My Wife, a Stripper Pole & Naughty Neighbors


Alcohol and sex don’t necessarily mix!

Sure, a few drinks can loosen up the tightest of individuals (or legs) but too much alcohol can also impede a man’s ability to perform or worse, make you ugly. But sometimes a few drinks can simply make you goofy.

My wife and I certainly are not alcoholics (Is that denial too strong?) but we enjoy a nice glass of wine every once in a while. If the party and at mood is right, we might enjoy an extra glass or two! Woo hoo!

If you get moody or angry when you drink, reduce or eliminate alcohol from you diet. If you get silly or happy, bring a designated driver to document your foolishness.

Last week we attended a going away party for our neighbors we have known for over 13 years. We don’t see them every week, but when we DO get together, we always have a blast. Probably because we connect on so many levels. We share the same political views, our kids attend the same schools and both our wives are bi-curious.


Yup. Now, this common thread can be very dangerous with the wrong couples. There must be rules, boundries and months of discussion before “swinger-ville” can be introduced into a relationship. Without proper communication, this lifestyle can easily ruin the best marriage in the world.

Which is why we never, ever, ever thought we’d play with each other’s wives. It was discussed years ago and we agreed being neighbors made it a bit too creepy for our tastes. Plenty of open marriages or relationships have close friends in that world, we chose not to. It is a choice, not a judgement.

So, when they told us they were moving and we had a going away party, the thought of a “last hurrah” play night popped into both our wives heads. Josh and myself agreed early on that we didn’t want to have sex with each other’s wives out of respect for the boundries we had established as friends. The girls had also agreed to that and we had nearly 13 years of a traditional friendship.

Now that they were leaving, the girls had planned a surprise for us….a big one.

After dinner was over and all the other neighbors and guests had left, we were cleaning up in the kitchen and the girls excused themselves, giggled and left the kitchen for Josh and I. Yeah…we were clueless.

About 15 minutes later we retired into the living room to discover some dance music going, a portable pole erected in the middle of the room and two incredibly hot strippers were dancing together, fondling and kissing each other….our wives.

This lasted for a good 40 minutes until they couldn’t take the foreplay anymore. My wife’s bottoms came off and before I knew it, I had the lesbian show of the century in the living room of my neighbor. Excellent!

I will give you the intimate details in next week’s post….for now, use your imagination and take a look at my book, and start to train your wife to be naughty like mine.

Letter From an Escort


My wife has been DYING to contribute to this blog. I have repeatedly told her that it is designed for men about men’s issues, she recently insisted to the point where I had to yield. (No we never withhold sex to get what we want…but there was some serious teasing to influence me!)

Many times we read erotic stories in order to live in a fantasy state. Imagine what YOUR life will be like when your 1 or 2 dimensional fantasies become 3 dimensional experiences you can order up like a Big Mac! Below is a brief example of what happened to me the other afternoon. For more steamy stories, strategies to get MORE sex and turn your wife into your passionate lover, visit Make Your Wife Hot. For now, Enjoy…

You must know first that in spite of our two to three hour love session that started downstairs and worked it’s way through our beautiful home back downstairs again, the foreplay started at eleven o’clock that day.  I would love to tell you how a met this beautiful woman with seductive curves and silky red hair and we had an afternoon delight, but I will share with you another time how that other afternoon went.

I told you it would take a lifetime to know everything you’ll ever want to know about me.  I missed you terribly while you were on your last trip. I wanted you to have a unique experience coming home as always. I love creating experiences for us that are intimate in many ways, sometimes a bit playful and even edgy.

Eva’s Wig Shop opened at eleven that day, and I headed down there. I was thinking that this would be fun to be a different shade for you. Before I left the house, I started feeling very giddy and even a bit naughty about this.  I had never been to Eva’s before and thought I’d start my fantasy early without you present. As I was about to leave, I changed into a sexy, kind of slutty looking dress. I threw on a sexy push-up bra and my 6 inch stilettos. I then grabbed my large black Chanel sunglasses and my leopard skin handbag.

Today I put the top down on the Mercedes and cranked up some sexy dance tunes. The wind was blowing my long, wavy, brown hair, and I was feeling naughty. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my even fuller double D breasts and hiked up my skirt even more to let the sun hit them and warm up my inner thighs. I pulled up and parked. As my long, sexy legs stepped out of the car, I was already getting whistles. I thought ,”Wait til they see the hot blond that’s getting in the car in a bit.” I always heard that blonds had more fun. Today I would find out.

I stepped into Eva’s and a young twenty something year old asked how she could help me. I told her that I needed a full sexy blond wig. She asked my name as she was assisting me and out came, “Natasha.” And with this sexy accent.  She said, “ I have the perfect one for you.”  As she put on the first wig, my fantasy was growing inside my mind. She tried on another one and as she laid the first one on the counter, flashbacks of the movie Pretty Woman came in my head.

She asked, “Special occasion?” I smiled with a smirk and replied, “ My special friend likes blonds.” I was feeling so naughty at the fantasy of being a very bad girl now. I could feel my lips swelling between my thighs. “ This was so fun for me and a now I was dreaming of her secretly having an attraction to me. As she brushed my new silky blond hair, I watched her in the mirror envisioning standing at home with the two of us girls in nothing but g-strings, heels and our wigs preparing to play.

As I went to pay, I realized that I gave a fictitious name and couldn’t use my credit card. She asked, “Cash or Credit?” I looked at her intently as I replied back, “Cash of course.” And handed her three crisp hundred dollar bills.  I was feeling wild and horny and could not wait to get home.

I realized that I had spent way too long in the shop and you were possibly already home and I was right. I decided to keep the fantasy going and when I stepped inside and you were there waiting and of course our fantasy continued.

When you looked into my eyes, you were surprised but then you smiled in delight knowing what was yet to come. Your faithfulness to our rules was incredibly sexy and made me wet. You willingness to be totally obedient to accepting the love gift of this beautiful Natasha was what put me over the edge.  I knew this was going to be an amazing afternoon.  I could feel at times that you knew, because our bodies do move like a symphony. As I would mix things up fantasizing that you were my “special client”, I would become even more turned on.

As our hot love making and bunny pounding afternoon continued, I had a really hot moment near the end, after “Natasha” left.

I loved continuing our play and kissing you.  I loved how startled you got for a moment when I kissed you and pulled back and told you I could smell her wet pussy on your lips. I asked you if you loved fucking her as much as me and how next time I want you to video tape it for me and we can watch it when we fuck.  I loved how your cock grew even more as I ordered you to make sure you do that.

I must tell you, sweetheart, that I am madly in love with you and you make me so hot, baby.  Maybe next time you can play with Briana, the red-head, that I send for you or maybe next time I’ll bring back that sexy little twenty something year old from Eva’s and you can eat her delicious little pussy while I brush her long silky hair.

Love always, Your Lovely Bride

“Always on our honeymoon..”

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have this happen to you? You can! It takes only a bit of time, thoughtfulness and courage to transform any woman into a sexually charged wildcat! visit today and see how I did it.

Afternoon Delight


Studies have shown that over 90% of people have sex in the evening as a matter of habit.

Men’s testosterone levels are naturally higher in the morning (See my post on “morning wood”).

It is a scientific fact that most women are tired after a full day of working, shopping, cleaning, helping kids with homework, etc.

Is it any wonder, your evening sex can be brief, uninspired or non-existent?

A few days ago, my wife and I took a few hours off of work and simply went up stairs, closed the door and pretended we were on vacation. The old 70’s song, “Afternoon Delight” wasn’t playing in our heads, but the energy, peace and quiet certainly made for some new sparks and fun times.

If you want to make your wife hot, you must continually “work” (actually play) at changing things up and creating new and interesting romance, excitement and passion. This can come in the form of costumes, toys, games, etc., but don’t overlook something simple like a new location or a different time of day.

As a bonus, after we made love that afternoon, we both dozed off and caught a much needed nap. Which naturally gave us more energy to enjoy the kids, have a nice meal and, of course, a 2nd helping of our afternoon sex.

For more ideas, tips and strategies to keep the sexual intimacy alive, visit today!

Save Water: Bathe Together


When was the last time you took a shower or bath with your wife?

Now, if she looks better with the lights dim or without much makeup, refer to my other posts. You are too shallow to read this one. Or, if the idea that bathing is only for washing away dirt and sweat or that you shower in a hurry to get to work, its time for a fresh framework for you.

Pay attention, boys. Bath time used to be playtime when you were a kid. It can be again.

Here are some pointers to put that rubber ducky back into your weekly exploits:

1. Put some candles around your tub. You don’t have to light them the same day you buy them, Felix…try some anticipation and foreplay, you walking hard-on!

2. Buy some bath oils and other sensual aromas for the tub. Women LOVE smells and you will love the way SHE smells when you take some time and create the right atmosphere and mood.

3. Be spontaneous. Just because you have arranged for a sitter and spent $200 on candles doesn’t mean you need to have a marathon sex session on Friday at 10 PM. Next time she is in the shower or bath, give her a brief surprise of your hand or a comment…take your time. Don’t plunge into the pool right away. Anticipation is half the fun.

4. If you don’t have a tub, showering can be extremely playful, too. Candles don’t work as well in this scenario, but a good loofah sponge and some music can get the party started.

5. Shave her. If your woman is still a bush-woman from the 70’s, this is a great time to introduce her to the erotic and sensually stimulating culture of the clean-shaven pussy. There are multiple benefits to this, of course. Read my other posts on getting her to trim up down there. A shaving escapade between you two can be a hoot!

6. Music. When you take a bath together, be sure to put on some Italian opera, Kenny G or some other romantic music to enhance the mood. Leave your Ozzie Osborne CD in the sleeve, she wants romance, buddy!

7. Compliment her often. A woman’s body tends to age quicker after bearing children. Regardless of the age or condition of your wife’s body, let her know it totally turns you on and that you want to wash her back and nibble her neck. Feed her ego and you’ll probably get a hummer in the tub.

8. Positions. Having sex in the tub is normally awkward. Have fun with it. It can take 3-4 sessions until you two discover who’s leg goes where in order to have intercourse. Laugh and enjoy the journey.

9. Water enhances the experience. Some of my best sex is in the pool. Having both bodies being bouyant, light and free does wonders for creating new and interesting positions. Sex in any body of water adds to the slippery body experience. Leave the lube in the bedroom. You won’t need it.

The bottom line is to have fun and experiment. The more variety you can add to your relationship, the more new it will seem and the more fun you will both have. Couples who do it the same way every time they have sex are destined for boredom. Change your environment, enhance the mood and make her feel like a princess.

For more ideas on cultivating the trophy wife of your dreams, visit today.

Best Sex Position for Powerful Orgasms


orgasm sex positionsYou wouldn’t race a VW bug in the Indy 500 and you wouldn’t drive your Mercedes coupe to pick up wood chips, so why do you think that all of your sex positions are designed for the same feeling? You have a wonderful arsenal of different positions for the three of you (That’s for me, her and us!) Moods, energy levels and a variety of desires can make your sex average to downright earth-shattering if you are in sync with all of the forces in play.

In this series of articles, we will explore a variety of sexual positions, their strengths, weaknesses, when they are best introduced and more importantly I’d like YOUR FEEDBACK on how they work, the pace you took and the results you had when exploring them. Come on…it’s time to share the love!

1. Missionary Of all the positions, guy on top, girl on bottom, this is a standard and favorite for you, her and the couple (Y,H,C). Here’s why: When a man is on top, he can thrust the penis. This is simply the way we were built. It works pretty well and the power, control and penetration is very satisfying for the man. For many women, however, clitoral stimulation is not optimized. Her vaginal stimulation is decent, but the REAL feeling she receives is that of being slammed. When a woman is being dominated (Meant with all due respect, of course) her feminine side is revealed. Women WANT a strong and powerful man to desire them. This need of being with a powerful man means that her offspring have a better chance of being successful. Sorry to make it so anthropological, but at the core of feelings, that is where it comes from.

Your pace and variety will be important here. Men who watch too much porn believe that having sex like a rabbit is the only way to go. If you vary your pace, frequency and rhythm of movement you add some variety to the session and you actually stimulate different nerve endings in yourself and your partner. Go ahead and slam it home like your a jack hammer. Just don’t forget to try a few slow and steady moves to add a little variety.

In order to give her a powerful orgasm with the missionary position, you’ll have to add some clitoral stimulation (over 70% of women orgasm with clitoral stimulation). Here are some ways to do that during sex in the missionary position.

1. Put a pillow under her rear. Get her body to curve upwards. This will bring your penis closer to the roof of her vagina and give you an opportunity to stimulate her G spot. Moreover, you can use your hand or fingers to stimulate the clitoris and bring her to orgasm when she is ready.

2. Get her to assist you. During pre-orgasm, gently glide her hand over to her clitoris to bring her to climax. By making this a true team effort, you’ll both be happier and more satisfied. If she is embarrassed to touch herself in front of you, you may have to take this maneuver in steps.

3. Toy assist. There are cock rings and smaller vibrators than can fit nicely around her clitoral region during sex. Be sure to buy 2 or more of these at a time. Your chances of getting the perfect appliance that works for the two of you is rare. It unlikely that if she already has a toy, that it’ll work for the two of you. Most women who pack a vibrator friend use it while on their back WITHOUT you around. Introducing your body on top when her “friend” is working won’t be the same. With a new position, comes a new appliance. Variety is the SPICE of life!sex position orgasm

We’ll cover more positions from now until the holidays. Be sure to check in every day, leave your comments and pick up a copy of my FREE ebook, the 4 minute rolling orgasm by registering on the right side of my blog.

-Doug Steponin

Best Sex Position for G Spot Stimulation


gspot_sex_positionAh…the elusive “G” spot. What is it? Where is it? What sex positions can we use to maximize stimulation of the “G” spot once we find it? How can I use it to give my wife an orgasm that shakes the world?

Read on and be sure to share this post with her! You definitely can’t accomplish this without some basic understanding the “G” spot, where is located and most importantly, how and WHEN to work it.  As with learning anything new, you’re bound to make a few mistakes, but hey…these mistakes are guaranteed to be fun! So, let’s become a master at painting the canvas which is your wife’s beautiful body.

The g-spot is a bean-shaped, spongy mass of nerve tissue that resides under the frontal vaginal wall. In order to locate it, make sure she is wet, because you’ll have a harder time if you treat this as a lab experiment instead of an advanced erotic move. Position a pillow under her rear or simply allow her to lay on her back with her hips slightly lifted or propped up. Put a finger inside her vaginal wall towards the front of her body (belly-button side). Reach in as far as you can go, and bend your finger in a “come here” motion. Then slide your finger along the vaginal wall until you find a rough-textured area. The g-spot should feel ridged or nubbly compared to the rest of the vaginal canal and is generally found about 2 inches in, although it can lie pretty much anywhere along the front of the vaginal canal – even as far back as the cervix. It’s really more of an area then an actual “spot.”

Now that you know WHERE it is, what do you do with it? Well, that depends. Some women enjoy g-spot stimulation and some women don’t. Be aware that how much she enjoys it may also depend on where she is in her menstrual cycle. The sex positions we’ll cover here all allow for maximum penetration and depending on how your penis curves, should allow for some stimulation with your penis.

If your penis naturally curves upward, you may have a slight advantage to hitting this area. If you don’t, then any position that maximizes contact with the front of her vaginal wall should work. Woman-on-top-facing-you works well, she can also slightly lean back to take advantage of more front-vaginal contact. The missionary position works well if you prop her hips up, or use a pillow. You can also get some traction if she’s laying on the edge of something and you’re standing on the floor. You may not even need to prop her hips up. By standing, you have more control over the angle as you penetrate her.
If your angle isn’t hitting this spot, keep trying a variety of positions to get the penis towards the top of the vaginal wall. A popular position is the one illustrated below.

Courtesy of

If it’s not working for you, put a pillow or two under her rear to lift up her hips. Don’t give up. It takes some couples weeks of experimentation to find out what works for them. If the penile stimulation won’t rock her world, move right over to using your finger or fingers. To manually stimulate the g-spot, you will need to experiment with different pressures and motions. Talk about what works for her. Move your finger(s) in that “come hither” motion works well for most. Because the g-spot is located inside of the vaginal wall, you may need to exert a fair bit of pressure to stimulate it.

You can also try a “tapping” motion to stimulate the “G” spot. Tap the area with your fingers and try varying the speed and firmness of the tapping. Working the area in circles like she teases her hair is another method. Everyone is different so don’t be afraid to try a variety of motions. There is an excellent video on this topic available by clicking here.

Making your wife HOT is simpler than you can imagine. You can have the sexually-charged lifestyle you want. All that is required is some patience, creativity and a spirit of fun! Check out my book, Make Your Wife Hot today and get the full program to not only creating a great sex life, but a fulfilling relationship all around.

After you’ve found it and been able to stimulate the “G” spot, it is important to use this powder keg of pleasure judiciously. You probably shouldn’t hit it at every chance you get. If you don’t create some anticipation every once in a while, you will be creating Christmas for her every day.

Not a good plan.

Just as you might get bored of a blow job every morning and sex twice a night, (well maybe it would take a while but eventually you WOULD get bored!) you don’t want to excite the “G” spot at every chance you get. Nor do you want to hit the spot each time you have sex.

As you are beginning your sexual encounter wait for the pre-orgasm cycle of sex before switching positions or changing your penis for your finger. (To understand more of the pre-orgasm cycle, register for your FREE book, “The 4 Minute Orgasm” by filling our your email on the upper right) When she is a minute or two from an orgasm; that is the perfect time to stimulate her “G” spot and send her over the edge. Her orgasm will most likely be uncontrollable and you more likely to get her into a rolling, multiple orgasm rhythm for a while by saving the “G” spot stimulation for the pre-orgasm cycle.

The key is to be patient, creative and open to exploration of your wife’s body. Together you can create “off the chart” sex for the rest of your lives. Start today by reading up on how to understand your woman, and you’ll start to enjoy all the sex and adoration you desire within days! Click on the book below…

Make Your Wife Horny with a SEXY Gift Card!


Making your wife horny is probably easier than you think.

If you don’t have the time or patience to read my book (Big mistake!) or think that flowers and chocolates won’t do the trick, you can always whip out the credit card and do BOTH of you a huge favor.

gift-cardGet you wife something that will make her feel fabulous, sexy and get her wet. It really doesn’t matter what kind of mood a woman is in or if she’s had a bad day. Your thoughtful gift of love and appreciation can do wonders for her self-esteem and your sex life.

You don’t really have to think about this, do you?

What woman wouldn’t be touched (And want to BE touched) by your selfless act of love? What girl isn’t deeply moved by the fact that her man WANTS her to feel sexy for him? I don’t care how conservative your woman is, deep down inside she wants to feel attractive and when it comes from her man, all the better.

This act of giving works wonders especially if there is any Holiday stress, angst, or even a recent fight. Giving your wife a gift that shows her how much you desire her can move you out of the dog house and into the bedroom with the click of your mouse! Try it! Fire her up and get her wet by clicking here right now.

Admittedly, my wife isn’t even a big shopper. Her primary love language isn’t physical touch, time together, words of affirmation, or gifts…it’s acts of service. (Read “The 5 Love  Languages”, it’s a very good insight into how women and men respond to a variety of ways of the expression of love) In fact, she could care less about the diamonds on her hand or the Lexus in her driveway. She is more impressed when I cook her a meal or do the laundry.

Actually, I am very lucky! Some women are more passionate about “keeping up with the Joneses” and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if your wife or girl is a shopper or not because ALL women love being thought of. ANY expression of your thoughts will give her the feeling of love and security that she craves.

Now, don’t go and waste this opportunity for  Holiday sex by giving her a blender, chump. If you are going to go all out and get her some nice things, be sure to add a few items that will not only make her feel like the princess she is, but instill in her self-esteem, the vision of her sex appeal to you!SexySantaChick

Get her a sexy gift card! Click here right now and you can bet she will have a GREAT time window shopping online at a variety of lingerie, oils, toys, and more! Buy her a gift card right now and dont’ wait for Christmas to give it to her, she’ll want to give it to you sooner than that!

Of course, you will BOTH benefit from such a gift of love (Duh!). But the ongoing benefit of lingerie, toys, etc. is that it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you opt for the “Rabbit” vibrator, be sure to get an extra set of batteries. Last time I was out of town, my wife went through two sets of them!

Ho, Ho, Ho ! (Double meaning optional)

Hot Wife Culture


What is the culture of a Hot wife?

For many men and women it means a forbidden lifestyle of a married couple allowing and encouraging a wife to take on additional sex partners. For many men (I mean a great many) this is a common fantasy.

For most couples, however, the emotional stress and jealousy is too great for a relationship to survive, let alone thrive. Don’t despair if you have the fetish, but not the open relationship with the wife. There are plenty of role play and fantasy games you can enjoy together to simulate the hot wife experience without the emotional baggage of a third player in the bedroom. In fact, the more you understand and manipulate the emotional and psychological triggers of sexuality, the easier it will be to heighten the stimulation of a cuckold relationship without the baggage or frustrations associated with the introduction of a third party.

For those of you who have the confidence and communication of a full-fledged cuckold situation, congratulations. This article is for the rest of us…those who would love the excitement and passion of seeing our wives with a bull, but lack the compatibility for the agreed upon affair.

Exploring the culture in detail, many forums show the man being dominated by his wife. The dominatrix fantasy is a logical extension of the culture. There is nothing embarrassing about this. However, there are more men who simply enjoy the pornographic experience of seeing their wife with another man, who are not into being dominated by their mistress. For most men with this fantasy, it is simply an extension of pornography. Only this time, their wife is in the movie! (Or live show as it were) Every person, no matter who they are, has specific fantasies and scenarios that create sexual stimulation. Some are common, some are not. Some fantasies are called fetishes and can make the average person raise an eyebrow or shake their head in disgust. However, EVERY person has thought about creative sexual techniques or stimulation.

Be grateful if you and/or your partner can discuss it openly and honestly. You are a rare breed.

If you would like to join our group of free-spirited, honest lovers, and your partner is a bit shy, don’t lose hope. There are specific strategies you can use to travel down this path. How far will your fantasies go? Will you be able to turn them into reality? That will ultimately be up to how well you manipulate the conversations, actions and relationship.

Ultimately, the biggest challenge will be how well you manipulate your own mind.

For the majority of couples, however, jealousy, STD’s and emotional challenges prevent most men and women from living out this fantasy. Here are a few ideas to re-create the culture, mood, and excitement of your own, personal and sexually-charged cuckold relationship.

  1. Set the mood for an affair. Creating the right atmosphere is critical in any sexual situation. Candles, music, and atmosphere do more to turn us on then words which are temporary. With the right mood, a couple can become aroused and stay aroused longer. Find out what scents turn your partner on and use them sparingly. If your fantasy takes place in a crowded bar or seedy hotel, go there. Nothing sets the mood and re-creates the fantasy better than a well dressed set. Like James Cameron did for the filming of the Titanic, build the perfect set for your affair. You don’t have to be an Oscar-nominated actor to get in the spirit of things!
  2. Create the PERFECT partner. The fantasy of another man with your wife can be both her fantasy and yours. Chances are one of you may be embarrassed to admit being attracted to another type of person. It’s OK. Nobody can be everything to anyone. So you married a blonde…of course you want an affair with a brunette. Variety is the spice of life! My wife is crazy for accents so find out what country or accent turns your wife on and practices it. The better job you do of recreating her “mystery” lover, the more realistic your fantasy will seem to the both of you.
  3. Be courageous. You are probably experimenting with some new stuff here. Of course you are going to make some mistakes, say the wrong thing or embarrass yourself. Get over it! Practice makes perfect. You are already married and have had embarrassing moments before. Just make them all in private in case one of your fantasies is sex in public places. You’ll want to get that right the first time, just in case it is your last!
  4. Be forgiving of yourself and each other. I am assuming that the hot wife culture appeals to only one of you. (If it appeals to both of you, be safe and smart about your emotions and health) Since this topic is rife with jealousy, be sure to discuss it outside of the bedroom when the time is right. My wife and I had to see a few movies and have some calm discussions about sexuality before she was comfortable bringing our “fantasy man” into the bedroom. In her mind, if the roles were reversed (And they were sometimes!) she wanted to be the #1 girl. I understood completely and always talked up our bi-sexual fantasy girl as the warm up person. Sure, she would play with both of us during intercourse, but I always dismissed her after a while and focused on my wife. The same is true for her fantasy man.  Be respectful and forgiving of your partner during this time of discovery.

In conclusion, don’t be embarrassed about the hot wife culture. It is a very common fantasy and one that can be explored safely with the two of you. In fact, there are many advantages to keeping this fantasy a fantasy! With an imaginary playmate there is no uncomfortable moments of Q and A. There is no jealousy. The fantasy person can instantly teleport into and out of our bedroom whenever we want and neither of us can catch an STD!


If you and your wife are both prepared to take it out of the world of fantasy and into the real world, have plenty of discussions and go ahead and role play it out a few times before you do it for real. Like test pilots flying simulators, you’ll cover some of the issues, but not all of them! For more ideas, strategies and tactics for creating a smokin’ hot wife, visit today!

Her Lips Are Made For More Than Talking


Is there more to life than sex and money?

Of course there is! What about soccer practice, community volunteerism and taking care of aunt Martha? Of course these are important parts of our day to day lives. But what about the sex and money part? How much better would YOUR life be if you could get professional, off-the-chart oral sex from your woman that placed your sexual arousal into the stratosphere?

Before you simply go out and buy “Tickle His Pickle” or “Blow Him Away” (Both excellent books, by the way) you need to understand the psychology and journey to opening up a woman’s mind and her mouth to this experience. Let’s take a look at 2 scenarios:

A. She does not like to give oral to you. It never interested her, she is uncomfortable, she gags, doesn’t like the taste…whatever. You rarely receive and you basically have not had a decent or exceptional blow job in quite some time…maybe never.

B. She loves you, wants to please you and gives it a good effort. The results are satisfactory, but not as good as that 26 year old you had 12 years ago…you remember, don’t you . She was a flight attendant and…

In either case, you may have regulated your sex to 1-3 times per week in the standard positions that please both of you.


A. If your gal doesn’t like the act, you have to start off by taking care of a few things yourself, pal. There are physical changes you should try out and a few psychological steps you need to take to get her to not only re-think her desire to go down on you, but take it to the next level and RELISH the thought of going down on you. It is only when she becomes a real fan of the deed that she will become great at it. Here are the some practical tips:

1. Clean your act up. You can try 3 varieties of cleanliness; waxed, shaved or trimmed up. Anyone who has seen any porno knows that women are trimming themselves up more often than not nowadays. It isn’t the 70’s anymore and a clean landscape not only eliminates “nature’s dental floss” for partners, it can actually increase the power of a woman’s orgasm.

For men, a trimmed area not only makes you LOOK bigger, it can be easier for you woman to grease the pole without any abrasive weeds in the way. Try trimming yourself back by about 1/2 to 2/3 of your bush and see what it feels like and how much easier it will be for her to navigate. After you do that, try trimming it ALL off for a week or two. It will definitely be more sensitive to you and it will make her work easier, too. Once you’ve done that and things improve, try a wax job. It hurts like a MF, but an ounce of pain for a pound of pleasure was never so dead on.

2. Be respectful and wash up before you hint at the idea of a BJ. Early in the morning, we know are hormone levels are up and most of us have instant erections, but that doesn’t give you a green light for her to have a sausage for breakfast. Clean up, freshen up and she’ll be more likely to open up to the experience.

3. From a psychological standpoint, there is only one path here. YOU need to give HER a mind blowing experience first. Be a giver, not a taker. The better your skills at turning her on, the more she will feel indebted to return the favor. Asking for a hummer from her before giving cunnilingus to her is the wrong order. The better job you do of giving her an orgasm or two, the more her body and mind will be open to giving you the same feeling.

4. Finally, you should both read up on the subject and practice different tactics to see what your body enjoys most. Giving head may seem natural, but the nuances and specifics escape more women than you realize. Many men like to have other areas of their body fondled during a blow job, some do not. It will take some trial and error on both your parts. Encourage her to try things and above all else, give her feedback! When a particular set of moves works, let her know with a verbal, “Oh yeah” or “That’s perfect”. Likewise, if she tries something that is uncomfortable or painful, try not to react quickly (That could make it worse!). Simply say, “Not so much” or “That doesn’t work for me, sweetie.”

Don’t be afraid to give the gift of love to your wife or girlfriend. The following book, “Blow Him Away” is excellent at understanding the specifics of our bodies. Giving head has never been this interesting to read about! Click here NOW and get your copy today!

If there is any amount of embarrassment or feelings of inadequacy, go ahead and order the companion book, “The Low Down on Going Down.” Written by a speech therapist, nobody understands better the nuances of our mouth, throat and tongue…umm…

Doug Steponin

How Do I Have a Quickie?


How do I have a quickie?

Why do I WANT a quickie?

A quickie doesn’t hit the same pleasure centers of our brain as soft lights, quiet music and slow seduction. Those environmental triggers cause our romantic qualities to surface. A quickie is designed to attack our base desire to have sex…fast, dangerous and utterly animalistic. A quickie is designed to create an atmosphere of “I have to have you now, I don’t care that we haven’t finished dinner” attitude. This absolute hunger for raw sex is what makes a quickie attractive and effective, but only if you’re doing it right.

Just because the act of sex is quick, doesn’t mean there is no foreplay. Most women (and a few men) need a warm up before going to bat. Foreplay for a quickie is a matter of suggestion, plenty of eye contact and innuendoes of lust and sex. If you want to make her groan and moan as if you’d already spent hours warming her up be sure to follow 3 simple rules:

1. Communication: Women are verbal—sometimes communication can be just as good as foreplay. So whisper in her ear about how hot she looked at the restaurant this evening; how you could barely keep your hands to yourself; how her breasts are perfect and how you can’t wait to feel her, etcetera. Make sure your non-verbal communication is in concert with the words you use and the attitude you bring. Don’t be a leering deviant. Think James Bond. Hold your gaze on her longer than usual.

2. Lubrication: A woman can be turned on and emotionally ready for sex and not have the preparation down south. Be sure to pack a water-based lubricant that washes off easily and doesn’t degrade latex condoms. Having lubricant should be as common as condoms or breath mints. There are obviously convenient carry-on sizes for air travel (A favorite quickie location!) For extra fun, try the new Sex Toy Fun flavored lubricants. With over 57 flavors (No they don’t have ketchup) you’ll be sure to find a few that are pleasing to the palette.

3. Location: If you’re having standing sex, consider the stairwell. Elevators are perfect and depending on your height, a well placed set of books can match things up. If there are no elevated accessories available, holding your lady up and having her wrap her legs around you work well. Depending on your voyeuristic tendencies, you may put a tissue over the security camera or just be sure the quickie is very quick. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about a quickie is location. When you “have to have her” and she obliges, nothing puts a damper on the moment like not having a place to copulate. Being fast is more important than being creative. Locking office doors, pulling the car off the road, or finding seclude sections of a library are all possible…as long as you are respectful when it comes to noise levels.

Enjoy your life, my friend. It is short and your sex life will be shorter, so make the most of it while you can. For more ideas about making your wife hot, creating a sexually-charged relationship, click on today.