Back Door Basics


Well, this is an R rated blog…we don’t show genitals and we don’t talk about, educate or endorse anything that is illegal or unsanitary (Who are these people who like golden showers, anyway?)

So, I am treading lightly when I chat about anal sex.

Done improperly, it is unsanitary, painful and not very pretty. If done with thought, care and proper hygiene, it can be exceptionally erotic and stimulating for both parties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Discuss openly with your partner. When you chat about sodomy, you may chat about it in the bedroom or at the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter most of the time, because you are going to talk about it days or even weeks before you do it. If the discussion does progress to a “Let’s try this NOW” type of talk, have a condom ready. (If you are in the kitchen cellophane wrap works, but is a bitch to get off later)

2. When you decide to explore the back door, bring plenty of lubrication and use it generously. My wife and I have used a 1/4 bottle once just to make our bodies a flowing copulation of energy. (translation: we slid around like seals)

3. Be sure she has, um…relieved herself recently. Unless you are planning on using this act as an enema service, its easier to have the tunnel clear of obstructions.

4. Use a condom. They call it waste for a reason. I am not a scientist, but I imagine the bacteria and icky stuff back there does not belong inside your urethra. If you don’t use a condom, be sure to orgasm fully and withdraw immediately after. Have a warm wash cloth with SOAP nearby. That will give her something to do other than bask in a glow of ecstasy.

5. Go sloooooooowly. Nothing will deter her from future exploration like a jack hammer thrust to the rear. The slower and gentler you are, the more she can relax and enjoy your domination.

Domination…that is one of the psychological triggers this sex act engages. When a woman is secure with her man, she actually desires to be dominated by him. The key word is secure. So be strong, gentle and above all else, respectful. No means no and slow means slow.


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