Your Little Princess


It doesn’t matter if your wife is an executive, tomboy or average girl, ALL women (although many won’t admit it) want to be a princess. This desire is embedded into their psyche at an early age from fairy tales, women’s magazines and a DNA laced desire to be feminine.

Your job, buster, is to create an atmosphere, desire and adoration of that princess inside of her. The more you can empower and create an environment of grace, beauty and purity for your little princess, the more she taps into her genuine desire to be feminine. After all, it is this femininity that turns us on…Right?

What can you do to encourage your woman to be more feminine and be the princess you both want her to be? Follow these simple ideas, expand on them using your resources and creativity and get ready to indulge in steamier sex, unbridled passion and extended sexual liasons fit for a king!

1. Draw her a bath. Women love to be pampered. Pamper her. Light candles, put some rose petals out and do EVERYTHING for her…including giving her a sponge bath. This will relax her and open her up to your advances which will come LATER! Don’t get her all warmed up and pounce in the tub like a golden retriever. Pamper, spoil her and take everything slow.

2. Compliment her beauty. Women love to be beautiful. If she has short hair or is the least bit frumpy, tell her she is gorgeous and you love her unconditionally. Your words and your actions that support and affirm her beauty will encourage her to do more tweaking to become the image you see in your minds’ eye.

3. Take her shopping and buy her outfits that you both like. Compliment her choices. If she asks your opinion, don’t make the mistake of saying her butt looks big in anything! She looks amazing in everything she wears, Felix. Let her know you are captivated by her grace.

Don’t worry about the prices, most women love a bargain. Let her determine which outfits she likes the best based on price and style. Every once in a while, pay full retail for something she looks amazing in.

You don’t have to have a honeymoon every day to make your wife hot, you merely have to feel like you are on a daily basis. Do that consistently, and you’ll have a sex-crazed beauty that will keep you up all night and give you the time of your life! For more ideas get a copy of my book, Make Your Wife hot by clicking here.

Save Water: Bathe Together


When was the last time you took a shower or bath with your wife?

Now, if she looks better with the lights dim or without much makeup, refer to my other posts. You are too shallow to read this one. Or, if the idea that bathing is only for washing away dirt and sweat or that you shower in a hurry to get to work, its time for a fresh framework for you.

Pay attention, boys. Bath time used to be playtime when you were a kid. It can be again.

Here are some pointers to put that rubber ducky back into your weekly exploits:

1. Put some candles around your tub. You don’t have to light them the same day you buy them, Felix…try some anticipation and foreplay, you walking hard-on!

2. Buy some bath oils and other sensual aromas for the tub. Women LOVE smells and you will love the way SHE smells when you take some time and create the right atmosphere and mood.

3. Be spontaneous. Just because you have arranged for a sitter and spent $200 on candles doesn’t mean you need to have a marathon sex session on Friday at 10 PM. Next time she is in the shower or bath, give her a brief surprise of your hand or a comment…take your time. Don’t plunge into the pool right away. Anticipation is half the fun.

4. If you don’t have a tub, showering can be extremely playful, too. Candles don’t work as well in this scenario, but a good loofah sponge and some music can get the party started.

5. Shave her. If your woman is still a bush-woman from the 70’s, this is a great time to introduce her to the erotic and sensually stimulating culture of the clean-shaven pussy. There are multiple benefits to this, of course. Read my other posts on getting her to trim up down there. A shaving escapade between you two can be a hoot!

6. Music. When you take a bath together, be sure to put on some Italian opera, Kenny G or some other romantic music to enhance the mood. Leave your Ozzie Osborne CD in the sleeve, she wants romance, buddy!

7. Compliment her often. A woman’s body tends to age quicker after bearing children. Regardless of the age or condition of your wife’s body, let her know it totally turns you on and that you want to wash her back and nibble her neck. Feed her ego and you’ll probably get a hummer in the tub.

8. Positions. Having sex in the tub is normally awkward. Have fun with it. It can take 3-4 sessions until you two discover who’s leg goes where in order to have intercourse. Laugh and enjoy the journey.

9. Water enhances the experience. Some of my best sex is in the pool. Having both bodies being bouyant, light and free does wonders for creating new and interesting positions. Sex in any body of water adds to the slippery body experience. Leave the lube in the bedroom. You won’t need it.

The bottom line is to have fun and experiment. The more variety you can add to your relationship, the more new it will seem and the more fun you will both have. Couples who do it the same way every time they have sex are destined for boredom. Change your environment, enhance the mood and make her feel like a princess.

For more ideas on cultivating the trophy wife of your dreams, visit today.

Money Can Buy Happiness


There are really only two ways to have the trophy wife of your dreams and all the sex you can handle.

1. You can simply buy it (gold digger, concubine, or by the hour).

2. Become the charming, strong, secure, attentive and sexy man SHE craves.

If you don’t care about your health or your other relationships and have the means, maybe buying (or renting) your trophy wife is the path for you. Sure, I may kid about it, but that is only because I created my trophy wife BEFORE I had money. There are plenty of guys who bloom later in life and focused their energy on the almighty dollar. This path has worked for thousands of years.

The other path of working on your confidence, interpersonal communication, ab crunches and sex appeal is one that works for others. There are plenty of cabana boys and personal trainers who get more sex than they can handle. But, do they end up with a long-lasting relationship with the energizer bunny from the gym.

More importantly, do they even want that?

Of course, what WOMEN want is both!

Women want the security (translation: money) of a stable household and relationship and they also want to be swept off their feet by prince charming. I am not blaming them. After all, guys want Betty Crocker in the kitchen and a private whore in the bedroom. We all have needs, after all.

If you choose to focus on finances, you need to be wary of the gold digger who is faking her orgasms and having too many lunches with her personal trainer. If you care, that is.

The REAL solution is to work on both your charm and security. You see, security does relate to finances, but it is not the foundation for making a woman feel loved and secure. Her feelings of security are the foundation for her happiness, not the security itself.

There are millions of stories of men who were “up and coming” in their careers who scored the hot chicks even though they didn’t have two nickels to rub together. If you are in mid-life and haven’t hit your stride, your ability to show your woman that your time is just around the corner financially will go a long way to opening up her heart and her legs.

Balancing your energy between building your 401K, improving your health and taking tango lessons will be more than enough to make her feel loved, cherished and desired. When she has THOSE feelings, you are guaranteed that she will want to return the favor.

I am not saying that canceling your ESPN MVP club membership is required to win her heart. However, if you spend more time on creating a better you that appeals to her, you will create HER prince charming. When you are on that path and it is apparent to her that she has scored with the best catch of her life, you can get away with leaving the toilet seat up and occasionally farting during a game on TV….just don’t make it a habit.

For more strategies on creating a sexually-charged love affair with your wife, visit us at and order my book today. You’ll transform an average wife into the insane love-slave you desire!

Your Wife Doesn’t Want You


Oh sure, she says, “I love you.” In fact, she even packs your lunch every day. The list of ways she SHOWS you she loves you is actually endless. Her attention to the kids, her support of your stressful job and her words all affirm a woman who is devoted and loving.

She just doesn’t want to bang you.

The good news is that it’s your fault, buster!

You see, marriages and women are not boring as a category. PEOPLE become boring and don’t solve their issues properly. Left to themselves, things have a tendency to go from bad to worse. When something is making you unhappy, for example — for any reason — the situation will tend to get worse rather than better.

So avoid the temptation to engage in denial, to pretend that relationship is “adequate”, to hope and pray that, next month, she’ll be less stressed and your sex life will improve. Because it won’t. Ultimately, you will have to face the situation and do something about it.

Start today.

There’s an old saying that you can’t solve a problem on the level where you meet it — in other words, that wrestling with a challenge is usually fruitless and frustrating. If the two of you who are constantly fighting (or worse…ignoring the absence of passion) and can’t seem to move to the next level, you are attempting to solve their problems on the wrong level.

Dealing with their problems on a higher level, you should ask the question, “In terms of being happy, is this the right relationship for us in the first place?” This is a scary question to ask a woman because her #1 need is for security. But if you are brave enough to ask it in the first place, you are starting with a clean slate.

Ask the question of yourself first, her second. When you ask it, don’t answer it immediately. Be sure to reflect upon your core needs. What do you want? What do you expect? When you have those answers, before you give her your list, you better ask her for HER list! You can’t expect to get if you don’t give first.

You may discover that she doesn’t ‘want’ you because you aren’t giving her a reason to.

By becoming the prince charming she truly desires, you will open her up emotionally and physically to desiring you sexually.

Think, reflect, improve.

For more details on becoming the husband, friend and lover of HER dreams, read my book, “Make Your Wife Hot.” You’ll discover that creating a trophy wife that is a sex-crazed lover is easier than you think. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married or how overweight she may be. She WANTS to be your sexual playmate. It is up to you to guide her.

The 3 Day Orgasm: Beyond Sex Positions


"Oh my god...again?"

I don’t consider myself a manipulator.

When I write these posts, however, it sure comes off that way. Tonight is no different. Up until this past Saturday it had been over a week since my wife and I had sex. For some, that’s standard. For us, we were STARVING.

It was this deliberate avoidance of intimacy that not only created a physical build up in both our bodies, but also created an added benefit rarely talked about…

How to make the most of really good sex after it is over!

You see, sometimes I simply need a release. Other times, I feel like Michelangelo working on the Sistine chapel. I will literally lie on my back and not let her off until she’s orgasmed 4, 5 or more times. Her quivering legs make her unable to even walk on occasion and that certainly makes me feel like a good lover.

When the party’s over, what’s next?

In my case, I don’t ever and I mean EVER ask her, “Was that good for you?” What a stupid, weak and ridiculous question. Moreover, I don’t go out of my way to make pamper her or make her feel special for a day or two after our marathon sex sessions. You see, after a long evening like that, she is still on cloud nine. Physically, she’s beat. Emotionally, she’s giddy. In the nicest way I can say it, she’ll do just about anything I want.

I don’t abuse this privilege, of course. For a day or two following a marathon sex-session she will be extra attentive. Here it is, Tuesday and she is coming into my office with dinner and a night cap. Normally, my wife is busy with the kids or catching up on her reading. In between dinner and bedtime we have kid time, some chores, but we also have alone time to catch up on ourselves.

For the past two days, she has been staring at me, fawning over me and basically asking me what else I need. It might not qualify for a true 3 day orgasm, but the benefits of her attention are unmistakable and tangible.

Be her knight in shining armor. Treat her with respect. But when you rock her world, be sure to use the afterglow of sex for a day or two. You might even get away with leaving your underwear on the floor.

For dozens of practical and racy ideas on making YOUR wife a sexually-charged trophy wife, visit today and get our book. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

MILF training


My Wife’s Favorite Sex Position



"I can't understand what you are saying with that in your mouth"

Variety is the spice of life!

Which doesn’t mean I am in favor of wife swapping (At least SHE isn’t) but it does mean that a variety of positions, toys, fantasies and environment is required to keep me interested. How about you?

When we have a favorite sex position; one that always makes us climax, we tend to gravitate to that almost routinely. Like a fine wine or your favorite restaurant, you know you can always expect a smooth finish or your favorite meal.

When it comes to lovemaking, our favorite position is one that is comfortable, is pleasurable to both partners and the orgasm or multiple orgasm, is not a question of if, but when.

If you have been with your partner for more than a few years, it may be time to explore, fantasize and create some NEW positions that will expand your creativity, pleasure and sense of something new…get that variety you seek!

When we have a relationship that is stale or routine, our minds and our bodies respond in kind. It is only through the pursuit of challenges, new adventures, and an exploration of the unknown when our lives feel fulfilled and worthwhile.

Take your next interlude and really try something fresh and new. Go ahead and push WAY past your comfort zone. You may step on her toes (Figuratively or literally) and share an embarrassing moment, but it will be those moments that will create some laughs, some fun and a sense of “dating” again.

When we date and learn all the nuances of our partner, it is the discovery of her favorite color, how long it takes her to get dressed and what makes her cum that makes us happy. When we go through the process of discovery, it creates a feeling of “newness” and playful exploration that is pleasurable. After you have experimented with a dozen or so positions, it is time to graduate to a higher level of physical pleasure.

The more open you are to talking about sex, trying new things and wrestling with holding her legs up in the air while you stand on your tippee toes, the more fun you are going to have. Professional lovers, of course, know that the absolute best manual for experimenting with positions is the kama sutra.

There are dozens of variations of this manual and I have previewed over a dozen different copies. If you are serious about creating an intimacy and euphoria that is “off the chart” then get your copy of the Kama Sutra by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed, although you may wear yourself out!

That is what got you two together in the first place, why not do it again?

For more ideas on creating the trophy wife of your dreams with the one you have, check out my book, “Make Your Wife Hot.” You have a FULL money back guarantee, although if you apply even 1 of the dozens of strategies in the book, you will end up like all of my readers…sore and smiling.

sex position

"Stop playing with yourself...make your wife do it"

Go for it!

Second Marriage? Go Abroad

Ukraine women



City: Nikolaev
Age: 24
Birth Date: 3/12/1985 Pisces
Weight: 114lb, 52kg
Height: 5’6″, 168cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
Smoker: No
Drinker: Socially
Education: Higher
Company: Private
Job Title: Musician
Sports: Swimming
Hobbies: Music
Languages: Russian (native)

Self Description: I enjoy spending time in a nice company of my friends. I adore stage, it is my element. I used to sing in several popular groups before. I am a purposeful lady and I always strive to reach more. If only I could find a man to create a life duet with! I dream to see the world and I am ready for new discoveries.

Comments: I dream of a manly man. I would like him to be strong and educated. He must be purposeful and reliable. I am a giver, but I hope my man will be kind and tender to me as well. I wish him to be a nice person in general. Maybe it is you? Let’s find out! Up to 60.


Gulp! Hey, if you are married and working on your relationship, sexuality and connection with your American wife, stop reading THIS post and go to the 120 OTHER posts I have on sticking with what you have. It truly is ‘cheaper to keep her’ and the amount of knowledge and skills available to transform ANY marriage from bad to good or from mediocre to outstanding is just a click away. Visit right now to learn how to make YOUR current wife your trophy wife.

Still reading?

Ok. That means you are checking out or considering it. Be sure you aren’t a slime ball. Take good care of your soon-to-be-ex-wife and kids financially and morally. Continue to be in their lives and be a good role model for them. Don’t be one of those guys that checks out and leaves without being responsible.

Now…on to YOUR needs!

The internet is chock full of scams, rip offs and misleading information. Spending $15 to email a foreign woman is dumb. It is too easy to be lied to, mislead or outright cheated from people for a few buck online, without anyone complaining.

In order to REALLY experience a foreign affair and see for yourself if it is for you, you should simply go there. Go ahead and do your research first. Find out what country interests you the most. Check out airfare, your schedule and what country (or countries) have the most appealing women for you. Then, contact our affiliate partner at A Foreign Affair and they can set you up with a tour of introductions that will knock your socks off! For more information, visit our affiliate partner by clicking here.

If you are a man up to age 60…that’s right-60, you can still have a girlfriend or a wife who looks like the one above!

Don’t take my word for it. Visit our affiliate partner and realize that for most foreign women, an older gentleman is a step UP from their opportunities at home.

This post is NOT meant to belittle or demean American women. I love their independence, charm and intelligence. For a guy who is in his 2nd life or midlife, however, he may be looking for more than just a change of pace. The rules for age, money, family is different for each country.

In the USA, the majority of women who date or marry older men are perceived as “gold diggers”. In many foreign countries, it is actually a symbol of respect.

Certainly there are lines that are crossed. How many years difference does it take to be perceived as lovers vs. symbiotic relationship? (Fancy word for sex for money) A 5 year difference isn’t thought about twice. A 10 year difference rarely deserves a 2nd glance. 15-20 year difference…that generally gets a wink from the guys and a “harumpf” from women.

However, these attitudes are American attitudes. In other countries, this age disparity isn’t such a big deal.

If your life has taken a turn and you find yourself in your 50’s or 60’s and single, don’t put one foot in the grave, take a step to the ticket counter for a foreign land. Live. Grow. Explore.

A one week excursion with A Foreign Affair costs less than $600 and you will have over a dozen pre-arranged informal meetings with gorgeous, interesting and engaging girls. This is a real introduction service and one not to be overlooked…click here now.

Sex in the Office


sex in the office

"Put down that mouse and touch my kitty."

Most people consider the idea of sex to be a manifestation of the intangible feelings of love. The angels sing, the fireworks begin and feelings of euphoria abound. Sex and love are inexorably intertwined. There are more songs and books written about love than any other topic. However, the topic of sex being used for medicinal purposes is summarily avoided.

Not anymore.

For the past 3 months I have been diligently been writing a full length book. Ask anyone who has written one; it takes the patience of Job, the stamina of an Olympic athlete and the creativity of Walt Disney to complete a book. In short…it’s tough!

What makes it even more difficult is the amount of time writing, re-writing, adding and editing. There are dozens of ways to say one thing. Which way is best? What does this have to do with sex, love and marriage.


The stress of making a living, tackling a big project or striving towards a lofty goal can take its toll on anyone. The bigger the goal or project, the more stress an individual may feel. While sex is designed to make babies and express love, medically it can be a tremendous reliever of stress! Don’t believe me? Here is a quote from Columbia University’s Center for Health:

“Endorphins are a group of substances formed within the body that naturally relieve pain. They have a similar chemical structure to morphine. In addition to their analgesic, or pain-relieving, effect, endorphins are thought to be involved in controlling the body’s response to stress, regulating contractions of the intestinal wall, and determining mood. They may also regulate the release of hormones from the pituitary gland, notably growth hormone and the gonadotropin hormones.

Some researchers have learned that strenuous exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream. Others have found that endorphins are released during orgasm, as well as during laughter. Endorphin release may occur with frequent sex and masturbation.”

The bottom line is that sex (I will leave masturbation out of the conversation for now) is a DEFINITE stress reliever. Massages are nice. Exercising is important, but nothing beats the endorphin rush of a great orgasm. Hell, even a mediocre orgasm will take the edge off an otherwise stressful day.

Last week as I was putting in a long 14 hour day, my wife came in with that “look” in her eye and closed and locked my door. As it turns out, we BOTH needed to take the edge off. She didn’t talk about foreplay. She didn’t ask me a single question about “how its going?” or other irrelevant conversation. She looked at me and without saying a word, stripped off my clothes and went down on me.

It didn’t matter that she would be late for an appointment. It didn’t concern me that the kids were in the next room. When I hiked her dress up and pushed her on the couch in my office, her climax was almost instant. By the time we moved to my desk for her 2nd round, she nearly slid off the glass top.

The next time your spouse shows signs of stress, tell them the doctor has a prescription for them…then lock the door and turn off the lights.

"Stop touching yourself. Get your wife to do it."

Best Sex Positions for Overweight Lovers


Yeah…I know. You want to make sure you are reading this WITHOUT your partner noticing. You love him/her, but those extra pounds sometimes get in the way. My first bit of advice is to definitely take 2 specific action steps to improve your quality of life:

1. Eat less sugars and carbohydrates. A low-glycemic diet of 6 small meals per day (As opposed to 3 larger meals per day) is a sure way to drop pounds without being hungry. For more details, drop me a line at doug@makeyourwifehotcom. I lost 20 pounds PERMANENTLY a while ago and those last 20 are always the hardest.

2. Exercise more. Your time is precious and if you can’t make it to the gym everyday, at least enroll in some dance lessons, or start walking more. If you can’t walk to work, try taking a walk with your spouse every day. You’ll increase your connection and you’ll shed a few pounds. Moreover, your energy levels will rise and this can help in every area of your life…including your sex life!

Of course, while you are working on becoming the fit, trim Adonis you were born to be, let’s not WAIT to have great sex while you are shedding those extra pounds. Setting a good example for the Mrs. has a leveraged affect on your life. You’ll feel better, look better, probably make more money and be an encouraging healthy guy for her.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give up sex, of course, on your journey to new found health. Nearly anyone with any amount of extra baggage can have fun, euphoric sex regardless of their weight, extra padding or baby fat. Men and women alike can enjoy each other despite any “barriers” to entry.

If your gal has a few extra pounds, your mind probably falls into one of 3 distinct spheres of thought.

1. You enjoy the extra padding and don’t mind it at all. Her large breasts turn you on and you have no complaints. You like her JUST the way she is, thank you.

2. You don’t really like grabbing that enlarged rear end. You love her, but would be more “into it” if she was thinner. It’s not a deal killer and if you could simply increase HER comfort with her body and get a little crazy, you’d be OK with the extra padding.

3. The extra weight has affected your libido. Her attractiveness to you is definitely waning and you are fearful of being unfaithful. You want to have more and better sex, but your partner simply hasn’t taken care of herself and it bothers you.

Psychologically, those three profiles are what most people have to deal with. For those of you in category #1, you have it easy. You can go right to the classic positions indicated in this article and have a GREAT time. If you are in category #2 or #3, you need a two pronged approach to your situation.


You need to read my chapter in Make Your Wife Hot on the stealth, psychological techniques to get your gal to lose her “post-baby” flab. It doesn’t matter if those extra pounds are YEARS past childbirth. You are assured that the strategies and tactics for getting her to slim down work 100% of the time. There are tremendous psychological and physical forces in play here and you can easily say or do the wrong thing without knowing it. I STRONGLY encourage you to get the book, read and re-read that chapter on creating the physical trophy wife you want. My wife had packed on an extra 40+ pounds for nearly 7 years and it almost nearly killed an otherwise healthy sex life. Getting HER to be excited about being fit, trim and sexy again took nearly 7 months, but she has kept the weight off for over 3 years and looks hotter than ever. YUM!


Establishing sex positions for maximum pleasure with an overweight lover is easier than you think. The Kama Sutra, with over 60 positions will give you some great ideas. Here are the top ones that can create maximum penetration, regardless of the size of a person’s belly, rear or thighs.

Girl on Top
Having your gal on top of may be somewhat difficult considering her stomach may be in the way. However, there is still non-gymnastic gyration around this obstacle. Get on your own back, bend your knees and put a pillow or two under your own rear. Have her get on top of you and lean back on your knees. By placing her weight on her hands and using her feet to get the rhythm started you two can dance horizontally with full penetration. Allow her to turn around and reverse cowgirl this move should also work wonders at keeping the extra padding out of the way and relieving stress from your muscles and joints.

Side Entry
Ask you lady to relax on her side in a fetal-like position (on her side with knees bent). Careful placement of a pillow or two to increase your angle almost always helps. Place a few of them under her hip and before you get into it. Your position should have you kneeling as you would be doing it doggy style. If you can lift one of her legs and place it on your shoulder, you get extra points for effort depending on how limber she is. But the penetration you’ll get is worth a few stretching exercises!

With your woman on her back, raise her legs up and toss them over your shoulders in the missionary position. Again, you can use the pillows, or you can simply elevate her until her butt is barely touching the bed. This may take some bench press work on your part prior to doing a good job, but believe me, a heavy woman has the same internal structure as a thin one. Take good care of her and she will do the same for YOU!

For more ideas on creating a sexually charged relationship, visit today. Our book and system to create a trophy wife begins with YOU, buster! Treating her like a princess is the first start. Your consistent efforts there and by utilizing the stealth psychological tactics in our workbook, you’ll have a relationship that will be the envy of your peers. Make YOUR wife hot today!

Get your wife to lose weight

Cheating On Your Wife


Before you learn the unbreakable rules for cheating, you need to take a clear look at the pros and cons of infidelity. The costs (and benefits) of cheating is a decision that you are about to make (or have already made) and include financial, emotional, sexual and even medical.

You’ll discover the clear rules for how to cheat on your wife or husband and NOT get caught. You will learn exact methods that thousands of ‘successful’ cheaters have used to avoid detection and live the intriguing double life of infidelity. The rules will give you a squeaky clean record that is as untraceable as a CIA agent’s resume. You’ll read the details on how to avoid the obvious mistakes and learn some underground methods for the elimination of your double life, 100% of the evidence, 100% of the time. You’ll anticipate the moves and suspicions of your spouse and cleverly lay out credible excuses and reasons for your change in actions, attitude or behaviors.

None of these rules will work.

No matter what you say or do to justify your decision to lead a double life, the excuses, reasoning and rationale for your actions, beliefs and behaviors will all come at a cost.

No one ever PLANS on getting caught. Once you’ve successfully cheated on your wife or husband, there is no reason you won’t be successful again.The situations, evidence and “spy-like” maneuvers and services can withstand 100% scrutiny if you anticipate a highly skeptical and resourceful spouse. You may have already established rules like the following with your lover:

  1. Use of a separate email address at Yahoo, MSN, etc.
  2. Deletion of all emails after they are read.
  3. Clearing out your Internet history every day.
  4. Use of a separate cell phone for calls and text messages.
  5. Instant deletion of all text messages after they are read.
  6. Separate credit card for purchases or a strict use of cash for hotels.
  7. Out of town lover or meeting away from where people know you.
  8. Hiding in plain sight. Having a lover whom your spouse knows.
  9. Showing your spouse feigned attention and love.
  10. Situational compatibility (Also married and has as much to lose)
  11. Destroying hotel receipts in the lobby before you get in the car.
  12. Using independent alibi services to explain your movements.

The list can go on and on. Don’t think that your skills are unmatched, however. There are dozens of software programs your spouse can load onto your computer that memorizes key strokes. Even if you delete the email and take out the trash, your key strokes outlining your password and naughty talk is memorized and available for printing by your spouse…oops!

The same is true for text messages. Even after deletion, most back up programs store old messages even after they are deleted on the phone.

Think that hooking up out of town is the only way to do it right? That is the oldest one in the book. Being “anonymous” nowadays is not only difficult it is actually impossible. Video cameras, surveillance and other tactics to follow suspects are available not only to  private investigators, but the general public as well.

However, after years of deceit, your infidelity will create the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” It won’t be a leftover text message, an open email, or a scrap of paper with a number on it. You are too careful for that. Your undoing may very well be the internal conflict of a double life. You see, a double life contains a double edged sword.

An affair can be thrilling, passionate and incredibly intoxicating. The very thought of clandestine meetings, brief trysts in unusual places gets the heart beating and the libido in full swing. The chance of getting caught, like a good car chase, adds adrenaline to the system. You and your lover have an INCREDIBLE connection. The passion is 100X better than with your spouse and the sex is off the chart…why?

Because it is pure.

Your affair or the affair you are contemplating has your mind racing at an accelerated pace. Your thinking is clearer in one sense in that you are planning ahead on how NOT to get caught! You’ve thought it through and you’ve established all the contingencies.

Careful people rarely get caught cheating on their spouse. However, like the scene of a crime where nobody is present, there is always a single witness…you.

The emotional baggage of cheating will eventually weigh so heavy upon your back that the damage will spill over into other areas of your life. Like most people, you are too blind to see it today. It is only from talking with other people who have been in your situation that a long term view can be seen. Before you cheat or if you are trying to break from from an affair, it is best to understand why they occur in the first place. Is it because of a lack of sex, caring, understanding, compassion, intimacy, desire or attractiveness? Maybe, but at the core of all those words lies one simple reason.

You have unmet needs. These needs, you feel, cannot be met by your spouse. It may be a need for intellectual stimulation, affirmation of your ego, sexual gratification, or simply an intimate connection that you haven’t felt for a long time.

The idea that any single person can meet all of your needs is folly. Nobody can do that. Whatever need you have that your spouse cannot meet, it will be much cheaper, easier, safer and more honest to develop a strategy to communicate these needs in a non-judgmental, open and almost clinical fashion.

Your spouse may not want to hear that his beer-belly gut disgusts you or that her lack of interest in sex is a major concern of yours. He may not even understand how you just want to be heard once in a while. Whatever needs you are addressing CAN and SHOULD be brought up to your spouse before you have an affair.

Bringing them up may be hurtful. It may even cause arguments or divorce. However, by bringing these issues up now, you WILL be avoiding a MORE hurtful, painful and expensive alternative-the affair. By bringing these issues up now, if you do part ways, at least you can do it without the cloud of shame, guilt, deceit and betrayal hanging over your head.

Learn how to bring up sensitive issues with your spouse. Even letting them know that you have CONSIDERED an affair (but have not stepped out) should be a wake up call to work on the issues of your unmet needs. By bringing these issue into the open, you may also get a list from him/her about their needs.

Are you willing to change?

Can you compromise on some of your needs?

Can the two of you work together on creating the intimacy, connection, lust, affection, respect, sex, rapport and love you once had? Take some time to meditate and write down your inner thoughts, needs and wants. Don’t hold back. Don’t feel ashamed. Be clear and concise. Ask your spouse to do the same.

After you have your lists, make a rule that the discussion of these needs is for the purpose of increasing communication, intimacy and love. Some of the topics may be contrary to the preconceived notion of love, but the sharing of these thoughts always lead to an increase in communication and at least understanding of each other.

Stop touching yourself and get your WIFE to do it!

Dealing with your core issues isn’t easy. Obviously, it is more difficult than simply cheating on your spouse.

However, it will be less painful to deal with your unmet needs now, as opposed to dealing with them in divorce court. For a step by step system to create a sexually-charged relationship with your spouse, visit right now! You can begin enjoying a new sex life as early as tonight!