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How Do I Have a Quickie?


How do I have a quickie?

Why do I WANT a quickie?

A quickie doesn’t hit the same pleasure centers of our brain as soft lights, quiet music and slow seduction. Those environmental triggers cause our romantic qualities to surface. A quickie is designed to attack our base desire to have sex…fast, dangerous and utterly animalistic. A quickie is designed to create an atmosphere of “I have to have you now, I don’t care that we haven’t finished dinner” attitude. This absolute hunger for raw sex is what makes a quickie attractive and effective, but only if you’re doing it right.

Just because the act of sex is quick, doesn’t mean there is no foreplay. Most women (and a few men) need a warm up before going to bat. Foreplay for a quickie is a matter of suggestion, plenty of eye contact and innuendoes of lust and sex. If you want to make her groan and moan as if you’d already spent hours warming her up be sure to follow 3 simple rules:

1. Communication: Women are verbal—sometimes communication can be just as good as foreplay. So whisper in her ear about how hot she looked at the restaurant this evening; how you could barely keep your hands to yourself; how her breasts are perfect and how you can’t wait to feel her, etcetera. Make sure your non-verbal communication is in concert with the words you use and the attitude you bring. Don’t be a leering deviant. Think James Bond. Hold your gaze on her longer than usual.

2. Lubrication: A woman can be turned on and emotionally ready for sex and not have the preparation down south. Be sure to pack a water-based lubricant that washes off easily and doesn’t degrade latex condoms. Having lubricant should be as common as condoms or breath mints. There are obviously convenient carry-on sizes for air travel (A favorite quickie location!) For extra fun, try the new Sex Toy Fun flavored lubricants. With over 57 flavors (No they don’t have ketchup) you’ll be sure to find a few that are pleasing to the palette.

3. Location: If you’re having standing sex, consider the stairwell. Elevators are perfect and depending on your height, a well placed set of books can match things up. If there are no elevated accessories available, holding your lady up and having her wrap her legs around you work well. Depending on your voyeuristic tendencies, you may put a tissue over the security camera or just be sure the quickie is very quick. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about a quickie is location. When you “have to have her” and she obliges, nothing puts a damper on the moment like not having a place to copulate. Being fast is more important than being creative. Locking office doors, pulling the car off the road, or finding seclude sections of a library are all possible…as long as you are respectful when it comes to noise levels.

Enjoy your life, my friend. It is short and your sex life will be shorter, so make the most of it while you can. For more ideas about making your wife hot, creating a sexually-charged relationship, click on http://www.makeyourwifehot.com today.

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