Back Door Basics


Well, this is an R rated blog…we don’t show genitals and we don’t talk about, educate or endorse anything that is illegal or unsanitary (Who are these people who like golden showers, anyway?)

So, I am treading lightly when I chat about anal sex.

Done improperly, it is unsanitary, painful and not very pretty. If done with thought, care and proper hygiene, it can be exceptionally erotic and stimulating for both parties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Discuss openly with your partner. When you chat about sodomy, you may chat about it in the bedroom or at the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter most of the time, because you are going to talk about it days or even weeks before you do it. If the discussion does progress to a “Let’s try this NOW” type of talk, have a condom ready. (If you are in the kitchen cellophane wrap works, but is a bitch to get off later)

2. When you decide to explore the back door, bring plenty of lubrication and use it generously. My wife and I have used a 1/4 bottle once just to make our bodies a flowing copulation of energy. (translation: we slid around like seals)

3. Be sure she has, um…relieved herself recently. Unless you are planning on using this act as an enema service, its easier to have the tunnel clear of obstructions.

4. Use a condom. They call it waste for a reason. I am not a scientist, but I imagine the bacteria and icky stuff back there does not belong inside your urethra. If you don’t use a condom, be sure to orgasm fully and withdraw immediately after. Have a warm wash cloth with SOAP nearby. That will give her something to do other than bask in a glow of ecstasy.

5. Go sloooooooowly. Nothing will deter her from future exploration like a jack hammer thrust to the rear. The slower and gentler you are, the more she can relax and enjoy your domination.

Domination…that is one of the psychological triggers this sex act engages. When a woman is secure with her man, she actually desires to be dominated by him. The key word is secure. So be strong, gentle and above all else, respectful. No means no and slow means slow.


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The Eroticism of Kissing


When was the last time you kissed your wife….really kissed her?

Kissing is very intimate and french kissing, according to my 5th grade health teacher, is the most intimate act you do. Two people who are physically entering each other somehow has more intimacy points that anal sex….go figure.

The bottom line, however, is that kissing is very intimate and the muscles in your lips and tongue are exercised more often than any other. A former lover described kissing as a combination of eating and talking…you were communicating while satisfying an urge. Not bad.

When you kiss your spouse tonight, take a break from your old routine. Pause. Hold her face. Go super slow and match her breathing.

The more variety and tenderness you put into your kissing the more wet she will get.

Foreplay. It’s a lost art.


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Make Your Wife HOT


It’s not just the URL of this site, its a mantra that all men strive for.


It is more than simply our primal need to procreate. When people “pair up” (hopefully for life) the bonds we create are necessary institutions for marriage, family and social order. ¬†What does this have to do with being hot?


When we separate our intellect from our imprinted DNA, we realize that the propagation of our species is determined by reproduction. Without reproducing, we don’t survive as a species. Sex is more than making babies, of course, but that is what it was designed for. When both you AND your wife are physically fit, energetic and…hot, your sexual desire increases. Not only does this make for a more enjoyable relationship, but it makes for better offspring.

Your kids are a product of your DNA and your environment. A healthy relationship with your wife gives your kids a chance at the same. With a stable and interesting marriage, you are laying the ground work for generations of stable marriages and a social framework than can go on indefinitely.

Yeah, nobody wants to have sex with a frumpy person (male or female) but don’t dismiss the societal benefits of making your wife a hottie. Not only is the sex better, but your great grandchildren will thank you.

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Fantasy Night


Oh sure, you’ve THOUGHT about putting on the policeman uniform, but have you seriously considereed integrating your fantasies with reality?

Role play is more than costumes and toys. It involves getting into “character” and creating the suspension of disbelief that will occur in the first few moments.

If you don’t get into the TRUE spirit of role play, you will be doing more harm than good. The reason sincerity is important is because we all have fantasies. It gives us a rush and the more forbidden, the better. Your spouse has them also. Be sure to cater to her needs when you go down this path. You may have to cajole it our of her, but asking at least shows you are interested.

Be playful, be spontaneous and be consistent. You don’t have to win an Oscar to make this work, but you should abide by a few simple rules when creating fantasies for your spouse. Follow these and your role play will actually work.

1. Use lighting, costumes, characters and accents consistently.

2. Always be sincere. If you are a policeman, don’t change to being a clown.

3. Create a profile on who you are. As you talk, mention to her your 4 yrs. as a fighter pilot.

4. Give her a role, too. If you are thorough, give her a profile, mission brief and a new name.

5. Location is important. If you can get out of your house, that adds to the reality.

6. Virtual three-somes. If your spouse isn’t into this, bring your third girl to bed, close your eyes and ask your lady to do both roles. (advanced stuff, but good)

7. Laugh at your mistakes, but the longer you do your play, the more real it becomes. Enjoy.

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This is what she wantsYeah, you’ve used the excuse of burning calories as a way to add an extra sex session with your mate. It may have been funny the first time and it may actually work. But do you love your body?

Can you look at your body and honestly say, “I’d go for that if I were a woman?”

Don’t simply use sex as an excuse to burn off 120 calories (average), use high-caloric burn to increase your stamina and increase the length of your sexual sessions.

The average couple has sex for 13 minutes. Yes…I know…you go for 2 hours all the time, but when you average your quickies, your “just-wanna-get-off” sessions in with your marathons, the AVERAGE time a couple has sex is under 15 minutes. Even if you are at the top of the scale and average 1/2 hour a session, your caloric burn is not going to make a significant difference in attaining those six-pack abs and ripped frame.

Unless you go the extra mile.

Study fitness experts. Many of them use accelerators or pre-workout supplements to increase thier caloric burn and cardio workout when they exercise. By using the RIGHT supplement before and after any workout, you can increase the effectiveness of that workout by 30% or more. Now that 120 caloric burn in the sack can really be upwards of 156 calories. Push yourself to the top of the curve and go for 45-60 minutes every other day and we are now talking significant calorie burn while you are having sex!

The side benefit of pre-workout supplements is that you will create a spiral effect by making the sex better, you can last longer and you both will look better.

Unusual Sex Positions: Creative Orgasms


Variety is the spice of life.

Dont’ get this wrong! So many men associate a different WOMAN with variety. While this may work, it also works for environment, outfits, wigs, accents and yes…even positions.

Many people realize a specific position and/or sequence to make their partner orgasm. Hey, if it ain’t broken there is nothing to fix-right?


You see, as much as we all need certainty in our life, we also crave surprises. Certainty is important in our jobs, our income and even our expectations on a vacation. This desire for certainty is clearly portrayed in our desire (especially as children) to view the same show or movie over and over again.

What does this have to do with orgasms?


You see, once you are CERTAIN how to make your wife orgasm, you tend to not deviate from it for fear of lowering your status as the stud that you are. However, when you discover and improve a NEW technique or position, you open up an entirely new level of romance and discovery.

Try a new position every week. If you are ambitious, try a new one every night. There are an infinite number of variations on where a leg here or a pillow there can not only hit a new spot, but actually make your penetration deeper and more satisfying.

So go ahead, hike those legs up, put a pillow under her ass, grab those legs like a wheelbarrow and speak in a foreign accent. The variety you both seek is all around you!

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Here are 26 positions to get you started. I bet you’ve only refined less than 6 of them, so get busy!

Bi-Curious Women


No…this isn’t for you, Fred…well…I mean it IS for you, but not you.

My wife was raised in a strict Catholic household. She was raised by a nice family and was a virgin when she got married. So how did she become bi-curious and eventually full-on bi-sexual?

I have no idea.

But, when we looked back on her sexual journey, we did discover a few things that may be helpful to the man/husband who would like his wife to become a little naughtier and possibly explore a tryst with a woman.

1. Start with reading and exploring feminine/masculine roles in history. The more we read about sexuality and anthropology, the more we discovered that bi-curious females are more popular and accepted by many societies.

2. Start slow…watching a full, bi-sexual porn movie isn’t a good place to start. Try going to a nice gentleman’s club or reading a beautiful erotic novel together.

3. Openly discuss your needs and curiosities. Everyone has fantasies and many people are embarrassed to talk about them. Start off by sharing your desires WITHOUT calling attention to any lack in your relationship.

Once you start the discussions and research, keep the dialogue open, but if she becomes uncomfortable, back off and re-direct. Don’t discuss your desire for a three-some right away…that can only happen after you warm her up to the idea of her and another woman in an intimate setting.

Talk first. Be open.

Doug Steponin

Be a Cunning Linguist


Ok, so you know what that REALLY means, of course. Men fall into one of three categories. You either:

1. Enjoy, relish and absolutely get off on going down on a woman.

2. Do it as a courtesy and you neither dislike or like it.

3. It grosses you out.

If you really, really enjoy cunnilingus, then you know what you are doing. You treat the activity as art. You paint the alphabet with your tongue and understand the nuances of the clitoris and surrounding nerve centers. Your woman is pleasured and you routinely bring her to orgasm at will.

Congratulations! You are a cunning linguist. This double meaning actually holds true. A linguist is a person who speaks multiple languages and the language of love is perhaps the most complicated of all. By understanding, communicating and directing the pleasure centers of a woman, you are communicating at a very high level. It’s not just sex…you are communicating with her non-verbally.

If you are in categories #2 or #3, you should read my other blog post on the topic. The article gives you specific physical and emotional tactics to bring you into category #1.

Seriously, gentlemen…don’t treat this activity as a chore. If you are a category #2 or #3 man, take a moment and look at things from her perspective. Remove any bad memories or less than satisfying experiences of the past and pretend you are the best lick master in the world. Role play it out and see what happens. Who knows? You may learn to lick it…uh…I mean Like it!

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Afternoon Delight


Studies have shown that over 90% of people have sex in the evening as a matter of habit.

Men’s testosterone levels are naturally higher in the morning (See my post on “morning wood”).

It is a scientific fact that most women are tired after a full day of working, shopping, cleaning, helping kids with homework, etc.

Is it any wonder, your evening sex can be brief, uninspired or non-existent?

A few days ago, my wife and I took a few hours off of work and simply went up stairs, closed the door and pretended we were on vacation. The old 70’s song, “Afternoon Delight” wasn’t playing in our heads, but the energy, peace and quiet certainly made for some new sparks and fun times.

If you want to make your wife hot, you must continually “work” (actually play) at changing things up and creating new and interesting romance, excitement and passion. This can come in the form of costumes, toys, games, etc., but don’t overlook something simple like a new location or a different time of day.

As a bonus, after we made love that afternoon, we both dozed off and caught a much needed nap. Which naturally gave us more energy to enjoy the kids, have a nice meal and, of course, a 2nd helping of our afternoon sex.

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The 3 Day Orgasm: Beyond Sex Positions


"Oh my god...again?"

I don’t consider myself a manipulator.

When I write these posts, however, it sure comes off that way. Tonight is no different. Up until this past Saturday it had been over a week since my wife and I had sex. For some, that’s standard. For us, we were STARVING.

It was this deliberate avoidance of intimacy that not only created a physical build up in both our bodies, but also created an added benefit rarely talked about…

How to make the most of really good sex after it is over!

You see, sometimes I simply need a release. Other times, I feel like Michelangelo working on the Sistine chapel. I will literally lie on my back and not let her off until she’s orgasmed 4, 5 or more times. Her quivering legs make her unable to even walk on occasion and that certainly makes me feel like a good lover.

When the party’s over, what’s next?

In my case, I don’t ever and I mean EVER ask her, “Was that good for you?” What a stupid, weak and ridiculous question. Moreover, I don’t go out of my way to make pamper her or make her feel special for a day or two after our marathon sex sessions. You see, after a long evening like that, she is still on cloud nine. Physically, she’s beat. Emotionally, she’s giddy. In the nicest way I can say it, she’ll do just about anything I want.

I don’t abuse this privilege, of course. For a day or two following a marathon sex-session she will be extra attentive. Here it is, Tuesday and she is coming into my office with dinner and a night cap. Normally, my wife is busy with the kids or catching up on her reading. In between dinner and bedtime we have kid time, some chores, but we also have alone time to catch up on ourselves.

For the past two days, she has been staring at me, fawning over me and basically asking me what else I need. It might not qualify for a true 3 day orgasm, but the benefits of her attention are unmistakable and tangible.

Be her knight in shining armor. Treat her with respect. But when you rock her world, be sure to use the afterglow of sex for a day or two. You might even get away with leaving your underwear on the floor.

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