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How to Make a Woman Feel Sexy


How do you make a woman feel sexyHow do you make a woman FEEL sexy? Well, buster you DON’T do it by telling her lies (Or the whole truth for that matter) and you don’t do it by simply giving her an afternoon at the spa (Although that is a GREAT start!)

If you want more sex (And who doesn’t) your mission is to think like a woman and be consistent in your thoughts, actions and feelings. Sometimes that can be difficult when you kids’ mom is acting matronly or is all frumpy and in the “Mom Zone”. Marriages often drift apart because a couple transforms from dating, to marriage to parents…I love kids, but they do change the environment quite a bit! Here are some GREAT tips on making your woman feel sexy. Follow these words carefully, because most of the tips come from women themselves!

“When a man stares at me with total fixation, lust in his eyes and passion in his heart, I feel wanted and sexy.”   -Mary C. Chicago, IL

“I feel very sexy after a great hair stylist gives me a cut, shampoo and style. When I come home and my husband sees the new me, we almost always have great sex that night.”  -Christine A. Trenton, NJ

“I feel sexy in heels and a nightie.”   -Gloria W. Denver CO

“My woman looks extra sexy when she walks confidently and flips her hair back with her hand. It really turns me on.”  -George H. Reno NV

“Little black dress, 2 martinis, and a killer smile.” -Jesse A. Boulder CO

“When my boyfriend goes off about how attractive he thinks I am when I am wearing my favorite underwear.” -Felicia D. New York, NY

“Big boobs, 23 inch waist, great legs and a tight ass with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude”  -Bob C. Columbus, OH

“Thong panties and push up bra under my clothes. Even if no one else sees them it makes me feel confident and sexy.”  -Grace M. Cincinnati, OH

“Snugging into my size 2 jeans, putting on alluring make up, and heels. Of course, having guys notice that look is the icing on the cake” -Jennifer M. Phoenix, AZ

“Having my hair done up. Stylish clothes, sunglasses and a clean car driving around feeling cute.”  -Stacy T. Dallas, TX

“How a man undress me with his bed room eyes.”  -Sue R. Los Angeles, CA

You see, fellas, making your woman FEEL sexy is half the battle to getting more sex for your relationship. Dressing her up, taking her out, and letting her know that she is the world to you is what gives her the confidence to do it over and over again. Words are nice. In fact, the words you use and how often you use them are important. But over 85% of what we learn and what we respond to is non-verbal communication. Keep the attitude up, let her know she is gorgeous and treat her like a princess in public and she’ll become a whore in the bedroom.

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