Fantasy Night


Oh sure, you’ve THOUGHT about putting on the policeman uniform, but have you seriously considereed integrating your fantasies with reality?

Role play is more than costumes and toys. It involves getting into “character” and creating the suspension of disbelief that will occur in the first few moments.

If you don’t get into the TRUE spirit of role play, you will be doing more harm than good. The reason sincerity is important is because we all have fantasies. It gives us a rush and the more forbidden, the better. Your spouse has them also. Be sure to cater to her needs when you go down this path. You may have to cajole it our of her, but asking at least shows you are interested.

Be playful, be spontaneous and be consistent. You don’t have to win an Oscar to make this work, but you should abide by a few simple rules when creating fantasies for your spouse. Follow these and your role play will actually work.

1. Use lighting, costumes, characters and accents consistently.

2. Always be sincere. If you are a policeman, don’t change to being a clown.

3. Create a profile on who you are. As you talk, mention to her your 4 yrs. as a fighter pilot.

4. Give her a role, too. If you are thorough, give her a profile, mission brief and a new name.

5. Location is important. If you can get out of your house, that adds to the reality.

6. Virtual three-somes. If your spouse isn’t into this, bring your third girl to bed, close your eyes and ask your lady to do both roles. (advanced stuff, but good)

7. Laugh at your mistakes, but the longer you do your play, the more real it becomes. Enjoy.

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