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Connect with Her Emotionally=MORE SEX!


OK guys, we’ve all heard that women need to feel loved in order to HAVE sex and men have sex in order to feel loved. Sounds trite, right?


Most women are wired this way. There is a clear, one-way path to getting sex and LOTS OF IT!

You have to make your wife feel special, loved, admired, respected, adored, and secure. You don’t have to do all of these all of the time (That would seem psychotic!). However, you have to patiently create these feelings in her BEFORE you can expect her to have sex with you! To begin with, you may have to simply connect with her on some superficial, simple things. For example:

Go shopping together. This can be for groceries, curtains, clothes, or any personal items. If you go clothes shopping, be sure to give her some VERY adoring, jaw-dropping moments as she models for you.

Express an interest in what SHE is into. If she is into a hobby, craft, or volunteer program, ask her about it. You don’t have to take up needle point, just talk about what she is into. Show sincere interest.

Let her talk. More importantly, when you let her talk, don’t try to solve any issue she brings up! Women simply need to talk and be heard. Even if they ask what do you think, resist the temptation to give a “solution.” Rather, you should empathize and state how you understand.

Give her specific compliments. Broad flattery is useless. Specific compliments on her hair, eyes, or how well she pulled off something at her job is going to give you loads of credit in the “He cares” bank account.

Only AFTER you have deposited enough into this “He cares” bank account, can you expect to make any withdrawls. Be sure to not brazenly ask for this…keep depositing your emotional support until your account is overflowing and she feels a strong compulsion to give you what you need. Remember, she needs love in order to have sex. So give her all the emotional love, support, adoration, affection, and patience in the world. Once you accomplish that, you will be able to have sex more often…then you will feel loved!

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