Best Sex Position for Powerful Orgasms


orgasm sex positionsYou wouldn’t race a VW bug in the Indy 500 and you wouldn’t drive your Mercedes coupe to pick up wood chips, so why do you think that all of your sex positions are designed for the same feeling? You have a wonderful arsenal of different positions for the three of you (That’s for me, her and us!) Moods, energy levels and a variety of desires can make your sex average to downright earth-shattering if you are in sync with all of the forces in play.

In this series of articles, we will explore a variety of sexual positions, their strengths, weaknesses, when they are best introduced and more importantly I’d like YOUR FEEDBACK on how they work, the pace you took and the results you had when exploring them. Come on…it’s time to share the love!

1. Missionary Of all the positions, guy on top, girl on bottom, this is a standard and favorite for you, her and the couple (Y,H,C). Here’s why: When a man is on top, he can thrust the penis. This is simply the way we were built. It works pretty well and the power, control and penetration is very satisfying for the man. For many women, however, clitoral stimulation is not optimized. Her vaginal stimulation is decent, but the REAL feeling she receives is that of being slammed. When a woman is being dominated (Meant with all due respect, of course) her feminine side is revealed. Women WANT a strong and powerful man to desire them. This need of being with a powerful man means that her offspring have a better chance of being successful. Sorry to make it so anthropological, but at the core of feelings, that is where it comes from.

Your pace and variety will be important here. Men who watch too much porn believe that having sex like a rabbit is the only way to go. If you vary your pace, frequency and rhythm of movement you add some variety to the session and you actually stimulate different nerve endings in yourself and your partner. Go ahead and slam it home like your a jack hammer. Just don’t forget to try a few slow and steady moves to add a little variety.

In order to give her a powerful orgasm with the missionary position, you’ll have to add some clitoral stimulation (over 70% of women orgasm with clitoral stimulation). Here are some ways to do that during sex in the missionary position.

1. Put a pillow under her rear. Get her body to curve upwards. This will bring your penis closer to the roof of her vagina and give you an opportunity to stimulate her G spot. Moreover, you can use your hand or fingers to stimulate the clitoris and bring her to orgasm when she is ready.

2. Get her to assist you. During pre-orgasm, gently glide her hand over to her clitoris to bring her to climax. By making this a true team effort, you’ll both be happier and more satisfied. If she is embarrassed to touch herself in front of you, you may have to take this maneuver in steps.

3. Toy assist. There are cock rings and smaller vibrators than can fit nicely around her clitoral region during sex. Be sure to buy 2 or more of these at a time. Your chances of getting the perfect appliance that works for the two of you is rare. It unlikely that if she already has a toy, that it’ll work for the two of you. Most women who pack a vibrator friend use it while on their back WITHOUT you around. Introducing your body on top when her “friend” is working won’t be the same. With a new position, comes a new appliance. Variety is the SPICE of life!sex position orgasm

We’ll cover more positions from now until the holidays. Be sure to check in every day, leave your comments and pick up a copy of my FREE ebook, the 4 minute rolling orgasm by registering on the right side of my blog.

-Doug Steponin

Deep Penetration


In the Kama Sutra there are sex positions which are named after Nature: flowers, birds and animals. Some names of the sex positions sound very nice and exotic, some do not. We’ve all  heard of Doggy-style. What about a Peacock-style? Or a Swan-style? The very words denote love, beauty and artistic flair.

Time to learn about the birds and the bees….Kama Sutra style!

According to the size of a man’s penis (the lingam), man is divided into three main types: the hare man, the bull man and the horse man. According to the depth of a woman’s vagina (the yoni), a woman can be a female deer, a mare or a female elephant. Thus, there are three equal unions between lovers of corresponding dimensions, and six unequal unions, when the dimensions. Equal unions: hare-deer; bull-mare; horse-elephant. Unequal unions: hare-mare; hare-elephant; bull-deer; bull-elephant; horse-deer; horse-mare. Unequal doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means more creativity and modification to your position may be necessary to achieve stimulation. Many men are self-conscious if their lingam is below average in length or girth.

Take a few lessons from the Kama Sutra and you’ll realize than even if you have a teeny-weenie, you can create passionate, fulfilling lovemaking with your woman regardless of size.

Of course, we are all looking for stimulating sex, and Kama Sutra positions are surefire way to create the connection you want!. Below you’ll find 17 Kama Sutra sexual poses as translated by Indra Sinha. I do not provide pictures here on this blog, but they will be available to my online members in the very near future. If you want to spice things up in the meantime, click here.

Markata – The Monkey. Lying down position. The woman grasps her ankles and raises high her lotus feet; you strike her to the root, kissing and slapping open-palmed between her breasts: this is Markata (The Monkey) Making monkey noises is optional and only advised after you’ve mastered her coconuts.

Vyomapada – Sky-foot. Lying down position. Your wife lies on the bed, grasps her own feet and draws them up until they reach her hair; you catch her breasts and make love: this is Vyomapada (Sky-foot) This position is especially helpful for extra deep penetration and is strongly recommended for men with less than average sized penis. You probably don’t want to be too proud of your knowledge of this position, but even a man less than 5” can feel like a stud with this!

Kaurma – The Tortoise. The sitting position. Seated, mouth to mouth, arms against arms, thighs against thighs: this is Kaurma (The Tortoise) This position sounds soothing and it is, because it is difficult to realize any serious motion, penetration or movement. I guess that’s why they call it the tortoise!

Mayura – the Peacock. The sitting pose. Seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hands, offering up her yoni for lovemaking: this is Mayura (The Peacock) This is a really great position for creating some special movements in a woman’s vagina. As she raises and lowers those peacock feathers (Her leg) her movements can carry a man’s penis inside her with little effort.

Padma – the Lotus. The sitting position. If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful Padma (The Lotus) This is another deep penetration position. While it may lack the thrusting power of the Sky-foot, it is sensual and easier on a less than limber woman than the Sky-foot.

Kirtibandha – the Knot of Fame. The sitting pose. Sitting erect, grip your lover’s waist and pull her on to you, your loins continuously leaping together with a sound like the flapping of elephants’ ears: this is Kirtibandha (The Knot of Fame) Don’t dismiss the sounds of the flapping elephants ears. That smacking sound can be quite stimulating and adds to the excitement. Remember physical+visual+aroma+audio stimulation is the key to a complete experience.

Jaya – Victory. The sitting pose. Kneeling between her thighs, tickle her breasts and under her arms and print deep nailmarks around her nipples: thus Jaya (Victory) is expounded. Of course, making marks is only for women with high pain thresholds. Hey, if she’s given you children, of course she has a higher pain threshold than you. Just be prepared to get some of her nails in your back later!

Dhenuka – The Milch Cow. The rear entry position. She bends well forward and grips the bottom of the bed or her ankles, her buttocks raised high; cup your hands and squeeze her breasts together: this is Dhenuka (The Milch Cow) Like the monkey, be respectful. There should be no fake “milking” of the cow until after she is in post-orgasm stage. Last time I made a joke during sex, we both lost it!

Svanaka – The Dog. The rear entry position. If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into your face, experts in the art of love say it is Svanaka (The Dog) Most men enjoy doggy-style for the pure freedom of entry, penetration and handles. Be sure to ask your wife to turn around occasionally during your thrusts. Pulling her hair is only for advanced lovers.

Hirana – The Deer. The rear entry position. If the lady, eager for love, goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe, and you enjoy her from behind, rutting as though you’d lost all human nature, it is Hirana (The Deer). Since deer don’t make much noise, one can get confused by calling this a variation of the doggy-style. Don’t confuse these styles, and leave the antlers on the wall. They are too sharp to play with safely.

Marjara – The Cat. The rear entry position. If she lies on her stomach and you seize her ankles in one hand, lift them high and make love, tilting her chin back with your other hand, it is Marjara (The Cat) Putting a pillow under her rear can also add to the penetration with this feline frolic. Purring on her part is required, but you have to be good smooth and gentle enough to let it come naturally from her loins.

Aibha – The Elephant. The rear entry position. When your mistress lays breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet, raising her buttocks high, and you guide your penis into her yoni, it is Aibha (The Elephant) For advanced lovers, try tying your elephant down and dominating her. Bondage need not be threatening or painful. The restraints can mimick dominance with empathy. Be gentle (unless she likes it rough).

Hastika – The Elephant. One more rear entry position. You lift her ankles high; she draws up and extends her legs as though she were crawling through the air: this is Hastika (The Elephant). This can also be a deep penetration position. Well endowed men need not apply. For average guys in the 6” range, however, she may feel as though you’ve grown an inch! Now trumpet like an elephant, you stud!

Nagabandha – The Elephant. And one more rear entry position. Lying on her side, facing away, your woman offers you her buttocks and your penis penetrates her: this is Nagabandha (The Elephant) With a side position, she can watch more of the action. Too much doggy style means either you are too rough, too often or you don’t like your woman’s face that much.

Hansabandha – The Swan. Role reversal position. She sits upright upon you, her head thrown back like a rearing mare, bringing her feet together on the bed to one side of your body: this is Hansabandha (The Swan) Before there was cowgirl, there was the swan. I think swan sounds prettier, but reverse cowgirl sounds better than reverse swan. Advantage of the swan is the view of your woman’s bouncing breasts as you make love-yum.


Hansa-lila – Swan Sport. Role reversal position. If she strides you, facing your feet, brings both her feet up to your thighs, and works her hips frantically, it is known as Hansa-lila (Swan Sport) Swan sport sounds more athletic than reverse swan and if your woman has a nice butt, this is a great visual to enjoy during lovemaking.

Virsha – The Bull. Role reversal position. If you lie flat on your back with legs stretched out and your lover sits astride you, facing away and grasping your feet, it is called Virsha (The Bull) Reverse cowgirl sounds an awful lot like The Bull. Bonus points if she wears cowboy boots and a sexy cowboy hat like Debra Wringer did in Urban Cowboy.

Enjoy the variety of life, ladies and gentlemen. You need not need a variety of lovers to be fulfilled. Your creativity and playfulness can create the erotic stimulation and raw excitement you crave. For more ideas on making your wife hot, visit today!