Naughty Neighbors


It was like a “fake” story out of penthouse forum.

There I was, at a backyard barbecue with my hot wife and our neighbors. One of the neighbors (we’ll call her Tammy) was happy…very happy.

The steaks came off the grill perfectly and the beer had been flowing for a good 2 hours. The fact that my wife was wearing a short skirt and a bikini top didn’t go unnoticed by me, my buddies and their wives. Normal people would probably feel awkward having the hottest wife in the neighborhood. It can make teenage boys uncomfortable and their fathers blush. A normal neighbor’s wife might even be jealous and look down upon my hottie.

Not Tammy.

Tammy looks at my wife the same way I do.

With utter lust and desire.

This would be a good time to lay the “rules” out for you, dear reader. There are 2-3 neighborhood wives whom my wife has playfully and artfully converted…to be naughty.

Tammy had a great week. The meal was complete and she had an urge to show my wife her new pillowtop mattress.


They left the party and went inside. The minutes passed. My imagination ran wild. I couldn’t help myself. I simply HAD to peek.

Under the premise of clearing the dishes, I went inside the house and peeked inside Tammy’s master bedroom. The girls were nowhere in sight. Only the soft giggles of the master bathroom gave away their location…and their activity.

Why is the image of two smokin’ hot women kissing appealing to over 92% of men? (anecdotal survey)

I surmise that the image of two women kissing is 100% non-threatening to men.

Men who aren’t gay don’t get turned on by a penis. Nor are they impressed by a man who is better endowed than they are. So, when two women are playing there is zero chance that a man can feel threatened. The image of a woman pleasuring herself is hot. The image of a woman having sex with a man is pretty hot. The image of two curvy, soft women kissing and gently fondling each other…smokin’

So, next time your hot neighbor giggles or is a bit flirtatious with your wife, don’t feel threatened and certainly don’t pour cold water on that energy. Toss gasoline on that fire and encourage non-threatening sexual freedom. The fantasy you create could be your own.

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Push Her Envelope


Your sex may be great….you can make it greater.

In fact, if you don’t focus, read, study and PRACTICE improving your techniques, style, position, gels and toys, you are doomed to a life of average sex. This may not be all that bad for most people. After all, even mediocre sex is pretty satisfying.

Until you’ve had “off the chart” sex.

After you have raised your bar, sexually, what most people consider great sex is flat out routine for you. Ignorance truly is bliss. I have personally ruined cunnilingus for dozens of women. Not because I did a poor job, mind you. Exactly the opposite. You see, when I was single, I learned highly advanced techniques that 99% of men haven’t a clue about. Once you unleash these headboard-breaking skills on a woman, you have tainted her for life. No other man will come close to making her as happy sexually as I did.

Sorry ladies.

Her odds of finding that level of ecstasy is one in a thousand. Any woman willing to go through a thousand guys to locate that type of experience again is likely to have a different set of problems.

Fortunately, my wife and I are both sexually adventurous, trusting and have a high desire to improve, experiment and push the envelope.

What envelope can you push tonight?

Even experimenting with a different position shows her you care. Even if you mess up, she will know that YOU need and desire new experiences and a higher level of intimacy.

What about trying something erotic, forbidden or out and out naughty? Sure, she may squeek, squirm or shake her head, but with a smile on your face and a bouquet of flowers in your hand, you will be surprised what she is willing to experiment with.

Go ahead and push the envelope on your sex life. With a partner who trusts you, nothing is off limits for conversation and even a trial run. Send your comments, stories and ideas to me here. I am anxious to hear from you! We will publish only your story and first name, of course. Leave your comment below.

-Doug Steponin




Cunnilingus Conference Call


What? Doug, are you hosting a conference call on creating mind-blowing cunnilingus?

Ummm…no. You can find over 25 headboard-breaking, sex-slave techniques in my other blog posts. THIS post is about making YOUR next business conference call interesting…much more interesting. Let me share with you a true story (they always say, that but this one really is…I swear)

I had a conference call yesterday that was supposed to last 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately, with 5 people on it (2 of them real talkers) it went over…way over. This call was pushing over an hour and I was bored after the first 10 minutes. Fortunately, my wife was in the next room on HER conference call for her business. We were working out of our home this day and she was chatting up a storm about her health and nutrition business. She was vibrating at a MUCH higher level than me. I was falling asleep. Then I had an idea…

Due to the benefit of cellular technology, I continued my call and walked over to her room. With ear bud in, I slowly caressed her neck and moved her aside just a bit, so I could look into her eyes. As she was talking and not breaking stride in her conversation, I moved her to the bed and slid off her shorts. For the first time, I could sense a difference in her conversation. What was once a smooth, confident business woman, teaching her callers about the benefits of nature’s probiotics, now was becoming a slightly off-centered, stammering novice. I was going to enjoy this.

I got on my knees and started to kiss and lick her inner thigh.

“Um…and one of the best…uh methods of ingesting…um,” she stammered.

My tongue went to the Y.

Her pitch increased to where I thought she was going to sing to her callers.

“I have a BROCHURE  (squeek) that I will send…you…uh…EEK!” she was about to climax.

I stopped right before her climax. Not because I wanted to ruin her call, mind you. I was about to engage in a tried and true multiple orgasm technique that would send her rolling into convulsions. (search this blog for the details on this technique to create multiple orgasms 100% of the time with your gal) Interestingly, she did not push me away or try to end my advances or the call. She was going to do what women do best…multi-task.

I started to send her into rolling orgasms and she deftly asked one of the callers an open-ended question so she could listen instead of talk. She started moaning and screaming! I was enjoying this immensely as I was wondering how she was going to explain her elation to the callers.

My wife is pretty smooth, of course…she KNEW she was about to go into her multiple orgasms and put her phone on mute.

About 3 minutes later, she had to answer a question and came back on to answer it. She was a little out of breath, however, as she answered the question and continued the call. She later told me one of the callers asked if she was OK, because she was out of breath…she ignored the question and moved on.

It was a very erotic experience because it was akin to having sex in public, only they didn’t know it.

If you are wondering about my call, don’t. I said about 5 words over the course of an hour and a half and had my call on mute 95% of the time. I turned one of the most boring calls of my life into a sexual memory I will have forever.

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Back Door Basics


Well, this is an R rated blog…we don’t show genitals and we don’t talk about, educate or endorse anything that is illegal or unsanitary (Who are these people who like golden showers, anyway?)

So, I am treading lightly when I chat about anal sex.

Done improperly, it is unsanitary, painful and not very pretty. If done with thought, care and proper hygiene, it can be exceptionally erotic and stimulating for both parties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Discuss openly with your partner. When you chat about sodomy, you may chat about it in the bedroom or at the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter most of the time, because you are going to talk about it days or even weeks before you do it. If the discussion does progress to a “Let’s try this NOW” type of talk, have a condom ready. (If you are in the kitchen cellophane wrap works, but is a bitch to get off later)

2. When you decide to explore the back door, bring plenty of lubrication and use it generously. My wife and I have used a 1/4 bottle once just to make our bodies a flowing copulation of energy. (translation: we slid around like seals)

3. Be sure she has, um…relieved herself recently. Unless you are planning on using this act as an enema service, its easier to have the tunnel clear of obstructions.

4. Use a condom. They call it waste for a reason. I am not a scientist, but I imagine the bacteria and icky stuff back there does not belong inside your urethra. If you don’t use a condom, be sure to orgasm fully and withdraw immediately after. Have a warm wash cloth with SOAP nearby. That will give her something to do other than bask in a glow of ecstasy.

5. Go sloooooooowly. Nothing will deter her from future exploration like a jack hammer thrust to the rear. The slower and gentler you are, the more she can relax and enjoy your domination.

Domination…that is one of the psychological triggers this sex act engages. When a woman is secure with her man, she actually desires to be dominated by him. The key word is secure. So be strong, gentle and above all else, respectful. No means no and slow means slow.


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Encourage Your Wife to Cheat



Cheating on your wife doesn’t sound like the right path if you want to make her hot…angry maybe but hot? Yeah, she’ll be boiling over with attorney letters if you do something as cowardly as cheat. If you want some sex on the side, but don’t want to get a divorce, I have the perfect and SAFE solution for you.

Cheat on your wife…with your wife.

In a previous post I mentioned how high-level role play can give you all the thrill and excitement of an affair without the fear of destroying your family or catching some nasty STD. Method #1 works wonders and while it can easily achieve 99% of the excitement of a real affair, it has zero liability. Pretty good trade off!

Method #2 involves an even higher level of persuasion, influence and work on your part. If you can pull it off, you will be in the top 10% of satisfied marriages. If you mess up any of the following procedures, you run the risk of months of therapy or worse.

Method #2 involves creating a bi-curious wife.

The strategy to do this STARTS in the mind and with a healthy dose of patience, almost anyone can pull it off. It will require some manipulation, but its all in good fun!

1. Be prince charming. Nothing warms up a woman like the perfect guy. Flowers, doing the dishes and lowering the toilet seat are the most overlooked acts of foreplay on the planet.

2. Schedule ongoing massages for her. Pamper your wife. As she gets used to the massages, start to change the provider. Move slooooowly over to erotic massage professionals ONLY after you accomplish steps 3-6.

3. Become an exceptional lover. Study cunnilingus techniques, Kama Sutra and simply spoil her rotten.

4. Introduce quality erotica into your bedroom. Start with a few toys for her and progress to some erotic stories, videos or other visual and sensory items to increase the quality of your lovemaking. Start to talk dirty and ask her to share some of her fantasies.

5. AFTER she shares some of hers, the next question is, “What about you, darling?” This is where you need to tread lightly. It’s OK to mention an asian flight attendant massaging her feet. It is not OK to suggest a three-some with your neighbor Buffy with the boob job. Talk only. Do it during sex. Create a three-some in your mind and hers during a passionate night of sex.

6. Let her know that having an affair is rooted in the excitement of things forbidden. The more forbidden it is, the more exciting it can be. Ask her openly about bi-sexuality. Do not ask her if she wants to perform, only ask her if she has ever thought about it. If you’ve planted enough visual and physical clues over the proceeding weeks, you have a shot.

7. Take her to a strip club. The classier the better. Touch her often and in the open. Find the classiest dancer there and buy a dance for your wife, not you! Alcohol always helps.

8. Schedule a wild evening at a swingers club. Most of them are BYOB. Bring her favorite libation to reduce her apprehension. When you go, assure her that you don’t have to DO anything. Many couples go there for the visual stimulation only. Touching is not expected, unless you are both ready.

If you’ve done a good job, you may have opened up your wife to being bi-curious. This is better than an affair! If you can get in a three-some every few months, you can have the excitement of a mistress with zero guilt and without destroying your marriage.

Good luck!
-Doug Steponin


Have a Guiltless Affair


It’s possible.

It’s easy.

It’s safe.

It can happen tonight!

Before you go to Craig’s list or some other dating site (where 1/2 or more of the people are married!) you should understand WHY people have affairs in the first place. The reason people have affairs is based in:

1. A breakdown in communication between a couple.

2. Fear that one person’s fantasy isn’t appropriate or makes the other person feel bad.

3. Is perceived that “if no one knows” no harm can be done.

While much of this is true, there is a way to have the steamy intrigue of an affair, NOT get caught and NOT technically cheat on the other person. We all want a bit of variety, excitement and the uncertainty of what’s next. When people have affairs, the atmosphere of cheating is a powerful aphrodisiac. You can recreate that in one of the two following methods.

Method #1: High level role play with your spouse. To pull method #1 off, you need to both take the following directions very seriously. If you giggle (or “break” as they say in Hollywood) the suspension of disbelief is over and your acting debut is a washout.

  • Get into character. Pick a new personality.
  • Take on an accent or personality that is not your own.
  • Keep that play acting up for an extended period of time and be consistent.
  • Change your environment. Get a new hotel or go someplace new.
  • Have sex vastly different than you normally do.
  • Wear new clothes and a different cologne.

In short, do everything possible to become a different person both in and out of the bedroom. BE that person who is unattainable. BECOME the fantasy your spouse has. Enjoy your affair and milk it for all its worth. It’s easier, safer and insanely more fun than the real thing…provided you put your heart into it.

I will roll out method #2 in the next blog post. Be sure to leave your comments, as they are very welcome.

-Doug Steponin


Sex-escape Room


My wife and I recently bought a little getaway place to escape the city and it was a quaint, comfotable 2 bedroom. We set up the kitchen, office and bedroom. The original thought was this would be a sanctuary where kids were NEVER invited and it would be a true retreat for just the two of us.

With no restrictions, our imagination ran wild!

If you could build the PERFECT getaway, how would you design it?

What would it look like?

What add-on’s would you like?

Here is our list so far…I encourage your feedback on design, toys and layout for our place. I won’t be posting pictures. Instead, let’s let our imagination take hold and create a space that others can emulate, adapt and flat out copy.

1. Mirrors…lots of them. We haven’t done the ceiling yet, but the closet full length mirrors are an excellent start.

2. Stripper pole.

3. Light dimmer.

4. Pillows…lost of them, too. Throw pillows and the sex pillow or wedge.

5. Bar. Our favorite libations.

6. Sex lounge chair. These are AWESOME. Check out the site

7. Tennis balls. We’ve broken a few headboards…time to cushion the blow…so to speak.

Send me your comments, ideas and thoughts on the ultimate sex escape room…

Doug Steponin


Bi-Curious Women


No…this isn’t for you, Fred…well…I mean it IS for you, but not you.

My wife was raised in a strict Catholic household. She was raised by a nice family and was a virgin when she got married. So how did she become bi-curious and eventually full-on bi-sexual?

I have no idea.

But, when we looked back on her sexual journey, we did discover a few things that may be helpful to the man/husband who would like his wife to become a little naughtier and possibly explore a tryst with a woman.

1. Start with reading and exploring feminine/masculine roles in history. The more we read about sexuality and anthropology, the more we discovered that bi-curious females are more popular and accepted by many societies.

2. Start slow…watching a full, bi-sexual porn movie isn’t a good place to start. Try going to a nice gentleman’s club or reading a beautiful erotic novel together.

3. Openly discuss your needs and curiosities. Everyone has fantasies and many people are embarrassed to talk about them. Start off by sharing your desires WITHOUT calling attention to any lack in your relationship.

Once you start the discussions and research, keep the dialogue open, but if she becomes uncomfortable, back off and re-direct. Don’t discuss your desire for a three-some right away…that can only happen after you warm her up to the idea of her and another woman in an intimate setting.

Talk first. Be open.

Doug Steponin

Take Your Wife to a Strip Club


Are you serious?

Absolutely. You see, for the conventional man, a trip to a gentlemen’s club is an escape from his humdrum love life at home. For the empowered man who is training his wife to also be his girlfriend, a trip to the strip is a great catalyst for so many things. For instance.

The pure sexuality of a strip club is impossible to ignore. The first trip may be a bit awkward, but after a few drinks, she’ll be fine. Just don’t pour too many down her, otherwise, she may leap on stage and pretend it’s amateur night!

The safety of taking your wife there is irrefutable. When you go alone, she has NO idea what happens there. So long as you go to a reputable establishment, now that she knows that it is harmless fun, when you do go again, there will be no question in her mind as to what you REALLY do there.

When you go with your wife or partner, the dancers will tend to focus on HER rather than you. This, of course, is a good thing!

There are really no downsides to this trip. You’ll either get her to enjoy it or at least alleviate any fears she has about when you do partake in the sport.

Of course, if you are a high-level member of our site, you may be using these excursions to open up your mate to a bi-curious tryst. Bi-sexual porno is OK, but they are usually pretty raw. A trip to a strip club is usually a great first step in opening up your wife to a threesome. (see our other posts on this topic)

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Are you Naughty or Nice?


Are you naughty or nice?

Can’t you be both?

Don’t we want it all? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a nice girl in public and a naughty girl in private?

Guys, it is up to you to encourage, develop and affirm your gal’s desire to take on both roles. The best way to encourage nice, professional behavior is to support her needs as a woman, mother, friend, daughter and wife. The best way to do this is to SEE things from her perspective while maintaining your masculinity. Understanding a woman’s needs isn’t the same as SYMPATHIZING with those needs.

In fact, when a man is TOO touchy feely, he becomes emasculated and subconsciously unattractive to most women. Women desire a strong male as a partner. You must understand her needs without becoming one of her “girl friends.”

Affirming her nice side is a simple as encouraging and being genuinely interested in her work regardless if it is outside the home or not. You don’t have to take up needlepoint, but show her you care  about her hobbies, interests and life by asking questions and really listening.

Now, how about that naughty side?

You can be with the most conservative, introverted woman and I guarantee you there is still a touch of naughty inside of her. She may not be open to the stripper pole in the bedroom (or she may!) but getting her sexy lingerie, a sex toy or a romantic dinner followed by a night in a hotel is a sure way to encourage her to open up and release her wild side.

Feed both of these personalities and show her that you love both of them equally. That is the only way to develop and grow the side you like most….the naughty one, of course! Duh!

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