Pamper, spoil her and take everything slow.

2. Compliment her beauty. Women love to be beautiful. If she has short hair or is the least bit frumpy, tell her she is gorgeous and you love her unconditionally. Your words and your actions that support and affirm her beauty will encourage her to do more tweaking to become the image you see in your minds’ eye.

3. Take her shopping and buy her outfits that you both like. Compliment her choices. If she asks your opinion, don’t make the mistake of saying her butt looks big in anything! She looks amazing in everything she wears, Felix. Let her know you are captivated by her grace.

Don’t worry about the prices, most women love a bargain. Let her determine which outfits she likes the best based on price and style. Every once in a while, pay full retail for something she looks amazing in.

You don’t have to have a honeymoon every day to make your wife hot, you merely have to feel like you are on a daily basis. Do that consistently, and you’ll have a sex-crazed beauty that will keep you up all night and give you the time of your life! For more ideas get a copy of my book, Make Your Wife hot by clicking here.

Long Hair vs. Short Hair


What does hair length have to do with making your wife hot?


Many women look sexier with longer hair. Short hair can work, but it has to be on the right face, done properly and include an attitude to match. Longer hair is traditionally sexier on a woman because long hair that wax curvy and bouncy tends to match the rest of her body. Besides, men have short hair…without the curves, you may not be able to distinguish gender from a distance!

If your wife has longer hair, you probably don’t need to persuade her to do much to it. Unless it is a rat’s nest, straight or curly, long hair tends to look more feminine overall. Images of Lady Godiva or Rapunzel conjure up beauty, grace and sex appeal.

Short hair is simply butch.

So, what to do if your woman insists on having short hair?


For starters, there are hundreds of examples of cute, sexy and fun short hair styles that can still frame out a beautiful face and give that “come and do me look” that drives a man crazy. Strangely enough, women with a few extra pounds tend to look better with shorter hair. Additionally, if it is styled right, with some hair covering an eye, it can be extremely alluring and will give her the edge on the sultry, “just banged” look that makes you want her more.

Of course, there are high-profile examples of Halle Berry and others who look fantastic with short hair, long hair or even no hair! (Grace Jones and that chick from the first Star Trek movie)

In the end, fellas, for the sake of simplicity, long hair is traditionally sexier. Buying your gal a day at the spa and complimenting her looks always does more to encourage her sensuality than any critical explanation of the evolution of hair length. To get more sex and to keep it spicy in the bedroom, your ability to encourage, compliment and adore her will keep her self-esteem high and her libido in overdrive.

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Second Marriage? Go Abroad

Ukraine women



City: Nikolaev
Age: 24
Birth Date: 3/12/1985 Pisces
Weight: 114lb, 52kg
Height: 5’6″, 168cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
Smoker: No
Drinker: Socially
Education: Higher
Company: Private
Job Title: Musician
Sports: Swimming
Hobbies: Music
Languages: Russian (native)

Self Description: I enjoy spending time in a nice company of my friends. I adore stage, it is my element. I used to sing in several popular groups before. I am a purposeful lady and I always strive to reach more. If only I could find a man to create a life duet with! I dream to see the world and I am ready for new discoveries.

Comments: I dream of a manly man. I would like him to be strong and educated. He must be purposeful and reliable. I am a giver, but I hope my man will be kind and tender to me as well. I wish him to be a nice person in general. Maybe it is you? Let’s find out! Up to 60.


Gulp! Hey, if you are married and working on your relationship, sexuality and connection with your American wife, stop reading THIS post and go to the 120 OTHER posts I have on sticking with what you have. It truly is ‘cheaper to keep her’ and the amount of knowledge and skills available to transform ANY marriage from bad to good or from mediocre to outstanding is just a click away. Visit http://www.makeyourwifehot.com right now to learn how to make YOUR current wife your trophy wife.

Still reading?

Ok. That means you are checking out or considering it. Be sure you aren’t a slime ball. Take good care of your soon-to-be-ex-wife and kids financially and morally. Continue to be in their lives and be a good role model for them. Don’t be one of those guys that checks out and leaves without being responsible.

Now…on to YOUR needs!

The internet is chock full of scams, rip offs and misleading information. Spending $15 to email a foreign woman is dumb. It is too easy to be lied to, mislead or outright cheated from people for a few buck online, without anyone complaining.

In order to REALLY experience a foreign affair and see for yourself if it is for you, you should simply go there. Go ahead and do your research first. Find out what country interests you the most. Check out airfare, your schedule and what country (or countries) have the most appealing women for you. Then, contact our affiliate partner at A Foreign Affair and they can set you up with a tour of introductions that will knock your socks off! For more information, visit our affiliate partner by clicking here.

If you are a man up to age 60…that’s right-60, you can still have a girlfriend or a wife who looks like the one above!

Don’t take my word for it. Visit our affiliate partner and realize that for most foreign women, an older gentleman is a step UP from their opportunities at home.

This post is NOT meant to belittle or demean American women. I love their independence, charm and intelligence. For a guy who is in his 2nd life or midlife, however, he may be looking for more than just a change of pace. The rules for age, money, family is different for each country.

In the USA, the majority of women who date or marry older men are perceived as “gold diggers”. In many foreign countries, it is actually a symbol of respect.

Certainly there are lines that are crossed. How many years difference does it take to be perceived as lovers vs. symbiotic relationship? (Fancy word for sex for money) A 5 year difference isn’t thought about twice. A 10 year difference rarely deserves a 2nd glance. 15-20 year difference…that generally gets a wink from the guys and a “harumpf” from women.

However, these attitudes are American attitudes. In other countries, this age disparity isn’t such a big deal.

If your life has taken a turn and you find yourself in your 50’s or 60’s and single, don’t put one foot in the grave, take a step to the ticket counter for a foreign land. Live. Grow. Explore.

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Cheating On Your Wife


Before you learn the unbreakable rules for cheating, you need to take a clear look at the pros and cons of infidelity. The costs (and benefits) of cheating is a decision that you are about to make (or have already made) and include financial, emotional, sexual and even medical.

You’ll discover the clear rules for how to cheat on your wife or husband and NOT get caught. You will learn exact methods that thousands of ‘successful’ cheaters have used to avoid detection and live the intriguing double life of infidelity. The rules will give you a squeaky clean record that is as untraceable as a CIA agent’s resume. You’ll read the details on how to avoid the obvious mistakes and learn some underground methods for the elimination of your double life, 100% of the evidence, 100% of the time. You’ll anticipate the moves and suspicions of your spouse and cleverly lay out credible excuses and reasons for your change in actions, attitude or behaviors.

None of these rules will work.

No matter what you say or do to justify your decision to lead a double life, the excuses, reasoning and rationale for your actions, beliefs and behaviors will all come at a cost.

No one ever PLANS on getting caught. Once you’ve successfully cheated on your wife or husband, there is no reason you won’t be successful again.The situations, evidence and “spy-like” maneuvers and services can withstand 100% scrutiny if you anticipate a highly skeptical and resourceful spouse. You may have already established rules like the following with your lover:

  1. Use of a separate email address at Yahoo, MSN, etc.
  2. Deletion of all emails after they are read.
  3. Clearing out your Internet history every day.
  4. Use of a separate cell phone for calls and text messages.
  5. Instant deletion of all text messages after they are read.
  6. Separate credit card for purchases or a strict use of cash for hotels.
  7. Out of town lover or meeting away from where people know you.
  8. Hiding in plain sight. Having a lover whom your spouse knows.
  9. Showing your spouse feigned attention and love.
  10. Situational compatibility (Also married and has as much to lose)
  11. Destroying hotel receipts in the lobby before you get in the car.
  12. Using independent alibi services to explain your movements.

The list can go on and on. Don’t think that your skills are unmatched, however. There are dozens of software programs your spouse can load onto your computer that memorizes key strokes. Even if you delete the email and take out the trash, your key strokes outlining your password and naughty talk is memorized and available for printing by your spouse…oops!

The same is true for text messages. Even after deletion, most back up programs store old messages even after they are deleted on the phone.

Think that hooking up out of town is the only way to do it right? That is the oldest one in the book. Being “anonymous” nowadays is not only difficult it is actually impossible. Video cameras, surveillance and other tactics to follow suspects are available not only to  private investigators, but the general public as well.

However, after years of deceit, your infidelity will create the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” It won’t be a leftover text message, an open email, or a scrap of paper with a number on it. You are too careful for that. Your undoing may very well be the internal conflict of a double life. You see, a double life contains a double edged sword.

An affair can be thrilling, passionate and incredibly intoxicating. The very thought of clandestine meetings, brief trysts in unusual places gets the heart beating and the libido in full swing. The chance of getting caught, like a good car chase, adds adrenaline to the system. You and your lover have an INCREDIBLE connection. The passion is 100X better than with your spouse and the sex is off the chart…why?

Because it is pure.

Your affair or the affair you are contemplating has your mind racing at an accelerated pace. Your thinking is clearer in one sense in that you are planning ahead on how NOT to get caught! You’ve thought it through and you’ve established all the contingencies.

Careful people rarely get caught cheating on their spouse. However, like the scene of a crime where nobody is present, there is always a single witness…you.

The emotional baggage of cheating will eventually weigh so heavy upon your back that the damage will spill over into other areas of your life. Like most people, you are too blind to see it today. It is only from talking with other people who have been in your situation that a long term view can be seen. Before you cheat or if you are trying to break from from an affair, it is best to understand why they occur in the first place. Is it because of a lack of sex, caring, understanding, compassion, intimacy, desire or attractiveness? Maybe, but at the core of all those words lies one simple reason.

You have unmet needs. These needs, you feel, cannot be met by your spouse. It may be a need for intellectual stimulation, affirmation of your ego, sexual gratification, or simply an intimate connection that you haven’t felt for a long time.

The idea that any single person can meet all of your needs is folly. Nobody can do that. Whatever need you have that your spouse cannot meet, it will be much cheaper, easier, safer and more honest to develop a strategy to communicate these needs in a non-judgmental, open and almost clinical fashion.

Your spouse may not want to hear that his beer-belly gut disgusts you or that her lack of interest in sex is a major concern of yours. He may not even understand how you just want to be heard once in a while. Whatever needs you are addressing CAN and SHOULD be brought up to your spouse before you have an affair.

Bringing them up may be hurtful. It may even cause arguments or divorce. However, by bringing these issues up now, you WILL be avoiding a MORE hurtful, painful and expensive alternative-the affair. By bringing these issues up now, if you do part ways, at least you can do it without the cloud of shame, guilt, deceit and betrayal hanging over your head.

Learn how to bring up sensitive issues with your spouse. Even letting them know that you have CONSIDERED an affair (but have not stepped out) should be a wake up call to work on the issues of your unmet needs. By bringing these issue into the open, you may also get a list from him/her about their needs.

Are you willing to change?

Can you compromise on some of your needs?

Can the two of you work together on creating the intimacy, connection, lust, affection, respect, sex, rapport and love you once had? Take some time to meditate and write down your inner thoughts, needs and wants. Don’t hold back. Don’t feel ashamed. Be clear and concise. Ask your spouse to do the same.

After you have your lists, make a rule that the discussion of these needs is for the purpose of increasing communication, intimacy and love. Some of the topics may be contrary to the preconceived notion of love, but the sharing of these thoughts always lead to an increase in communication and at least understanding of each other.

Stop touching yourself and get your WIFE to do it!

Dealing with your core issues isn’t easy. Obviously, it is more difficult than simply cheating on your spouse.

However, it will be less painful to deal with your unmet needs now, as opposed to dealing with them in divorce court. For a step by step system to create a sexually-charged relationship with your spouse, visit http://www.makeyourwifehot.com right now! You can begin enjoying a new sex life as early as tonight!

Meet Your New Wife


Is your marriage over?
Have you tried EVERYTHING to save it, but realized that there is absolutely no hope for reconciliation.

Welcome to the club…

Now that you have DECIDED to start a new phase of your life, it is vital to not repeat the mistakes of your past. Perhaps you’ve also changed a bit. Maybe the same old routines of your life need an aggressive mix of variety.

If you’ve ever been envious of that powerful guy, with some gray hair walking through the airport or mall with a smokin’ hot foreign wife who is 15 or 20 years younger and wondered, “How much money DOES he make?” You are not alone. The answer will surprise you.

Click on A Foreign Affair and see what awaits you…

You see, you don’t have to be a millionaire to start a new life with a gorgeous, young woman. You don’t even have to be exceptionally handsome! It may be difficult to imagine, if you are a US citizen, but there are literally MILLIONS of attractive, successful and confident women who would love to be adored by a nice American man!

There is something mystical about dating or marrying a person from another country. And, despite what many US women think, many of these “mail order brides” truly love their husbands. You see, the idea of marrying an exotic foreigner works both ways. The appeal of America isn’t lost with the bulk of the world’s population. Only the media and politics have tainted our government’s reputation.

The reputation of American man, emboldened by Hollywood, is as strong as ever. You don’t need to be Brad Pitt or George Clooney to date and/or marry a hot, young international hottie. All you have to do is a bit of research.

While there are pros and cons for any product or service, the service of actually VISITING and TOURING a country is 2nd to none. Dating sites (Especially ones with loads of fake profiles) are problematic. You have to sift through dozens and dozens of picture and stats in order to find what interests you. Once you do that, there is a large chance that the person(s) you select aren’t interested in you. The odds are always against you and the numbers are not in your favor.

What if you could have dozens and dozens of BEAUTIFUL, ENGAGING, and LIVELY HOTTIES show a sincere interest in you…all at once! When was the last time you were the center of attention in a circle of 10 beautiful Latin women? How long has it been since you had 12 Russian models fawn over you and fight over taking you out on a date?

Quite a while, right? (Probably never)

Take a tour of the real deal.

Click on any of the images below and see how you can turn the odds WAY around in your favor. Your new life (and potential new wife) can be adoring, young, beautiful and perfect for where you are in life. Don’t live a life of complacency and desperation. If it’s time to move on, make a BIG move! Click on any of the pictures below and start window shopping.