Naughty Neighbors


It was like a “fake” story out of penthouse forum.

There I was, at a backyard barbecue with my hot wife and our neighbors. One of the neighbors (we’ll call her Tammy) was happy…very happy.

The steaks came off the grill perfectly and the beer had been flowing for a good 2 hours. The fact that my wife was wearing a short skirt and a bikini top didn’t go unnoticed by me, my buddies and their wives. Normal people would probably feel awkward having the hottest wife in the neighborhood. It can make teenage boys uncomfortable and their fathers blush. A normal neighbor’s wife might even be jealous and look down upon my hottie.

Not Tammy.

Tammy looks at my wife the same way I do.

With utter lust and desire.

This would be a good time to lay the “rules” out for you, dear reader. There are 2-3 neighborhood wives whom my wife has playfully and artfully converted…to be naughty.

Tammy had a great week. The meal was complete and she had an urge to show my wife her new pillowtop mattress.


They left the party and went inside. The minutes passed. My imagination ran wild. I couldn’t help myself. I simply HAD to peek.

Under the premise of clearing the dishes, I went inside the house and peeked inside Tammy’s master bedroom. The girls were nowhere in sight. Only the soft giggles of the master bathroom gave away their location…and their activity.

Why is the image of two smokin’ hot women kissing appealing to over 92% of men? (anecdotal survey)

I surmise that the image of two women kissing is 100% non-threatening to men.

Men who aren’t gay don’t get turned on by a penis. Nor are they impressed by a man who is better endowed than they are. So, when two women are playing there is zero chance that a man can feel threatened. The image of a woman pleasuring herself is hot. The image of a woman having sex with a man is pretty hot. The image of two curvy, soft women kissing and gently fondling each other…smokin’

So, next time your hot neighbor giggles or is a bit flirtatious with your wife, don’t feel threatened and certainly don’t pour cold water on that energy. Toss gasoline on that fire and encourage non-threatening sexual freedom. The fantasy you create could be your own.

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Cunnilingus Conference Call


What? Doug, are you hosting a conference call on creating mind-blowing cunnilingus?

Ummm…no. You can find over 25 headboard-breaking, sex-slave techniques in my other blog posts. THIS post is about making YOUR next business conference call interesting…much more interesting. Let me share with you a true story (they always say, that but this one really is…I swear)

I had a conference call yesterday that was supposed to last 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately, with 5 people on it (2 of them real talkers) it went over…way over. This call was pushing over an hour and I was bored after the first 10 minutes. Fortunately, my wife was in the next room on HER conference call for her business. We were working out of our home this day and she was chatting up a storm about her health and nutrition business. She was vibrating at a MUCH higher level than me. I was falling asleep. Then I had an idea…

Due to the benefit of cellular technology, I continued my call and walked over to her room. With ear bud in, I slowly caressed her neck and moved her aside just a bit, so I could look into her eyes. As she was talking and not breaking stride in her conversation, I moved her to the bed and slid off her shorts. For the first time, I could sense a difference in her conversation. What was once a smooth, confident business woman, teaching her callers about the benefits of nature’s probiotics, now was becoming a slightly off-centered, stammering novice. I was going to enjoy this.

I got on my knees and started to kiss and lick her inner thigh.

“Um…and one of the best…uh methods of ingesting…um,” she stammered.

My tongue went to the Y.

Her pitch increased to where I thought she was going to sing to her callers.

“I have a BROCHURE  (squeek) that I will send…you…uh…EEK!” she was about to climax.

I stopped right before her climax. Not because I wanted to ruin her call, mind you. I was about to engage in a tried and true multiple orgasm technique that would send her rolling into convulsions. (search this blog for the details on this technique to create multiple orgasms 100% of the time with your gal) Interestingly, she did not push me away or try to end my advances or the call. She was going to do what women do best…multi-task.

I started to send her into rolling orgasms and she deftly asked one of the callers an open-ended question so she could listen instead of talk. She started moaning and screaming! I was enjoying this immensely as I was wondering how she was going to explain her elation to the callers.

My wife is pretty smooth, of course…she KNEW she was about to go into her multiple orgasms and put her phone on mute.

About 3 minutes later, she had to answer a question and came back on to answer it. She was a little out of breath, however, as she answered the question and continued the call. She later told me one of the callers asked if she was OK, because she was out of breath…she ignored the question and moved on.

It was a very erotic experience because it was akin to having sex in public, only they didn’t know it.

If you are wondering about my call, don’t. I said about 5 words over the course of an hour and a half and had my call on mute 95% of the time. I turned one of the most boring calls of my life into a sexual memory I will have forever.

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Take Your Wife to a Strip Club


Are you serious?

Absolutely. You see, for the conventional man, a trip to a gentlemen’s club is an escape from his humdrum love life at home. For the empowered man who is training his wife to also be his girlfriend, a trip to the strip is a great catalyst for so many things. For instance.

The pure sexuality of a strip club is impossible to ignore. The first trip may be a bit awkward, but after a few drinks, she’ll be fine. Just don’t pour too many down her, otherwise, she may leap on stage and pretend it’s amateur night!

The safety of taking your wife there is irrefutable. When you go alone, she has NO idea what happens there. So long as you go to a reputable establishment, now that she knows that it is harmless fun, when you do go again, there will be no question in her mind as to what you REALLY do there.

When you go with your wife or partner, the dancers will tend to focus on HER rather than you. This, of course, is a good thing!

There are really no downsides to this trip. You’ll either get her to enjoy it or at least alleviate any fears she has about when you do partake in the sport.

Of course, if you are a high-level member of our site, you may be using these excursions to open up your mate to a bi-curious tryst. Bi-sexual porno is OK, but they are usually pretty raw. A trip to a strip club is usually a great first step in opening up your wife to a threesome. (see our other posts on this topic)

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My Wife, a Stripper Pole & Naughty Neighbors


Alcohol and sex don’t necessarily mix!

Sure, a few drinks can loosen up the tightest of individuals (or legs) but too much alcohol can also impede a man’s ability to perform or worse, make you ugly. But sometimes a few drinks can simply make you goofy.

My wife and I certainly are not alcoholics (Is that denial too strong?) but we enjoy a nice glass of wine every once in a while. If the party and at mood is right, we might enjoy an extra glass or two! Woo hoo!

If you get moody or angry when you drink, reduce or eliminate alcohol from you diet. If you get silly or happy, bring a designated driver to document your foolishness.

Last week we attended a going away party for our neighbors we have known for over 13 years. We don’t see them every week, but when we DO get together, we always have a blast. Probably because we connect on so many levels. We share the same political views, our kids attend the same schools and both our wives are bi-curious.


Yup. Now, this common thread can be very dangerous with the wrong couples. There must be rules, boundries and months of discussion before “swinger-ville” can be introduced into a relationship. Without proper communication, this lifestyle can easily ruin the best marriage in the world.

Which is why we never, ever, ever thought we’d play with each other’s wives. It was discussed years ago and we agreed being neighbors made it a bit too creepy for our tastes. Plenty of open marriages or relationships have close friends in that world, we chose not to. It is a choice, not a judgement.

So, when they told us they were moving and we had a going away party, the thought of a “last hurrah” play night popped into both our wives heads. Josh and myself agreed early on that we didn’t want to have sex with each other’s wives out of respect for the boundries we had established as friends. The girls had also agreed to that and we had nearly 13 years of a traditional friendship.

Now that they were leaving, the girls had planned a surprise for us….a big one.

After dinner was over and all the other neighbors and guests had left, we were cleaning up in the kitchen and the girls excused themselves, giggled and left the kitchen for Josh and I. Yeah…we were clueless.

About 15 minutes later we retired into the living room to discover some dance music going, a portable pole erected in the middle of the room and two incredibly hot strippers were dancing together, fondling and kissing each other….our wives.

This lasted for a good 40 minutes until they couldn’t take the foreplay anymore. My wife’s bottoms came off and before I knew it, I had the lesbian show of the century in the living room of my neighbor. Excellent!

I will give you the intimate details in next week’s post….for now, use your imagination and take a look at my book, and start to train your wife to be naughty like mine.

Viagra + Caffeine = Soreness


I am approaching 50 and have become a bit uneasy about those Viagra ads. It’s not that I have a performance issue, mind you. For some reason, it feels as though my libido is INCREASING as I age…maybe its because I have a hot wife….

Nonetheless, she thought it would be fun to try this enhancement to see if the 4 hour “call a doctor” routine would have any merit. Boy was she in for it! I acquired a few of those magic blue pills and we agreed to try one out the last night of an upcoming conference we were attending.

I am a highly sexual man and average about 4-5 erections throughout the day. I don’t need any help in that area. She was curious what the blue pill would do for a guy who didn’t need it. We agreed that on the last night of the conference, I’d pop a pill and she would see if there was any difference in the festivities.

On the last day of the conference and after the workshop was over we ended up entertaining some new clients for dinner and drinks. We had a rousing good time…too good. By the time we got back to our hotel room, we both had about 2 drinks too many and it was fast approaching midnight. It would have been Sooooo easy to simply call it a night and look forward to her daily dose of morning wood!

But a promise is a promise.

I was admittedly a bit tipsy and was concerned that the increase in alcohol would negate any effects of the Viagra. I took two pills to be sure. The alcohol must have been stronger than I thought because I also thought it would be good insurance to put a little caffeine in my system to keep me awake. I took a natural energy pill from GNC that is laced with caffeine. After 20 minutes or so, I began to perk up…in about 30 minutes, my cock had increased in girth and size by at least 10%. Moreover, I was energized and horny.

My wife is no slouch in the bedroom…we routinely go for 1.5 to 3 hours at a time to experiment with different positions, lotions, pace, frequency and movements. Tonight was jack rabbit night.

After the first 2 hours she demanded a break and I wouldn’t give it to her.

After the next hour and a half, she ran to the bathroom to give her a chance to breathe and I chased her out.

By 4 AM we had passed the “if an erection lasts over 4 hours consult your doctor” moment.

I wasn’t sleepy, tired or even sore. I was ready to give her an all-nighter…so I did.

Needless to say, we were both a bit sore in the morning (woke up around 9) and unfortunately for her, the Viagra had not worn off. We engaged in our lovely morning session with a slower pace and a deeper understanding of the saying, “Don’t do drugs.”

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Letter From an Escort


My wife has been DYING to contribute to this blog. I have repeatedly told her that it is designed for men about men’s issues, she recently insisted to the point where I had to yield. (No we never withhold sex to get what we want…but there was some serious teasing to influence me!)

Many times we read erotic stories in order to live in a fantasy state. Imagine what YOUR life will be like when your 1 or 2 dimensional fantasies become 3 dimensional experiences you can order up like a Big Mac! Below is a brief example of what happened to me the other afternoon. For more steamy stories, strategies to get MORE sex and turn your wife into your passionate lover, visit Make Your Wife Hot. For now, Enjoy…

You must know first that in spite of our two to three hour love session that started downstairs and worked it’s way through our beautiful home back downstairs again, the foreplay started at eleven o’clock that day.  I would love to tell you how a met this beautiful woman with seductive curves and silky red hair and we had an afternoon delight, but I will share with you another time how that other afternoon went.

I told you it would take a lifetime to know everything you’ll ever want to know about me.  I missed you terribly while you were on your last trip. I wanted you to have a unique experience coming home as always. I love creating experiences for us that are intimate in many ways, sometimes a bit playful and even edgy.

Eva’s Wig Shop opened at eleven that day, and I headed down there. I was thinking that this would be fun to be a different shade for you. Before I left the house, I started feeling very giddy and even a bit naughty about this.  I had never been to Eva’s before and thought I’d start my fantasy early without you present. As I was about to leave, I changed into a sexy, kind of slutty looking dress. I threw on a sexy push-up bra and my 6 inch stilettos. I then grabbed my large black Chanel sunglasses and my leopard skin handbag.

Today I put the top down on the Mercedes and cranked up some sexy dance tunes. The wind was blowing my long, wavy, brown hair, and I was feeling naughty. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my even fuller double D breasts and hiked up my skirt even more to let the sun hit them and warm up my inner thighs. I pulled up and parked. As my long, sexy legs stepped out of the car, I was already getting whistles. I thought ,”Wait til they see the hot blond that’s getting in the car in a bit.” I always heard that blonds had more fun. Today I would find out.

I stepped into Eva’s and a young twenty something year old asked how she could help me. I told her that I needed a full sexy blond wig. She asked my name as she was assisting me and out came, “Natasha.” And with this sexy accent.  She said, “ I have the perfect one for you.”  As she put on the first wig, my fantasy was growing inside my mind. She tried on another one and as she laid the first one on the counter, flashbacks of the movie Pretty Woman came in my head.

She asked, “Special occasion?” I smiled with a smirk and replied, “ My special friend likes blonds.” I was feeling so naughty at the fantasy of being a very bad girl now. I could feel my lips swelling between my thighs. “ This was so fun for me and a now I was dreaming of her secretly having an attraction to me. As she brushed my new silky blond hair, I watched her in the mirror envisioning standing at home with the two of us girls in nothing but g-strings, heels and our wigs preparing to play.

As I went to pay, I realized that I gave a fictitious name and couldn’t use my credit card. She asked, “Cash or Credit?” I looked at her intently as I replied back, “Cash of course.” And handed her three crisp hundred dollar bills.  I was feeling wild and horny and could not wait to get home.

I realized that I had spent way too long in the shop and you were possibly already home and I was right. I decided to keep the fantasy going and when I stepped inside and you were there waiting and of course our fantasy continued.

When you looked into my eyes, you were surprised but then you smiled in delight knowing what was yet to come. Your faithfulness to our rules was incredibly sexy and made me wet. You willingness to be totally obedient to accepting the love gift of this beautiful Natasha was what put me over the edge.  I knew this was going to be an amazing afternoon.  I could feel at times that you knew, because our bodies do move like a symphony. As I would mix things up fantasizing that you were my “special client”, I would become even more turned on.

As our hot love making and bunny pounding afternoon continued, I had a really hot moment near the end, after “Natasha” left.

I loved continuing our play and kissing you.  I loved how startled you got for a moment when I kissed you and pulled back and told you I could smell her wet pussy on your lips. I asked you if you loved fucking her as much as me and how next time I want you to video tape it for me and we can watch it when we fuck.  I loved how your cock grew even more as I ordered you to make sure you do that.

I must tell you, sweetheart, that I am madly in love with you and you make me so hot, baby.  Maybe next time you can play with Briana, the red-head, that I send for you or maybe next time I’ll bring back that sexy little twenty something year old from Eva’s and you can eat her delicious little pussy while I brush her long silky hair.

Love always, Your Lovely Bride

“Always on our honeymoon..”

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Fantasy Night is EVERY night!


My wife called me yesterday. She said she would be working late and not coming home until after 9 PM. I was disappointed for a moment, but learned to take these setbacks as opportunities to create some bonus time for me…work or play? Decisions, decisions…

I decided to surprise her with some pampering when she came home. I thought that I would be the one to spoil her after a hard day at work. I became excited about the sexual rewards we would both share after I treated her to some delicious appetizers, a sponge bath and foot massage. The atmosphere would be perfect. I had it all planned out. I would have a good 2 hours to plan and prepare this surprise for her. She would be putty in my hands.

The surprise was all on me.

About 2 hours BEFORE she said she was going to be home, her car pulled in the driveway. Wait a minute! What happened? I wasn’t ready!!! I looked at the car and saw a BLONDE woman driving her car! (My wife’s a brunette) Did she loan her car to a friend? I didn’t know what to think…

Before my mind could reconcile the disconnect between the mystery driver and her car, this absolute bombshell walked into our home with a short skirt, heels and a European accent, she said, “My name is Natasha…your wife sent me.”

My jaw hit the floor and I didn’t know what to do. Double whammy. Before I realized what was happening, this Russian concubine was in my lap and whispering into my ear, “You wife should be here in 2 hours…what should we do in the meantime?”

I said I was 100% loyal and that NOTHING inappropriate would be happening even though the stirring in my pants said otherwise. She slowly gyrated her pelvis in my lap and unzipped her dress. What a dress! The zipper started in the front and wound around to her side in a sexy spiral.

I couldn’t move.

Her breasts were full, round and her nipples protruded like bullets. Her mouth grazed my lips and I was fully hard and unable to stop her advances. She unzipped my pants and those soft full lips moved down from my belly to my cock. I was nervous, excited and physically unable to move away or push her off. It was electric.

After she sucked me fully, I grabbed her soft round bottom and pulled her onto the sofa.

Her moans told me the next hour was going to be unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her lovemaking was strangely familiar to what I was used to. Her demeanor, hair and accent completely foreign. My excitement of this “mail order” affair was like nothing I had ever experienced. She wanted me and my wife had allegedly ordered this concubine.

Did she?


How did I know? After about 45 minutes of slow, passionate sex, that blonde wig came off and the accent dissolved away to reveal my sexy bride who turned the tables on me. Of course I knew it was her the moment she came in the room, but the fantasy was complete and I had a guiltless affair. My bride had given ME the surprise of my life!

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More Sex From Your Wife…in VEGAS!


Boys, there is one unmistakable truth in love, relationships and getting the little woman to open up…Vegas!

When you bombard the senses with hot, sexy women 24/7 it is impossible to stay sheltered, reserved or pious for very long. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is good, rotten, mediocre or great. A trip out of your environment and into “Sin City” causes nearly anyone to loosen up, feel good, and sensual.

Tips for the adventurous lover:

1. Be sure to get a nice room when you are here. Don’t skimp and get a $44 room at the budget hotel. Gamble a little less and invest some cash in your room. After all, if you want to have a sexual weekend with your wife in Vegas (or anywhere) she’ll be turned on more by satin sheets than orange shag carpeting and furniture from 1978.

2. Avoid the all you can eat buffets. The food is lousy and your body slows down to digest when it needs that energy for going out, dancing and late nights in your room.

3. See any Cirque du Solei show you can. Of course, if you can get tickets for Zumanity, that is one of your best options. This is the sexy, sensual circus of the contortionists! Sure there are a few acrobatic feats, but the humor, sexy moves and Cirque experience is one of a kind.

4. Alcohol. As you may know, if you gamble, you can get cheap drinks for free. Stay easy on the booze not only because it will impair your judgment, but it can lessen sexual performance as well. One exception would be if you are using this trip to loosen up your partner for some attempts at truly living out one of your fantasies.

5. Attitude & dress. This is a chance for your spouse to dress as sexy as she can. Some soccer moms are reluctant to dress sexy when they are going to Walgreens. In Vegas, there is nothing that is “over the top” so she can be as comfortable in jeans and a t shirt as she would be in that slinky short skirt that resembles the t shirt!

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Seduction Stories


I am no William Hurt, but my wife is definitely as hot as than Kathleen Turner and yesterday, I unknowingly recreated a famous scene from “Body Heat” in my own house! I don’t know how else to convince you, other than to say it again. You are an idiot if you don’t incorporate TIMING into your seduction. It isn’t as simple as coming on too strong or too weak (or both). It is a combination of mood, timing, and patience. The art of seduction, foreplay and teasing is timeless.  Watch the 30 second clip and let me explain a seduction story that happened yesterday…

As guys, we all know about “morning time”… our hormone levels are increased, there is noticeable bulge in the sheets and an incessant urge to pee. Managing our lust and our desire to relieve ourselves is a never-ending battle of “do I pee or should I try to slip Mr. Happy into his favorite spot?”  Yesterday, I opted for plan B and I rate the sex at about a B or B-. Now, I don’t blame her for not being 100%, I was still a little groggy and hadn’t worked out yet, so my own flexibility wasn’t up to par. (Then again, there is not much wrong with mediocre sex…still beats a good day at work!)

As it was a Sunday, we slept in after we were done with sex, got some chores got done, church was attended, and homework was started. The little woman, however, broke routine and had an afternoon shower. The feeling of being clean always tends to make her feel sexy. I was downstairs when I received my first dirty text, “I wish you were in the shower with me,” it read. “Hire 2 Asian courtesans to give you a sponge bath,” was my reply… and our light dirty text exchange that afternoon (yes…even in the same house, we still text really filthy stuff to each other) raised her hormone level and I found myself giving her foreplay without even being in the room. After her shower she came downstairs into my office, closed my door and locked it. (Hmm, I wonder what she wanted?) She sauntered over to my desk and in the most subtle, sweet and innocent manner, she whispered into my ear, “I wanna fuck you.”

Now, Sundays have always been kind of special at the Steponin’s. It is a day of rest, recuperation from the week and everyone has a chance to sleep in. By 2 PM, I was busy writing another article and wasn’t in the mood. As a guy, this normally doesn’t matter, because like you, I can get in the mood about as quickly as congress can pass a spending bill. I was in the writing zone, however, and truthfully, I was on a roll and wanted to finish my article. I didn’t want to break my concentration, so I did what most men wouldn’t do.

I refused her advances.

The difference was, I didn’t refuse and simply send her on her way. I knew she needed a few more orgasms. She is very hot so I elected to help out the best way I know how when I am not around. I simply told her, “Go upstairs, get out your favorite toy and break out the video camera. I want to watch you later.” She giggled and said, “Use my toy? Ok, but your son has the camera and I don’t want to mix up the tapes right now.”

Good idea.

Interestingly, after about 15 minutes, I was done with my article and decided to surprise my wife. I quietly slipped upstairs and tried to open the bedroom door. It was locked of course, so I did something dramatic, blazingly sexy and created a ultra passionate act that cost me around $34.

In one forceful push, I burst into my own bedroom, broke the trim on the door and rushed her. It wasn’t luck that she was about 3 minutes away from an orgasm. I can read her energy even from downstairs. She was hot, horny and didn’t care if I was around or not. She wanted it and my sincere refusal made her want sex even more. Her decision to take care of herself was sealed the second I refused to have sex with her.

My plan to surprise her was spontaneous, violent and passionate.

When I burst into the room, (resembling the scene in Body Heat with Kathleen Turner & William Hurt) breaking the trim and grabbed her legs, she was totally prepared to be banged to the brink of suffering, I knew that the foreplay was complete. She was TOTALLY shocked and instantly came when I entered her.  After the initial shock of breaking our own bedroom door, forcing myself upon her, and her orgasm had subsided, it was time to change pace. We opted for a few Kama Sutra positions that allowed for deep penetration. One of my favorites is having her lie on the back of the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. I grab her ass, lift it up about 15 degrees above the bed with her legs over my shoulders. This allows for an extra inch of penetration (feels like 2). Hitting her cervix with rapid pumps, her mind reeled and her eyes rolled back as she started up the ladder of her second orgasm.

I love Sundays…


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Sex, Lies & Videotape


My wife is NOT an exhibitionist. This is a wee bit of an obstacle because having her get a little crazy and dirty dancing in public is a bit of a turn on for me. If you are a fan of my blog and/or book, you know that her transformation from frumpy housewife to smokin’ hot MILF was HUGE!

Sex, lies and videotape was a movie starring a young James Spader and I thought it was a decent film. What my  wife and I do has NOTHING to do with that film, but the essence of role playing, videotaping your wife and getting creative is what this article is about.

We are able to turn on the passion at the drop of a hat and have the intimacy and passionate sex that is normally reserved for the movies. This kind of passion is normally reserved for newlyweds, NOT for a couple celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.

Getting her to dirty dance at night clubs happens every so often. But if we aren’t in the mood to go out or if we are traveling and there are no “anonymous” places we can go (Not being known helps her to get out of her shell) then we sometimes get a little crazy with the camera.

Now, let’s be clear, we don’t do amateur porn or anything. But, once we start to role play a little bit, our imaginations run wild and after a half hour of having her talk in a eastern European accent and slowly fidgeting with her blouse, I get a little hot and bothered. Setting up the video camera and getting her to really heat things up can be SO seductive!

The first time we did this, honestly, I knew she wouldn’t go for the camera thing. I decided it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission, so I hid it behind some books on the table and let it run. I asked her if “Natasha” was available (This is one of our fantasy Eastern European Courtesan characters she likes to bring to our bedroom) and she said, “Da.”

Once Natasha explained how horny she was, I purposely kept the air conditioning off so she could perspire a little bit. The more Natasha breathlessly whispered how hot she was and how turned on she was, I politely asked her to unbutton her blouse and I would get her an ice tea. Actually I brought her a Long Island ice tea and as she became tipsy, her accent slipped a bit, but her sexual arousal did not.

The entire evening lasted about an hour and the videotape lasted only 45 minutes. This wasn’t a bad thing, because the shot was wide angle and I couldn’t see the soft, moist skin of my wife very well, anyway.

After I confessed that I had taped our interview and seduction, my wife laughed and said, “Natasha doesn’t care, only I do.” So, whenever I want to videotape my wife dancing, stripping, or simply record that sexy accent during a seduction scene, I only have to ask for one of our imaginary friends to accomodate us. This not only turns me on to NO END, but it allows for some serious fantasy-time with other women. And yes, I reciprocate with my wife. I have only 2 or 3 accents that I do decent enough to let her fantasies run wild, but that is MORE than enough to keep our marriage fresh, our love alive and our sexual excitement at its peak.

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