Cunnilingus Conference Call


What? Doug, are you hosting a conference call on creating mind-blowing cunnilingus?

Ummm…no. You can find over 25 headboard-breaking, sex-slave techniques in my other blog posts. THIS post is about making YOUR next business conference call interesting…much more interesting. Let me share with you a true story (they always say, that but this one really is…I swear)

I had a conference call yesterday that was supposed to last 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately, with 5 people on it (2 of them real talkers) it went over…way over. This call was pushing over an hour and I was bored after the first 10 minutes. Fortunately, my wife was in the next room on HER conference call for her business. We were working out of our home this day and she was chatting up a storm about her health and nutrition business. She was vibrating at a MUCH higher level than me. I was falling asleep. Then I had an idea…

Due to the benefit of cellular technology, I continued my call and walked over to her room. With ear bud in, I slowly caressed her neck and moved her aside just a bit, so I could look into her eyes. As she was talking and not breaking stride in her conversation, I moved her to the bed and slid off her shorts. For the first time, I could sense a difference in her conversation. What was once a smooth, confident business woman, teaching her callers about the benefits of nature’s probiotics, now was becoming a slightly off-centered, stammering novice. I was going to enjoy this.

I got on my knees and started to kiss and lick her inner thigh.

“Um…and one of the best…uh methods of ingesting…um,” she stammered.

My tongue went to the Y.

Her pitch increased to where I thought she was going to sing to her callers.

“I have a BROCHURE  (squeek) that I will send…you…uh…EEK!” she was about to climax.

I stopped right before her climax. Not because I wanted to ruin her call, mind you. I was about to engage in a tried and true multiple orgasm technique that would send her rolling into convulsions. (search this blog for the details on this technique to create multiple orgasms 100% of the time with your gal) Interestingly, she did not push me away or try to end my advances or the call. She was going to do what women do best…multi-task.

I started to send her into rolling orgasms and she deftly asked one of the callers an open-ended question so she could listen instead of talk. She started moaning and screaming! I was enjoying this immensely as I was wondering how she was going to explain her elation to the callers.

My wife is pretty smooth, of course…she KNEW she was about to go into her multiple orgasms and put her phone on mute.

About 3 minutes later, she had to answer a question and came back on to answer it. She was a little out of breath, however, as she answered the question and continued the call. She later told me one of the callers asked if she was OK, because she was out of breath…she ignored the question and moved on.

It was a very erotic experience because it was akin to having sex in public, only they didn’t know it.

If you are wondering about my call, don’t. I said about 5 words over the course of an hour and a half and had my call on mute 95% of the time. I turned one of the most boring calls of my life into a sexual memory I will have forever.

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