Marriage Matters 101


The institution of marriage is under attack.

Increase in divorce, depression and the loosening of standards of gay marriage, open marriage and civil unions is blurring the lines between social mores and cultural development. What does it all mean?

The history of marriage has been used to combine lands of lords, continue blood lines and create families. For thousands of years, marriage was based on the logical needs of landlords and families for stability and fortune.

It is only in recent decades that love has been introduced as a foundation of marriage. As Tina Turner aptly quipps, “What’s love got to do with it?”

When you selected your mate, was it based on her ability to raise a family, bring a stable foundation to your life or was it because she made you hot?

I am interested in hearing your opinions on why YOU got married…think back to your thought process and send me your age, first name and a brief story of how you ended up in this institution we call marriage!

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