This is what she wantsYeah, you’ve used the excuse of burning calories as a way to add an extra sex session with your mate. It may have been funny the first time and it may actually work. But do you love your body?

Can you look at your body and honestly say, “I’d go for that if I were a woman?”

Don’t simply use sex as an excuse to burn off 120 calories (average), use high-caloric burn to increase your stamina and increase the length of your sexual sessions.

The average couple has sex for 13 minutes. Yes…I know…you go for 2 hours all the time, but when you average your quickies, your “just-wanna-get-off” sessions in with your marathons, the AVERAGE time a couple has sex is under 15 minutes. Even if you are at the top of the scale and average 1/2 hour a session, your caloric burn is not going to make a significant difference in attaining those six-pack abs and ripped frame.

Unless you go the extra mile.

Study fitness experts. Many of them use accelerators or pre-workout supplements to increase thier caloric burn and cardio workout when they exercise. By using the RIGHT supplement before and after any workout, you can increase the effectiveness of that workout by 30% or more. Now that 120 caloric burn in the sack can really be upwards of 156 calories. Push yourself to the top of the curve and go for 45-60 minutes every other day and we are now talking significant calorie burn while you are having sex!

The side benefit of pre-workout supplements is that you will create a spiral effect by making the sex better, you can last longer and you both will look better.

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