Naughty Neighbors


It was like a “fake” story out of penthouse forum.

There I was, at a backyard barbecue with my hot wife and our neighbors. One of the neighbors (we’ll call her Tammy) was happy…very happy.

The steaks came off the grill perfectly and the beer had been flowing for a good 2 hours. The fact that my wife was wearing a short skirt and a bikini top didn’t go unnoticed by me, my buddies and their wives. Normal people would probably feel awkward having the hottest wife in the neighborhood. It can make teenage boys uncomfortable and their fathers blush. A normal neighbor’s wife might even be jealous and look down upon my hottie.

Not Tammy.

Tammy looks at my wife the same way I do.

With utter lust and desire.

This would be a good time to lay the “rules” out for you, dear reader. There are 2-3 neighborhood wives whom my wife has playfully and artfully converted…to be naughty.

Tammy had a great week. The meal was complete and she had an urge to show my wife her new pillowtop mattress.


They left the party and went inside. The minutes passed. My imagination ran wild. I couldn’t help myself. I simply HAD to peek.

Under the premise of clearing the dishes, I went inside the house and peeked inside Tammy’s master bedroom. The girls were nowhere in sight. Only the soft giggles of the master bathroom gave away their location…and their activity.

Why is the image of two smokin’ hot women kissing appealing to over 92% of men? (anecdotal survey)

I surmise that the image of two women kissing is 100% non-threatening to men.

Men who aren’t gay don’t get turned on by a penis. Nor are they impressed by a man who is better endowed than they are. So, when two women are playing there is zero chance that a man can feel threatened. The image of a woman pleasuring herself is hot. The image of a woman having sex with a man is pretty hot. The image of two curvy, soft women kissing and gently fondling each other…smokin’

So, next time your hot neighbor giggles or is a bit flirtatious with your wife, don’t feel threatened and certainly don’t pour cold water on that energy. Toss gasoline on that fire and encourage non-threatening sexual freedom. The fantasy you create could be your own.

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