Multiple Orgasms That Work…Even When They Don’t


Sounds like double talk-right? Well, we are talking about WOMEN, after all! (Easy ladies, we are going to focus on your orgasms, so a little good natured ribbing is OK, right?….uh…I mean, please) This entry in my blog comes after decades of research, many different girlfriends, and of course, one hot wife! Women can be categorized in one of 3 areas. 1) Have had multiple orgasms and know exactly how their body works 2) Have orgasms on a regular basis but only one per session or 3) have never had an orgasm or it is so infrequent, the last one was during the Carter administration.

There are some fundamental physiological, chemical, and mental exercises to help your woman achieve multiple orgasms. To begin with, sex is 90% mental. You can have the most beautiful body in the world, but if there is no “chemistry” or connection beyond a person’s good looks, anyone’s orgasms may be there, but will not be as strong as two people who are in love, have GREAT chemistry, are relaxed and COMPLETELY understand each others bodies. Be sure to read my eBook on making your wife hot, for details. This book will reveal to you the extremely STRONG mental blocks women have and how you can remove them to give her “off the chart sex” and a hunger for more of it…much more.

A woman’s mind must be ready for sex, of course. For a multiple orgasm, she must be more than ready; she must NOT care about it! That would just make her more tense. (Told you they were complex creatures!) You see, if you promise her you can pull it off, her anticipation may be so tremendous, that she actually blocks her body from receiving it. It is similar to someone who knows THEY can shoot 3 under par and telling their buddy to just do it like me and you can shoot like Tiger Woods also. Sounds simple, but it isn’t.

You may tease her with the anticipation of a multiple, but don’t ever promise to deliver. The reason is we are ALL responsible for our own orgasms. We are more connected to our minds and bodies than anyone. Only you can control your own thoughts and actions, which in turn can control your body’s chemical releases.

Mental. Do everything in your power to help your wife relax and be totally into sex. Be sure that you have removed all distractions, set a romantic mood, and fully funded your kid’s college education. This will definitely set her mind at ease so she can concentrate on her clitoris. The more you can do with regards to non-physical foreplay, the better. Don’t overlook her mental state. It is her foundation for love you will go nowhere without doing a first class job, here.

Physical. See if you can get your wife to get a full Brazilian wax job (unless she already has one). Many women have stated that once their box is totally smooth their pleasure doubles or triples! (You never cared to munch on the fur-burger anyway!) Which brings us to the actual technique…you guessed it…Rock Star Cunnilingus!!!!

Technique. The clitoris is where 87% of all women experience their greatest pleasure and sure-fire orgasms. Your technique at painting this spot with your tongue will prove to be your greatest asset. Forget what you see on your favorite porn/whack DVD. That is just a movie, after all. Your job, Felix, is NOT to treat her kitty like a fence to be painted, but rather a piece of fine Japanese tapestry. Use your tongue and mouth like a calligrapher writing his memoirs. Take your time, find her spot and MATCH her energy. When she moans, you moan too. If there is minimal reaction, try humming, a Hall’s Mentho-lyptus, or a mini-vibrator on your tongue (Yes, they actually have these!). As you sense her excitement peaking, the fun begins.

Take her to the “edge of the cliff” of ecstasy but DO NOT FINISH HER OFF! Yes, she will beg and yes, she may be angry. Take her to the edge but don’t stop your artistry…just change your pattern, frequency or area. Then, within a few seconds start over again.

This technique of “almost bringing her to orgasm” seems counter productive, but it works on several levels.

  1. Her pre-orgasm pleasure can be repeated over and over again! Yipee!
  2. Her body gets used to the roller coaster, ebb and flow of pre-orgasm. This will condition her for having multiple orgasms in the future.

Once you have mastered this roller coaster, you may need to repeat it for a few days, weeks or months, continually conditioning her body for the ebb and flow of pre-orgasm. After an appropriate amount of time, she may be ready to use the same rhythm to achieve an orgasm, go right back into pre-orgasm and repeat the process. YAHOO!!! You are now a certified sex slave and as long as she doesn’t tell her friends, you will be safe from becoming a male gigolo.

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