Save Water: Bathe Together


When was the last time you took a shower or bath with your wife?

Now, if she looks better with the lights dim or without much makeup, refer to my other posts. You are too shallow to read this one. Or, if the idea that bathing is only for washing away dirt and sweat or that you shower in a hurry to get to work, its time for a fresh framework for you.

Pay attention, boys. Bath time used to be playtime when you were a kid. It can be again.

Here are some pointers to put that rubber ducky back into your weekly exploits:

1. Put some candles around your tub. You don’t have to light them the same day you buy them, Felix…try some anticipation and foreplay, you walking hard-on!

2. Buy some bath oils and other sensual aromas for the tub. Women LOVE smells and you will love the way SHE smells when you take some time and create the right atmosphere and mood.

3. Be spontaneous. Just because you have arranged for a sitter and spent $200 on candles doesn’t mean you need to have a marathon sex session on Friday at 10 PM. Next time she is in the shower or bath, give her a brief surprise of your hand or a comment…take your time. Don’t plunge into the pool right away. Anticipation is half the fun.

4. If you don’t have a tub, showering can be extremely playful, too. Candles don’t work as well in this scenario, but a good loofah sponge and some music can get the party started.

5. Shave her. If your woman is still a bush-woman from the 70’s, this is a great time to introduce her to the erotic and sensually stimulating culture of the clean-shaven pussy. There are multiple benefits to this, of course. Read my other posts on getting her to trim up down there. A shaving escapade between you two can be a hoot!

6. Music. When you take a bath together, be sure to put on some Italian opera, Kenny G or some other romantic music to enhance the mood. Leave your Ozzie Osborne CD in the sleeve, she wants romance, buddy!

7. Compliment her often. A woman’s body tends to age quicker after bearing children. Regardless of the age or condition of your wife’s body, let her know it totally turns you on and that you want to wash her back and nibble her neck. Feed her ego and you’ll probably get a hummer in the tub.

8. Positions. Having sex in the tub is normally awkward. Have fun with it. It can take 3-4 sessions until you two discover who’s leg goes where in order to have intercourse. Laugh and enjoy the journey.

9. Water enhances the experience. Some of my best sex is in the pool. Having both bodies being bouyant, light and free does wonders for creating new and interesting positions. Sex in any body of water adds to the slippery body experience. Leave the lube in the bedroom. You won’t need it.

The bottom line is to have fun and experiment. The more variety you can add to your relationship, the more new it will seem and the more fun you will both have. Couples who do it the same way every time they have sex are destined for boredom. Change your environment, enhance the mood and make her feel like a princess.

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