Push Her Envelope


Your sex may be great….you can make it greater.

In fact, if you don’t focus, read, study and PRACTICE improving your techniques, style, position, gels and toys, you are doomed to a life of average sex. This may not be all that bad for most people. After all, even mediocre sex is pretty satisfying.

Until you’ve had “off the chart” sex.

After you have raised your bar, sexually, what most people consider great sex is flat out routine for you. Ignorance truly is bliss. I have personally ruined cunnilingus for dozens of women. Not because I did a poor job, mind you. Exactly the opposite. You see, when I was single, I learned highly advanced techniques that 99% of men haven’t a clue about. Once you unleash these headboard-breaking skills on a woman, you have tainted her for life. No other man will come close to making her as happy sexually as I did.

Sorry ladies.

Her odds of finding that level of ecstasy is one in a thousand. Any woman willing to go through a thousand guys to locate that type of experience again is likely to have a different set of problems.

Fortunately, my wife and I are both sexually adventurous, trusting and have a high desire to improve, experiment and push the envelope.

What envelope can you push tonight?

Even experimenting with a different position shows her you care. Even if you mess up, she will know that YOU need and desire new experiences and a higher level of intimacy.

What about trying something erotic, forbidden or out and out naughty? Sure, she may squeek, squirm or shake her head, but with a smile on your face and a bouquet of flowers in your hand, you will be surprised what she is willing to experiment with.

Go ahead and push the envelope on your sex life. With a partner who trusts you, nothing is off limits for conversation and even a trial run. Send your comments, stories and ideas to me here. I am anxious to hear from you! We will publish only your story and first name, of course. Leave your comment below.

-Doug Steponin




Get Laid Using Jedi Mind Tricks


When was the last time you used your Jedi mind tricks on your wife?


Do you realize there are dozens of simple tricks you can use to totally warp her mind and get laid more often?

Sex is 90% mental and that brain of hers is incredibly powerful. Women can multi-task better then men, they are often quicker and more intuitive. However, ANYONE can be manipulated with a few simple tricks. Before I share them with you, be warned.


Pattern interrupt. The human mind is incapable of not answering a question. It doesn’t matter how hard you try. As soon as a question is spoken to anyone, the mind goes into finding an answer. That doesn’t mean that the answer will be given, just that our minds are incapable of not considering the question and searching for a solution. When your conversation isn’t going in a direction you like or if you simply want to change the topic, do so simply and without breaking your pace.

She may be chatting about her day endlessly and when she takes a breath to start a new sentence ask, “Did you see the kids homework results?” Her mind will instantly shift and consider if she did or not and what that means. She may wonder why you changed the topic so suddenly, but her mind will be incapable of not considering your question.

You can use this to direct the conversation and after you practice it a few times, you can move it to a romantic one!

Instead of asking about the kids homework, try asking, “Would you like to go on a Caribbean cruise this June?”

You can bet her mind will instantly go to romance and the fun that will follow.

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Back Door Basics


Well, this is an R rated blog…we don’t show genitals and we don’t talk about, educate or endorse anything that is illegal or unsanitary (Who are these people who like golden showers, anyway?)

So, I am treading lightly when I chat about anal sex.

Done improperly, it is unsanitary, painful and not very pretty. If done with thought, care and proper hygiene, it can be exceptionally erotic and stimulating for both parties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Discuss openly with your partner. When you chat about sodomy, you may chat about it in the bedroom or at the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter most of the time, because you are going to talk about it days or even weeks before you do it. If the discussion does progress to a “Let’s try this NOW” type of talk, have a condom ready. (If you are in the kitchen cellophane wrap works, but is a bitch to get off later)

2. When you decide to explore the back door, bring plenty of lubrication and use it generously. My wife and I have used a 1/4 bottle once just to make our bodies a flowing copulation of energy. (translation: we slid around like seals)

3. Be sure she has, um…relieved herself recently. Unless you are planning on using this act as an enema service, its easier to have the tunnel clear of obstructions.

4. Use a condom. They call it waste for a reason. I am not a scientist, but I imagine the bacteria and icky stuff back there does not belong inside your urethra. If you don’t use a condom, be sure to orgasm fully and withdraw immediately after. Have a warm wash cloth with SOAP nearby. That will give her something to do other than bask in a glow of ecstasy.

5. Go sloooooooowly. Nothing will deter her from future exploration like a jack hammer thrust to the rear. The slower and gentler you are, the more she can relax and enjoy your domination.

Domination…that is one of the psychological triggers this sex act engages. When a woman is secure with her man, she actually desires to be dominated by him. The key word is secure. So be strong, gentle and above all else, respectful. No means no and slow means slow.


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Make Your Wife HOT


It’s not just the URL of this site, its a mantra that all men strive for.


It is more than simply our primal need to procreate. When people “pair up” (hopefully for life) the bonds we create are necessary institutions for marriage, family and social order.  What does this have to do with being hot?


When we separate our intellect from our imprinted DNA, we realize that the propagation of our species is determined by reproduction. Without reproducing, we don’t survive as a species. Sex is more than making babies, of course, but that is what it was designed for. When both you AND your wife are physically fit, energetic and…hot, your sexual desire increases. Not only does this make for a more enjoyable relationship, but it makes for better offspring.

Your kids are a product of your DNA and your environment. A healthy relationship with your wife gives your kids a chance at the same. With a stable and interesting marriage, you are laying the ground work for generations of stable marriages and a social framework than can go on indefinitely.

Yeah, nobody wants to have sex with a frumpy person (male or female) but don’t dismiss the societal benefits of making your wife a hottie. Not only is the sex better, but your great grandchildren will thank you.

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Surprise Sex


When a couple has a routine, they have established a basic human need in their life.


Certainty is a core need for all people. Some need it more than others. Remember when your child wanted to watch the same movie over and over and over again? It drove you nuts, but it struck a chord in their need for certainty. This need does not leave us.

When you have sex in that ‘particular’ position or do that ‘special trick’ with your tongue, you KNOW that you will achieve an orgasm for your partner. This certainty give us comfort and that is good.

However, their is another human need that varies from person to person.


This can also be defined as uncertainty to be clear. However, when we are surprised by a birthday present, a bonus check at work or a $20 bill under the seat of the car, this surprise gives us an endorphin rush like no other. Thrill seekers understand this and often push the limits of their skydiving, rock climbing adventrues to new heights whenever possible. It isn’t just the thrill of almost dying…it is the uncertainty of what comes next .

So it is with your romance.

Surprise your lady tonight with something extreme. Don’t just put on a toolbelt and ask here where the thermostat is, push the limits of what she knows to be safe, secure and certain. Here are a few ideas:

1. Take her out and don’t tell her where you are going. Check into a hotel. Don’t go home.

2. Book a weekend getaway to somewhere romantic. Leave the airline itinerary out. Scratch out the location.

3. Send her a male strip-o-gram.

4. Put rose petals on the bed, light candles and put a romantic movie on.

5. Take her to the theatre.

6. Compliment her passionately about her hair.

7. Volunteer at a shelter for a weekend.

8. Study the kama sutra at length. Engage in a new position every night for 2 months.

You get the idea. Mix things up a bit and let the chips fall where they may. When learning a new dance, you are bound to step on a few toes. So what.

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Unusual Sex Positions: Creative Orgasms


Variety is the spice of life.

Dont’ get this wrong! So many men associate a different WOMAN with variety. While this may work, it also works for environment, outfits, wigs, accents and yes…even positions.

Many people realize a specific position and/or sequence to make their partner orgasm. Hey, if it ain’t broken there is nothing to fix-right?


You see, as much as we all need certainty in our life, we also crave surprises. Certainty is important in our jobs, our income and even our expectations on a vacation. This desire for certainty is clearly portrayed in our desire (especially as children) to view the same show or movie over and over again.

What does this have to do with orgasms?


You see, once you are CERTAIN how to make your wife orgasm, you tend to not deviate from it for fear of lowering your status as the stud that you are. However, when you discover and improve a NEW technique or position, you open up an entirely new level of romance and discovery.

Try a new position every week. If you are ambitious, try a new one every night. There are an infinite number of variations on where a leg here or a pillow there can not only hit a new spot, but actually make your penetration deeper and more satisfying.

So go ahead, hike those legs up, put a pillow under her ass, grab those legs like a wheelbarrow and speak in a foreign accent. The variety you both seek is all around you!

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Here are 26 positions to get you started. I bet you’ve only refined less than 6 of them, so get busy!

Sex-escape Room


My wife and I recently bought a little getaway place to escape the city and it was a quaint, comfotable 2 bedroom. We set up the kitchen, office and bedroom. The original thought was this would be a sanctuary where kids were NEVER invited and it would be a true retreat for just the two of us.

With no restrictions, our imagination ran wild!

If you could build the PERFECT getaway, how would you design it?

What would it look like?

What add-on’s would you like?

Here is our list so far…I encourage your feedback on design, toys and layout for our place. I won’t be posting pictures. Instead, let’s let our imagination take hold and create a space that others can emulate, adapt and flat out copy.

1. Mirrors…lots of them. We haven’t done the ceiling yet, but the closet full length mirrors are an excellent start.

2. Stripper pole.

3. Light dimmer.

4. Pillows…lost of them, too. Throw pillows and the sex pillow or wedge.

5. Bar. Our favorite libations.

6. Sex lounge chair. These are AWESOME. Check out the site http://tantrachair.com

7. Tennis balls. We’ve broken a few headboards…time to cushion the blow…so to speak.

Send me your comments, ideas and thoughts on the ultimate sex escape room…

Doug Steponin


Make Your Wife a Swimsuit Model


Look at your wife, now look at the girl in this post, now back to your wife. See any resemblance? Yes? Congratulations, you married a super model.

Now, for the rest of you, your wife has had the role of income earner, mother, sister and multi-tasking, do-it-all superwoman. Has she had time for the spa, a health club and personal trainer? No?

That’s YOUR fault, Frank!

You see, a woman’s body goes through a massive amount of changes when she bears children. Some women return to their formerly sexy selves.

Many more do not.

Add to those physical changes endless feedings, diaper changes and a career and you have a woman with 30 hours of work to do in a 24 hour day. Something has to give.

So, many men fantasize, find a hobby or a girlfriend. These are strategies that, like a band-aid, may temporarily feel better, but they only cover up the real issue.

Consider taking the opposite approach.

Why don’t you continue to date, woo and worship your GIRLFRIEND, who happened to have a child?  Here’s an ideal situation, try this on and imagine the following:

1. You have an unlimited budget.

2. Encourage your wife to nurse, care for and raise your kids.

3. Outsource EVERYTHING else!

If you had a nanny to do the laundry, take care of the house, make meals, take kids to school and all the other “chores” and allowed you and your wife to nuture, teach and raise your children, she would have time to spend her days at the spa, gym and learning about proper nutrition.

When you treat her like a princess, she will feel and act like one. The more you can do to take the mundane tasks and outsource them the more time you will have to focus on your relationship, health and sex life.

“But I can’t afford a nanny,” I hear you say.

Great, then keep sleeping with frumpy mommy, Felix. Listen, if you want a sex kitten in the bedroom, then it is up to YOU to create an environment of health, abundance and sensuality for your relationship. Be a man, take charge and make more money. When you invest in outsourcing laundry, landscaping and other tasks that don’t add anything of value to your relationships, you naturally create more time FOR those relationships.

For more strategies on creating a MILF, visit my main website today.

“I Want You NOW!”


Yup…words can make you hard, guys.

The same is true for your woman. So often we believe that a stroke of the hand or a well placed compliment is all that is necessary to raise our wife’s vibrational level or get her to become moist and ready for sex. Of all the things you can do (except shopping), your words are probably the most powerful aphrodisiac available to you.

The SINCERITY in which you orate your words will be more powerful than the words themselves. When you review the following list of phrases and concepts, of paramount importance is your ability to look her in the eye and let her know you 100% absolutely mean what you say. If you are texting her, be sure to back it up with a card, letter and/or flowers.

Don’t wait to get in trouble before you say these things. Speak your love into existence. Show her she is the only one for you. Make her BELIEVE she is the most beautiful creature on the planet. Do this and she will not only be your devoted wife, but your passionate lover for all time. If some of these sound too corny, don’t worry. A woman’s language is NOT yours! Try them out and be sincere. To your ears, you may sound cheesy, but to her, you will become the prince charming she’s always dreamed of.

You move me

I would die for you

I am so devoted to you

Your eyes totally put me into a trance

Your body hypnotizes me

I love you

I am eternally yours

I am so grateful to have found my soulmate

You are mine.

How can I serve you better?

The list is endless, but you get the idea. Women love security. Giving it to them is a good start. Speaking it into existence will create the sex kitten you desire. For more ideas, visit http://www.makeyourwifehot.com

Viagra + Caffeine = Soreness


I am approaching 50 and have become a bit uneasy about those Viagra ads. It’s not that I have a performance issue, mind you. For some reason, it feels as though my libido is INCREASING as I age…maybe its because I have a hot wife….

Nonetheless, she thought it would be fun to try this enhancement to see if the 4 hour “call a doctor” routine would have any merit. Boy was she in for it! I acquired a few of those magic blue pills and we agreed to try one out the last night of an upcoming conference we were attending.

I am a highly sexual man and average about 4-5 erections throughout the day. I don’t need any help in that area. She was curious what the blue pill would do for a guy who didn’t need it. We agreed that on the last night of the conference, I’d pop a pill and she would see if there was any difference in the festivities.

On the last day of the conference and after the workshop was over we ended up entertaining some new clients for dinner and drinks. We had a rousing good time…too good. By the time we got back to our hotel room, we both had about 2 drinks too many and it was fast approaching midnight. It would have been Sooooo easy to simply call it a night and look forward to her daily dose of morning wood!

But a promise is a promise.

I was admittedly a bit tipsy and was concerned that the increase in alcohol would negate any effects of the Viagra. I took two pills to be sure. The alcohol must have been stronger than I thought because I also thought it would be good insurance to put a little caffeine in my system to keep me awake. I took a natural energy pill from GNC that is laced with caffeine. After 20 minutes or so, I began to perk up…in about 30 minutes, my cock had increased in girth and size by at least 10%. Moreover, I was energized and horny.

My wife is no slouch in the bedroom…we routinely go for 1.5 to 3 hours at a time to experiment with different positions, lotions, pace, frequency and movements. Tonight was jack rabbit night.

After the first 2 hours she demanded a break and I wouldn’t give it to her.

After the next hour and a half, she ran to the bathroom to give her a chance to breathe and I chased her out.

By 4 AM we had passed the “if an erection lasts over 4 hours consult your doctor” moment.

I wasn’t sleepy, tired or even sore. I was ready to give her an all-nighter…so I did.

Needless to say, we were both a bit sore in the morning (woke up around 9) and unfortunately for her, the Viagra had not worn off. We engaged in our lovely morning session with a slower pace and a deeper understanding of the saying, “Don’t do drugs.”

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