Deep Penetration


In the Kama Sutra there are sex positions which are named after Nature: flowers, birds and animals. Some names of the sex positions sound very nice and exotic, some do not. We’ve all  heard of Doggy-style. What about a Peacock-style? Or a Swan-style? The very words denote love, beauty and artistic flair.

Time to learn about the birds and the bees….Kama Sutra style!

According to the size of a man’s penis (the lingam), man is divided into three main types: the hare man, the bull man and the horse man. According to the depth of a woman’s vagina (the yoni), a woman can be a female deer, a mare or a female elephant. Thus, there are three equal unions between lovers of corresponding dimensions, and six unequal unions, when the dimensions. Equal unions: hare-deer; bull-mare; horse-elephant. Unequal unions: hare-mare; hare-elephant; bull-deer; bull-elephant; horse-deer; horse-mare. Unequal doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means more creativity and modification to your position may be necessary to achieve stimulation. Many men are self-conscious if their lingam is below average in length or girth.

Take a few lessons from the Kama Sutra and you’ll realize than even if you have a teeny-weenie, you can create passionate, fulfilling lovemaking with your woman regardless of size.

Of course, we are all looking for stimulating sex, and Kama Sutra positions are surefire way to create the connection you want!. Below you’ll find 17 Kama Sutra sexual poses as translated by Indra Sinha. I do not provide pictures here on this blog, but they will be available to my online members in the very near future. If you want to spice things up in the meantime, click here.

Markata – The Monkey. Lying down position. The woman grasps her ankles and raises high her lotus feet; you strike her to the root, kissing and slapping open-palmed between her breasts: this is Markata (The Monkey) Making monkey noises is optional and only advised after you’ve mastered her coconuts.

Vyomapada – Sky-foot. Lying down position. Your wife lies on the bed, grasps her own feet and draws them up until they reach her hair; you catch her breasts and make love: this is Vyomapada (Sky-foot) This position is especially helpful for extra deep penetration and is strongly recommended for men with less than average sized penis. You probably don’t want to be too proud of your knowledge of this position, but even a man less than 5” can feel like a stud with this!

Kaurma – The Tortoise. The sitting position. Seated, mouth to mouth, arms against arms, thighs against thighs: this is Kaurma (The Tortoise) This position sounds soothing and it is, because it is difficult to realize any serious motion, penetration or movement. I guess that’s why they call it the tortoise!

Mayura – the Peacock. The sitting pose. Seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hands, offering up her yoni for lovemaking: this is Mayura (The Peacock) This is a really great position for creating some special movements in a woman’s vagina. As she raises and lowers those peacock feathers (Her leg) her movements can carry a man’s penis inside her with little effort.

Padma – the Lotus. The sitting position. If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful Padma (The Lotus) This is another deep penetration position. While it may lack the thrusting power of the Sky-foot, it is sensual and easier on a less than limber woman than the Sky-foot.

Kirtibandha – the Knot of Fame. The sitting pose. Sitting erect, grip your lover’s waist and pull her on to you, your loins continuously leaping together with a sound like the flapping of elephants’ ears: this is Kirtibandha (The Knot of Fame) Don’t dismiss the sounds of the flapping elephants ears. That smacking sound can be quite stimulating and adds to the excitement. Remember physical+visual+aroma+audio stimulation is the key to a complete experience.

Jaya – Victory. The sitting pose. Kneeling between her thighs, tickle her breasts and under her arms and print deep nailmarks around her nipples: thus Jaya (Victory) is expounded. Of course, making marks is only for women with high pain thresholds. Hey, if she’s given you children, of course she has a higher pain threshold than you. Just be prepared to get some of her nails in your back later!

Dhenuka – The Milch Cow. The rear entry position. She bends well forward and grips the bottom of the bed or her ankles, her buttocks raised high; cup your hands and squeeze her breasts together: this is Dhenuka (The Milch Cow) Like the monkey, be respectful. There should be no fake “milking” of the cow until after she is in post-orgasm stage. Last time I made a joke during sex, we both lost it!

Svanaka – The Dog. The rear entry position. If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into your face, experts in the art of love say it is Svanaka (The Dog) Most men enjoy doggy-style for the pure freedom of entry, penetration and handles. Be sure to ask your wife to turn around occasionally during your thrusts. Pulling her hair is only for advanced lovers.

Hirana – The Deer. The rear entry position. If the lady, eager for love, goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe, and you enjoy her from behind, rutting as though you’d lost all human nature, it is Hirana (The Deer). Since deer don’t make much noise, one can get confused by calling this a variation of the doggy-style. Don’t confuse these styles, and leave the antlers on the wall. They are too sharp to play with safely.

Marjara – The Cat. The rear entry position. If she lies on her stomach and you seize her ankles in one hand, lift them high and make love, tilting her chin back with your other hand, it is Marjara (The Cat) Putting a pillow under her rear can also add to the penetration with this feline frolic. Purring on her part is required, but you have to be good smooth and gentle enough to let it come naturally from her loins.

Aibha – The Elephant. The rear entry position. When your mistress lays breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet, raising her buttocks high, and you guide your penis into her yoni, it is Aibha (The Elephant) For advanced lovers, try tying your elephant down and dominating her. Bondage need not be threatening or painful. The restraints can mimick dominance with empathy. Be gentle (unless she likes it rough).

Hastika – The Elephant. One more rear entry position. You lift her ankles high; she draws up and extends her legs as though she were crawling through the air: this is Hastika (The Elephant). This can also be a deep penetration position. Well endowed men need not apply. For average guys in the 6” range, however, she may feel as though you’ve grown an inch! Now trumpet like an elephant, you stud!

Nagabandha – The Elephant. And one more rear entry position. Lying on her side, facing away, your woman offers you her buttocks and your penis penetrates her: this is Nagabandha (The Elephant) With a side position, she can watch more of the action. Too much doggy style means either you are too rough, too often or you don’t like your woman’s face that much.

Hansabandha – The Swan. Role reversal position. She sits upright upon you, her head thrown back like a rearing mare, bringing her feet together on the bed to one side of your body: this is Hansabandha (The Swan) Before there was cowgirl, there was the swan. I think swan sounds prettier, but reverse cowgirl sounds better than reverse swan. Advantage of the swan is the view of your woman’s bouncing breasts as you make love-yum.


Hansa-lila – Swan Sport. Role reversal position. If she strides you, facing your feet, brings both her feet up to your thighs, and works her hips frantically, it is known as Hansa-lila (Swan Sport) Swan sport sounds more athletic than reverse swan and if your woman has a nice butt, this is a great visual to enjoy during lovemaking.

Virsha – The Bull. Role reversal position. If you lie flat on your back with legs stretched out and your lover sits astride you, facing away and grasping your feet, it is called Virsha (The Bull) Reverse cowgirl sounds an awful lot like The Bull. Bonus points if she wears cowboy boots and a sexy cowboy hat like Debra Wringer did in Urban Cowboy.

Enjoy the variety of life, ladies and gentlemen. You need not need a variety of lovers to be fulfilled. Your creativity and playfulness can create the erotic stimulation and raw excitement you crave. For more ideas on making your wife hot, visit today!

How To Get My Man Off


Focusing on creating a super hot wife; a MILF that you can’t wait to get home to is important. This emphasis on her not only pleases you, but her, as well. In fact, if you’ve read my book how to Make Your Wife Hot, you realize that the key to creating a sexually-charged relationship full of mind-blowing sex with YOUR hot wife depends more on what you think, do and say than nagging her to lose that extra 20 pounds or try on the cat woman outfit.

Guys, it is up to you to LEAD! I hope you understand that your wife, regardless of how long you’ve been married or how unsatisfying your relationship may be, wants to please you. She may be a bitch or cold as ice, but deep down inside she desperately longs to be that sensual, seductress you married so many years ago. This post is dedicated to her. (And you!)

Copy or print this post any way you desire. Your mission is to woo her. Your job is to romance her, your responsibility is to show her you love her. Now comes the fun part….you can also get what YOU want in the process! We have focused on her emotional needs and desire for security in many posts. If you’ve been working on your relationship at all, you know that sex is 90% mental. Let’s now focus on how to get HER to please YOU! Here is a short playbook prepared by my wife. Please share it with your girl…

-By Chris Steponin

I am not a sluty wife, but my husband likes to think I am HIS private concubine. As a marketing professional, I used to be disgusted with his labeling me as his private whore. It was demeaning and cheap.

Once I realized his fantasy had nothing to do with MY self-esteem, I warmed up a little bit. In a few months, I actually ENJOYED being incredibly sensual, sexy and naughty for him. Private whore…hmm…it is definitely a character I have no experience with in my past. Thanks to his balance of respect and desire for eroticism, I now enjoy being the professional, suburban couple in the daytime and a naughty temptress at night! Let’s explore that hunk’s body…

Compared to male body, female body has a greater variety of erogenous zones. Sorry boys. But there is a general misunderstanding by many women that a man’s only erogenous zone is located  in his pants. This area represents only a small percentage of his erogenous zones which has dozens of hot spots. So let’s “touch” a few of them right now…

His Head: No; the one on his neck
His scalp and ears areas are packed with nerve endings. Many men enjoy having their hair ruffled and stroked. Running your fingers through his hair can be a libido-increasing act. Scalp massage is a stimulating and is a seductive touch to do with your guy. We all enjoy getting our hair washed at the salon. He’s no different. His ears are also hot spots for your tongue, whispers and kisses. Whispering erotic fantasies, slight sucking and playful biting on his earlobe will stimulate necessary blood flow to the area south of the border.

His Chest: Hairy or not here you cum
The chest is one of the sexiest part of a man’s body. Stroking a hairy chest and playing with his nipples is an exciting thing for most women. Circling his areola, gently kissing the nipple and caressing the muscles of his chest can be exciting for both of you. You should also flip your hair onto his chest and drag it slowly down to his now erect manhood. Yeah…that works.

His Back: You’ll be lying on yours soon enough
A man’s back is often overlooked. A strong back is sexy for us, but is also very sensitive for him. Trial and error are part of the deal, here. Kiss it, scratch it, bite it caress it, etc. We all love a good massage on our backs and taking the stress out of his back will release any remaining tension in his body so he can focus on you.

His Butt: Cute, sensitive and spankable
The buttocks and anal region are one of the most intimate and erogenous zones of a man. Slowly running your fingers along his buttocks and teasing his crack may make him squirm and tingle. Stroking and massaging his buttocks before during and after sex is a good way to “double down” on his pleasure. The more combination moves you can come up with, the better. Play with his butt: pinch and slap a little, then snuggle your belly and breasts to his bottoms.

WARNING: Most men are reluctant to ask their lover to play with his anal hole and prostate.. Stimulating this spot can be very pleasurable, especially if you use a top-quality anal lubricant. Fingering his anus requires advanced Tantra techniques and should only be done with plenty of lubricant, training, and a possible bottle of scotch. Be warned, however, that the proper application of these techniques can cause extreme orgasms and euphoria!

Between a Rock and Hard Place
Both men and women have a perineum – an area with highly sensitive skin packed with pleasure receptors, located between the anus and genitals. This region should be touched with extra attention and love. Gentle and careful stimulation by licking and kissing this smooth flesh can provide external stimulation to his prostate and even the root of his cock. Gently push on the perineum like you’re ringing a doorbell, and release. Push – release, and so on. Massage in circular and rhythmic motion for extra benefit.

Good luck. By following some of these ideas, many men (including myself) have actually achieved multiple orgasms. I encourage you to print this out and discuss it with your wife, when the time is right. Try warming her up with a nice dinner, a rose-petal covered bed or a day at the spa. After she reads this, you’ll be banging your smokin’ hot wife until the sun rises the next day.

For more ideas and strategies on creating a hot wife visit today!

My Wife’s ‘Mile High Club’ Story


The internet has replaced our imaginations with stories of intrigue, romance and forbidden sexual encounters with clear an unambiguous imagery. Years ago, naughty stories and movies that left something to the imagination gave all of us a different view of the same scenario.

When people watch movies, they often project themselves into the character. “What would I do if I was them…” and things like that. How often have you expressed anger when a character in a horror movie deliberately walks into that dark house instead of simply going to the neighbors and call the police!

My wife and I enjoy watching porn every once in a while, but what REALLY gets both of us off are detailed stories about things that have happened to us in the past. Embellishing real events brings a reality to the fantasy that can drive anyone wild. Instead of projecting ourselves into a fictional character, my wife and I take TRUE incidents that have happened to us and twist the facts, names, and places around slightly. When we reveal these stories as part of our foreplay, the sparks ignite and we find ourselves totally in the moment. My wife are totally commited to creating crazy, passionate sex life for ourselves and love teaching others how to do the same. Click here for a copy of our book.

Recently, my wife told me a story about a long trip on an airplane years ago when our marriage was on the rocks. Enjoy…

It was going to be a long flight and I wasn’t tired. In fact, I was a bit annoyed, having just left home and totally ticked that my husband didn’t take me to the airport and didn’t even kiss me goodbye…things aren’t so good at home. In fact, I often have visions of leaving him…or killing him!

I checked through the gate without much of a delay and boarded the plane on time. Like most flights, the people around me were a mixed bag…families, singles, young and old. Normally, I get some non-descript ordinary person sitting next to me. I am not one for much conversation and since this was a night flight, I actually PLANNED on not even saying hello to whoever sat next to me.

Then he sits down next to me…OMG.

As much as I tried NOT to pay attention, it was impossible not to stare at the man who sat next to me….Mr. Charm. He was young, handsome, chiseled, strong, firm and a smile that could melt the anger and resentment of anyone.

What a dish. If only…No. I shouldn’t think those things. I should catch some sleep like I planned. As much as I tried to settle in and sleep, I couldn’t. Instantly these crazy, ridiculous fantasies explode into my head. What was wrong with me?! I don’t ever have fantasies about strangers! This is stupid…Close your eyes, Chris. Get some sleep.

It doesn’t work.

He notices I am fitful and starts the conversation with that wry little smile that nearly make me instantly wet. We chat a little and he is so full of life and happiness (unlike Mr. Cynical at home). He flirts a little bit in the conversation, but I brush it off. The more we talk, the more I am captivated by that smile and those tightly toned biceps. Why am I having these thoughts?! It is SO wrong.

How can a 20-something man be so gracious and interested in me? He asks me about my life, my goals and dreams. I have never sat so close to someone with so much…I don’t know…charisma. When he asks a question about me it doesn’t come off as conversational or casual. When he asks, the blue-steel eyes of his seem to pierce right through the normal defenses we put up talking to strangers. The connection is instant and unmistakable. Weird.

I ask him about his home, his life, and what he is doing. I figured he was a personal trainer or beach bum. “Consultant”, he replies. Oh, one of those. “Telling people what they already know and charging them for doing it,” I blurt out loud. He laughs with a burst of happiness, “Exactly! Those non-profits waste so much money and every time I save them a few million here or there, sure I get paid a great fee, but I am also reminded of all the REAL good I am doing! When the Cystic Fibrosis charity reduced their overhead by over $2 million last year, that money went straight into more research. I feel as though I donated $2 million.”

I instantly adored this guy.

When the conversation drew to a close, we seemed to know everything about each other, including little bits of our past. What tantalized me the most was his energy and enthusiasm for the future. He was hypnotic. He was bright. He was…oh…incredibly sexy.

The conversation ended casually and naturally and I thought that I drifted off to sleep. The transition to dreamland was fuzzy because I was STILL in my seat sleeping! Normally when I dream I am in high school and freaking out because I didn’t study for a test. This dream was so real! Maybe it wasn’t a dream at all? Perhaps the 2 cocktails, red-eye flight and connection with this guy put me in a new zone. I have no idea. My head slowly falls onto his shoulder, he doesn’t lift it or shrug it off, but gently turns my head to face his and give me the softest, sweetest kiss in the world.

I don’t resist.

We start making out! Is it a dream or is it real? His hand slides across my thigh and I feel the wetness start to flow inside my body. The kissing becomes more passionate and the breathing a little heavier. We readjust the blanket so my legs slowly slide apart. His hand doesn’t go up my thigh, but he keeps teasing me with his caress. I SO want him to finger me, but he won’t do it.

His kissing stops and he looks into my eyes…No…He looks into my lustful heart, locks onto my eyes, stares, saying nothing, just stares and cracks that dreamy smile. We both want more and don’t know if we should risk a trip to the washroom in back of the plane. My nervousness is mostly subsided because I still don’t know if this is a dream or reality.

We kiss some more and wraps his hand around my waist, pulling me close to his body. The heat and tingle of my inside is screaming for him to touch me. His hand gently glides up my leg and he deftly moves around my panties and stimulates my clit. OMG. This is SO WRONG! Why does it feel SO good? I haven’t had and orgasm in over 3 years! I am about to climax and he stops…I grab his hand and whisper in his ear, “Start what you finished, buster.” He does some double finger stimulation and somehow manages to roll one finger around my clit while pressing on my G spot with another. I shudder, moan softly and have the longest, deepest orgasm of my life. I fear the noises I am making will wake the other passengers or alert the flight attendant. I can’t control myself. The fantasy is real! I am totally into this guy and the feelings he has awakened inside of my heart and my body.

OMG…it rolls into a second orgasm and I want to grab his cock and have him slam it inside of my body. The craving is uncontrollable. As I roll down from the 2nd orgasm, I reach for his package and he holds my hand, kisses my ear and whispers, “This is only for you.” I think to myself, “Well, THAT is for me, too!” and move my hand to his pants. He resists and holds onto my hand, preventing me from unzipping his pants. I read his body language, stop my advance to his love stick and enjoy the afterglow of my double orgasm. His firm strong arm still gently lying across my body, light as a feather, but strong enough to hurl an anvil.

What have I done? Why don’t I feel guilty? Is this a dream or did it really happen? I don’t have feelings of confusion, just curiosity and warmth. The warmth of a chance encounter with a guy who has the body of a Chippendale dancer and a George Clooney smile and charm….Wow.

A few minutes later, I enter that realm of sleep/awake where you don’t know what is real or what isn’t. Did I have a wet dream? Did we actually do it? Did I join the mile high club? My blanket is still on me, I am definitely wet. I turn my head to look at this man and he is asleep…fast asleep. Oh…must have been a dream.

After I relax, adjust myself and start to pick up a magazine, I steal another glance at him and see that half-crooked smile appear across his lips…hmmm.

Chris Steponin

How to Make My Wife Scream


Making your wife scream comes in two flavors; ecstasy or anger. The gradual climb from pre-orgasm to orgasm or the “I can’t believe you (fill in the blank)”.

Let’s focus on the former.

Many women are often soft and subtle about their vocalization of sex. Maybe you have a moaner or a woman who enjoys sex, but doesn’t shout, scream, or dig her nails into your back. She’s happy, content and even sexually satisfied.

Every once in a while, you just want a freak in bed.

The overall foundation for hitting this level of sex is going to be communication. You must let her KNOW that you love her, respect her and worship her. Failure to let her know this by word, deed, and feelings is a non-starter. A safe and secure household makes all the difference. Be sure to instill that secure feeling daily.

You are not complaining, mind you. You just crave the variety and excitement that you used to have. Below are 3 strategies to rekindle your passion, fill her with unbridled lust, and buying a set of ear plugs for the kids.

1. Set a good example. 90% of porn shows the WOMAN being vocal and writhing in ecstasy as the man proudly satisfies her. The next time you are making love, work on a simultaneous orgasm. Reading her body and her ascension to climax you should be able to work up enough pace, penetration or fantasy to climax at the same time. When you do this, give her a Tarzan yell or scream. By sharing your euphoria vocally, you let her know how good a job SHE did in driving you wild. By doing this during a simultaneous orgasm, your chances of getting her to scream increase.

2. Get her to reveal her deepest, naughtiest fantasy. You may need a bottle of wine or a night with the Chipendales to pull this out of her, but don’t worry, she’s going home with you. The more you can get her to open up her mind, the better chances you have of opening up her vocal chords. Fulfill her fantasy whatever it is. (Unless farm animals are involved) If it involves Bruce from the last bachelorette party, buy her a private dance and get over it. People can visualize fantasies and create physical and chemical reactions in their bodies that are IDENTICAL to the reaction they would have with the real thing. (Example: crying at a movie or reliving a past event)

3. Ask her to scream. Duh. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Let her know that one of YOUR fantasies and/or desires is for your sex lives to be so uncontrollable that she screams bloody murder as you pump her like there is no tomorrow. Simply letting her know what turns you on, may be enough for her to try this “new” thing! As always, variety is the spice of life, so keep being creative.

For more ideas on creating a sexually-charged relationship, visit today!

How To Make Your Wife a Slut


Schrreeeech! Hold on…Before you start thinking we are talking about passing your wife around at the next bachelor party, let’s get the facts straight.

There are 2 different “sluts”. The first one is the kind of girl that is a sex maniac and sleeps around with almost anyone. The second is the girl who is horny, ready, sensual and oh…did I say HORNY? Right. The difference is the second girl is selective. She may be a smokin’ hot vixen, but doesn’t sleep around. She has found the ONE GUY that she wants and worships and has no desire to go elsewhere. How to make your wife a slut means she will be YOUR SLUT and only for you to enjoy.

This article is going to focus on the second girl (Don’t worry too much if you are into the cuckold fetish of watching your wife bang other men. We’ll address your perverted fantasy another time)

The idea of a woman/wife who has a sex drive that is equal or HIGHER than yours is pretty appealing-right? Imagine if your girl really worshiped you. What would it be like if she couldn’t WAIT to attack you when you got home? What would it feel like if she woke up next to you in the morning, completely horny and said, “I have to have you…now.” Wouldn’t that change your outlook for the day? If you really want to make your wife a slut, you want her to do more than just TALK like that. You’ll probably want her to follow up with some steamy action, too. That is the tricky part.

Read on…

I am going to give you a step by step process for making YOUR wife a sex-crazed slut in the next 10 days. This process may have a few detours and depending on your woman’s background, personal history and  circumstances, you may see her change over in a few days or as long as a few months. Don’t stress about it. The journey to making your wife a slut is nearly as much fun as arriving there!

Creating a wife that worships you, adores you, fantasizes about you and wants to have sex with you in a variety of ways every day is the ultimate goal. You are going to unlock her fetishes, desires, and creativity and you will be increasing your creativity with new positions, toys, places, and ideas on a daily basis. Your sex life will be AMAZING. Her orgasms are going to double and your two will be laughing and playing on a consistent basis. Let’s get started!

Day 1 (Ongoing):
Change Your Attitude. There is virtually NO way to change ‘ol Ms. Frosty into a sex machine without changing YOURSELF first. Women aren’t wired like us, so you’ll have to put down sports illustrated and read a few pages of Cosmopolitan.

Put her on a pedestal. Start doing things that you might have done when you dated. Send her flowers, leave her a love note, call her for no reason, give her a sincere compliment, surprise her with a gift, tell one of her friends how great your wife is, do the dishes, take the kids on a field trip and give her a day of “do nothing”, send her to the spa, give her a foot massage, do the laundry, etc. You get the idea. Start taking ACTION and SPEAKING to her like she is a princess. Nothing will smooth over the “slut training” better than her knowledge that she is adored and respected by you. Being a slut commonly denotes a LACK of respect, so you must let her know how much you respect her now, otherwise, transforming her into a part-time slut will be demeaning.

Do one or any combination of the above mentioned actions on a daily basis. There is no end to this attitude and responsibility. If you want more and naughtier sex, get in the habit of treating her like a princess in public.

Day 2-4 (ongoing):
Communicate like a lady. Unfortunately, when men talk, they seem to go for “solution-mode” rather quickly. “Bob, let me tell you how Stacy messed up at work today.” Your response, “Why don’t you just tell her to stop doing that?”

Wrong answer, Bob.

Your job is not to give her a solution. Your job isn’t to respond AT ALL! Your mission is to listen, shut up, nod your head, and be empathetic. THAT is what women do and THAT is what will increase her trust, connection and security in you.  Without that secure feeling, it is difficult for her to trust you when you ask her to put the blindfold on next Friday! You want a smokin’ hot MILF, right? You are NOT going to get that without changing your tune a bit, Buster!

The first two steps are really like greasing the wheels, priming the pump, or preparing the field for play. Without this preparation, the remaining steps may get you the OPPOSITE reaction that you want.

Day 5-7:
Now that she sees that you listen, you can STRATEGICALLY direct future conversations towards the “slut training” that you desire.  IMMEDIATELY after draw her a bubble bath and give her a foot massage with the candles around the tub, bring out the razor and softly suggest if you can give her a trim (If she still has pubic hair). Her reaction will be one of three responses:

  1. No way! I don’t want you and a sharp object near me.
  2. Hmmm…I don’t know. That makes me kind of nervous. Why do you want to do that?
  3. Wow…I didn’t know it bothered you.
  4. Hmmm…sounds delightful.

Response to Answer  1.
If she is dead set against it, brush it off and say, “I was only joking. What I meant was can I pamper you some more? I have an idea…”

Response to Answer 2.
If she is hesitant and/or curious, simply say, “As you probably know, I’ve been really working hard at becoming closer to you. My love for you is boundless and I want to show you more every day that you mean more to me than anything. “(SAY THIS SHIT! Do not filter it. She may laugh, she may not believe you, but deep inside it makes any woman melt with euphoria) Continue by concluding, “I happened to have read in Cosmo that most women feel cleaner, sexier and their orgasms are MUCH more powerful.”

If she is already shaved or wax, SLOWLY introduce something else such as a toy, DVD porn, or slightly kinky idea at the PEAK of her relaxation with you. Naked, calm and sexy is the mood she MUST be in at the time of introducing your 1st step to “slutdom”.

Day 7-9:
After you have introduced a Brazilian wax job, dildo, or porn into her life, and she learns to appreciate it, you have accomplished 70% of the battle. The remaining 30% may be more difficult at first, but infinitely more exciting.

Tease her to please her. Most men are aroused in a matter of seconds. Most women take longer. The more you date her, romance her and treat her with respect, the more OPEN she will be to the very naughty thoughts that are in your brain! You need to double, triple or quadruple your foreplay time. Even though you and her may be ready for intercourse, the foreplay should turn into role play.

Don’t say a word about this. Simply go down on her for 15 minutes, make out for an extended period of time or if you can’t restrain yourself, during intercourse simply stop…slide down and start giving her cunnilingus. The more you EXTEND foreplay and MAKE HER ANXIOUS the more she will want you and desire you.

These two feelings of being completely open to you and a strong sexual desire are again; key moments to introduce your next perverted thought. At the peak of her excitement, blurt out some naughty sex talk. “You are so hot…I want to fuck you hard.” Or “OMG, you drive me insane…you are a very bad girl and need to be spanked.” You get the idea. The purpose is to say something OUT OF CHARACTER for you.  If you already talk like this, take it up a notch. Don’t DO what you are saying. Speak it and feel her body reaction (or listen to her reaction). The more in-tune you are with her body language, the easier this becomes.

Day 9-10:
Give her a mind-blowing orgasm. If she traditionally comes only once, afterwards cuddle with her and let her know how special she is. In the aftermath of delight, let her know your fantasy. Tell her that you adore her, but one of your fantasies is for her ON OCASSION, to be slutty. Let her know that yes, you love her and ONLY her, but its every guys fantasy to have a nympho in the bedroom and even if she role plays it for you on occasion, you would be eternally grateful.

I have known the most conservative, uptight moms who turn into complete whores in the bedroom. This doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen because you are some gigolo porn star. It happens because you have tapped into a woman’s’ core issues:

  1. Security. Make her feel secure in herself, her body and in your life.
  2. Trust. Let her know that you would never try anything she didn’t want to.
  3. Communication. It becomes free and non-judgmental to discuss ANY fantasy.

That is the short version on making your wife a slut. It can take a few days, a week or a few months, but the journey can be fun, sexy and challenging. Enjoy the ride. For more ideas, strategies, and tricks on getting more sex in your life, click on today!

Sex in Unusual Places!


After a few years you may run out of positions to try…sure you’ve found your top 2-3 favorite ones…the ones that are a 100% sure fire hit and get you and your spouse to share in the euphoria.

But what about WHERE you have sex? After you’ve “broken in” the rooms in the house, done it in the car or on the back patio, where can you go to add some spice and ‘ZIP’ in the relationship? Below are a few ideas I gleaned from my personal experience as well as a few other people. (I can’t and WON’T claim having sex in church or near the dumpster…yuk!)

You’ll never run out of places or WAYS to spice up your sex life! We are not talking porn here, just some edgy stuff to give your relationship some new life and vitality. If you don’t keep doing NEW things, someone is likely to get bored and have an affair and/or get divorced. Your sex life and your marriage may be at stake!

Send me YOUR entry as to the most UNUSUAL place you’ve had sex and win a copy of my book-FREE! Send me an email to or simply post your story or place in the comments section below.

  • In a public Jacuzzi with others around.
  • In my ex wife’s parent’s basement while they were home!
  • In a public park pavilion in daylight.
  • In the elevator at a 25 story hotel (quickie)
  • In the alley next to a dumpster (empty thank God) behind a nightclub.
  • On a trampoline in a college gymnasium.
  • On a picnic table outside of an icehouse. People were cheering us on.
  • In most of my friends bathrooms during parties.
  • In the front seat during road trips (in mustangs, very hard to do).
  • In my ex-boyfriend’s parents bed with my husband.
  • In a Christmas display in the middle of the shopping mall.
  • In the back bed of a ford f350 while being driven down the road.
  • In a confessional and behind the altar.
  • At an amusement park haunted house with people walking through.
  • At a baseball stadium pitcher’s mound (with the pitcher of course!).
  • In a jump tower on a military training field.
  • At the zoo in front of the monkey cage (after hours).
  • In a dentist chair (I worked in a dental office).
  • On the 50 yard line at Raven Stadium at night.
  • At an ice hockey arena change room in between games.
  • At an elementary school in an empty class room.
  • On top of a school building during a football game.
  • In the ladies room at a law office during business hours.
  • In a room full of guests (my girlfriend sitting on my lap and nobody was the wiser).
  • In the bathroom stall at parking garage.
  • In a park in the bushes next to a playground.
  • Under the Rheine main bridge downtown Mannheim.
  • On the roof of a high rise after a thunderstorm.
  • In a church up by the organ late on a Sunday night.
  • On a massage table one hour before the spa opened.
  • In the darkroom at a photography lab.
  • On the EXACT beach where they filmed “From Here to Eternity” in Hawaii.

Try something new and send an email to and let me know what new and unusual place you’ve had sex. Winner of the most UNUSUAL place will get a copy of my free book. Any other stories are welcome…all names changed or hidden to protect the guilty!

For more ideas, tips, strategies and ways to spice up your sex life, have a SMOKIN’hot wife visit today!

Sex, Lies & Videotape


My wife is NOT an exhibitionist. This is a wee bit of an obstacle because having her get a little crazy and dirty dancing in public is a bit of a turn on for me. If you are a fan of my blog and/or book, you know that her transformation from frumpy housewife to smokin’ hot MILF was HUGE!

Sex, lies and videotape was a movie starring a young James Spader and I thought it was a decent film. What my  wife and I do has NOTHING to do with that film, but the essence of role playing, videotaping your wife and getting creative is what this article is about.

We are able to turn on the passion at the drop of a hat and have the intimacy and passionate sex that is normally reserved for the movies. This kind of passion is normally reserved for newlyweds, NOT for a couple celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.

Getting her to dirty dance at night clubs happens every so often. But if we aren’t in the mood to go out or if we are traveling and there are no “anonymous” places we can go (Not being known helps her to get out of her shell) then we sometimes get a little crazy with the camera.

Now, let’s be clear, we don’t do amateur porn or anything. But, once we start to role play a little bit, our imaginations run wild and after a half hour of having her talk in a eastern European accent and slowly fidgeting with her blouse, I get a little hot and bothered. Setting up the video camera and getting her to really heat things up can be SO seductive!

The first time we did this, honestly, I knew she wouldn’t go for the camera thing. I decided it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission, so I hid it behind some books on the table and let it run. I asked her if “Natasha” was available (This is one of our fantasy Eastern European Courtesan characters she likes to bring to our bedroom) and she said, “Da.”

Once Natasha explained how horny she was, I purposely kept the air conditioning off so she could perspire a little bit. The more Natasha breathlessly whispered how hot she was and how turned on she was, I politely asked her to unbutton her blouse and I would get her an ice tea. Actually I brought her a Long Island ice tea and as she became tipsy, her accent slipped a bit, but her sexual arousal did not.

The entire evening lasted about an hour and the videotape lasted only 45 minutes. This wasn’t a bad thing, because the shot was wide angle and I couldn’t see the soft, moist skin of my wife very well, anyway.

After I confessed that I had taped our interview and seduction, my wife laughed and said, “Natasha doesn’t care, only I do.” So, whenever I want to videotape my wife dancing, stripping, or simply record that sexy accent during a seduction scene, I only have to ask for one of our imaginary friends to accomodate us. This not only turns me on to NO END, but it allows for some serious fantasy-time with other women. And yes, I reciprocate with my wife. I have only 2 or 3 accents that I do decent enough to let her fantasies run wild, but that is MORE than enough to keep our marriage fresh, our love alive and our sexual excitement at its peak.

For more ideas, strategies and tips to make your wife hot and your marriage hotter, visit

Porno: Chicken Soup for the Lustful Marriage


I remember the first time my wife and I watched porno together…yeah…it was a riot! We couldn’t help but laugh at the incredibly complex dialogue in the film. “Do me…yeah..harder” We didn’t expect Oscar material, of course. However, we did expect some kind of foreplay/build up that would make the actual scenes somewhat interesting….HA!

It is interesting to note that the advent of the Internet and amateur porn has done a real service to adding the spice to relationships. Initially, we saw amateur porn as a dilution and slippery slope (pardon the pun) towards lower quality visual stimulation. We took a break for a few years and didn’t watch much at all. The stuff that was out there was simply more of the same…oooh….ahhhh…yeah…..just not very creative or interesting. We focused on some very high level psychological triggers and endorphin rushes that gave both our orgasms HUGE increases in power that I clearly describe in my book.

Last night we were surfing some sites together and found a few stimulating and interesting sites that caused our hearts to flutter and our libidos to be aroused.

Security camera footage.

Now, I know that many of these “scenes” were probably set ups, but the really interesting ones may have been actual security cameras that actually caught co-workers on tape…what a hoot! These scenes gave us just the right mix of laughter and voyeurism that made us excited and curious to see if they were going to get caught. You see. the excitement of getting caught can heighten sexual stimulation.

Perhaps you remember what it was like to mess around in High School downstairs while your parents were upstairs. Or remember the time you were at the drive-in theatre and a light flashed in your car? Any situation that involves a bit of danger naturally hightens our defensive response of fight of flight. This added amount of adrenaline obviously can make sex VERY satisfying and more thrilling than your run of the mill missionary bedroom flavor encounter.

So next time you need some extra juice to put in your MILF’s love tank, get out a porno movie, or google sites that have sexy hidden camera moments…it may give you a rush or at least give you some education on where to look for cameras, before you bend your wife over in the copier room.

For more ideas on making your marriage extra exciting, creating a smokin’ hot sex-machine for a wife, visit  Your sex life is about to go into overdrive.

The Low Down on Going Down


Nearly every guy believes he is a master at oral sex…that’s OK. I do too. The difference is, I have dozens (not hundreds, I mean there are diseases out there, fellas!) of testimonials from women whose future sex lives I have personally ruined. According to them, I was the most artistic cunning linguist of their lives (unless their new guy is reading this!) I don’t say this to boast, hell, I don’t care what you think about me! My mission in life is to leave it a better place then when I found it. You being a master at going down on your lady is my small contribution. Let me begin with the foundation for mind-blowing oral sex.

You have to enjoy it.

You see, if you are merely doing a “task” to get her off, you will be an average lover. Simply applying the techniques below is not enough to make her your sex slave for life. Believe me, if you do put your heart, soul (and yes, your tongue) into this, you have a chance of giving her multiple orgasms and become the Chinese lick master of the world. If you are one of those people who think that it is just disgusting and try to refrain from it, take a step back and relax. If your woman smells funny, try it again immediately after a shower. Keep in mind, if a woman climaxes well via oral sex, she may be unable to have an orgasm during routine sex. Some women cannot climax without receiving oral sex. There are strategies and techniques for getting her off either way (see book). If that is a challenge for you, get over it. If your lady loves oral sex, give it to her and if she does not, then discover the reason behind it.

1. She might have had a bad experience.

2. She might feel uncomfortable about her body.

3. If she doesn’t want it, then don’t force it on her.

4. Some men think that giving oral sex is disgusting, but love to receive it. That’s not fair you idiot, if you like your partner to perform oral sex, then you need to do the same for her, ENTHUSIASTICALLY.

Secrets of Mind Blowing Oral Sex
Begin teasing her before going down on her. Run your fingers on her thighs and kiss her on her belly button and belly and then from there just dig into her vagina. Brush your tongue against the labia, and create more lubrication before the show begins.
Enjoy and have fun and let her know that you are having a great time, as women love it when they feel that their men are just loving their bodies. I always moan a bit and when I am coming up for air, I give her compliments about her pussy.
Don’t rush yourself. Try to spend plenty of time in pussy-ville. Enjoy everything and explore her vagina like an adventurer. Hurrying to achieve a climax is a sure way to avoid one. Many women who are rushed or too anxious to climax don’t do so.
Tickle her clitoris with your tongue. Start licking it slowly and then start doing it in a fast rhythm. Because some women love to get their clitoris stimulated and even achieve orgasm while their clitoris is being stimulated. Stop treating it like a fence to be painted. Think about Chinese characters and calligraphy. Paint the alphabet slowly and creatively.
Massage her outer lips. While you are sucking and licking her clitoris, massage her lips. Pull them away and bring them close together. This will drive her totally insane.
Use your fingers. Use your fingers to penetrate her while you are licking her clitoris. She will love this. Chances are before long you will feel her tremble with pure delight. Also, you can rub her clitoris while you eat her. You can also try using a toy while you are eating. The three of you will all benefit.
Put a pillow under her ass. This will give you more room for your dinning pleasure. You will be able to focus more on how to please her if you have more access to her. This Kama Sutra position will also allow deeper penetration of your fingers or toy.
Massage her nipples. Most women love it when they nipples are rubbed during sex acts. I had one girlfriend who insisted on biting her nipples (impossible during cunnilingus, but you get the idea). Keep in mind that variety is the key.
Stop midway through intercourse to eat her. This will catch her by surprise. Get her all worked up by pounding the hell out of her. Just when she least expects it, jump down and start licking her beaver. She will go crazy when you do this.
Take a mint first. This will set her wild. Put a menthol cough drop in your mouth and go down there. After you are done, share it and have her go down on you while she sucks on the cough drop.
Two Step. Put your mouth on her clitoris and suck while your tongue is in motion. This two-step move of sucking and licking should be reserved for the pre-orgasm. It works nearly all the time.
Hum a little tune. While you are sucking, hum a little. Some women really like this. Vary the intensity, volume, and rhythm of your humming.
Encourage a Brazilian wax. Nothing beats eating a fur-burger EXCEPT a fully waxed and clean pussy. Not only will you appreciate avoiding nature’s dental floss. But most women report better and more satisfying sex when their pussy’s are waxed or at least shaved.

Do Not…
– Smell. Don’t tell her that she stinks or ask if she showered today. Take a shower together and start the action while you are in the shower.
– Don’t insist on performing oral sex. If she isn’t feeling so fresh, she is dropping you a hint. If you insist too much, you might get a face full of blood if she is on her period.
– No bartering. Don’t tell her that since you went down on her, she should go down on you.
-No past comparisons. She isn’t your ex, so don’t compare her to her. Keep in mind that the foundation for good oral sex is enthusiasm, communication and patience. I have other articles on multiple orgasm techniques, creating better sex no matter how long you’ve been together or married, and how to make your wife hot.

Make the experience one that you will BOTH enjoy! Click on the personal shaver image below and trim up for the Holidays! ENJOY!

Role Play = Great Foreplay


After many years of marriage, many people slip into a dull, unfulfilled, and routine marriage. If you or your wife is shy, this “role play” idea will take some getting used to. If you are completely clueless, watch the opening scenes from “4 Christmases” with Vince Vaughn. He and his girlfriend (Reese Witherspoon) do an excellent “role play” where she gets picked up at the bar from a “stranger” (her boyfriend of many years). Even though they haven’t been married, because both sets of parents are divorced, they know that they have to keep things fresh to keep their love alive!

Even if you are not an actor, it pays to role play every once in a while. Who knows? You may actually get into it. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, after all. You are already married! She’s seen you scratch yourself and fart at the dinner table, what could be worse? Are you dressing up like a cowboy, ready to herd some cattle? Hardly.

Before you go crazy, it may be best to start with something innocent, light-hearted and easy.  After you experiment with some cute and silly things, I recommend upgrading to having a full blown affair…with your wife! There is nothing as exciting as having sex with a forbidden lover. Sure, you can start with the blindfold and the costumes. Here are a few ideas for beginners:

  • Pretend you are teenagers and your parents are about to come home…quickie time!
  • Imagine you are the pool boy and speak no English. Have you wife SLOWLY seduce you
  • Become the opposite of your personality (Bad boys be nice!)
  • Have you wife play hard to get at the bar. For added thrills, have her toss a drink in your face
  • Pretend you are a judge at a beauty contest and you need to speak to her alone…
  • Let her be the boss at your “job”. Have her forcibly have sex with you in your home office
  • Be a service technician and surprise her in the shower (no plumber’s crack please)
  • Have her be a stripper for you. Offer her some $$$ for extras and make sure she refuses for a while
  • Let her be a foreign exchange student asking for directions
  • (Here’s a classic) Be her gynecologist and tell her you are retiring today!
  • Get in a huge fight over nothing. Threaten to leave her, reconcile and have great make up sex

You get the idea. It may be too much for some folks to wear costumes right away. However, taking on simple personalities or persona’s can be fun, embarrassing (who cares?) and definitely titillating once you get the hang of it. The more punch you can put into your roles, the more exciting it will be for the two of you.

“Yeah, right!” You might say, “Maybe YOUR wife can be easily pursaded to dress up like a school girl or playboy bunny, but my wife would laugh first or worse, ignore such a ridiculous suggestion.” Well chump, I am here to tell you that MY wife was one of the most conservative and shy women you will ever meet years ago. Her transformation to a sexually charged borderline nympho took time, patience a huge amount of influence and persuasion.

Most men attack the sex topic like a warrior. This is NOT the time to use your masculine tendencies. When working on influencing and persuading your wife to open up, experiment and “try” new things, your guiding force will be your confidence, playfulness, charm and psychological superiority.

That’s right…psychological superiority. I am not talking about hypnosis or any of that garbage. However, anticipating reactions and moving in advance of her predictable response is child’s play once you know the rules and how to bend them. One of the most POWERFUL books you can read on persuasion when it comes to women and sex is “How to Be an Expert Persuader.”

I highly recommend it. Click Here!

Don’t forget to ratchet up the game with some infidelity with a stranger, lover, or foreign dignitary. (No celebrities or co-workers, please) If you can re-create the thrill of an affair you will guarantee “off the chart” sex that you can dial up as easy as a call girl!

For great ideas on getting you and you wife to have BETTER sex, connection and intimacy than ever before, visit Your fantasies CAN become realities. It takes patience, consistency and a dash of creativity, but you CAN HAVE IT ALL! get a copy of this book and increase your wife’s sex drive naturally and consistently. You’ve tried everything else, now it is time to be the prince charming she desires and get her to be the vixen you crave.covered02