Fantasy Night is EVERY night!


My wife called me yesterday. She said she would be working late and not coming home until after 9 PM. I was disappointed for a moment, but learned to take these setbacks as opportunities to create some bonus time for me…work or play? Decisions, decisions…

I decided to surprise her with some pampering when she came home. I thought that I would be the one to spoil her after a hard day at work. I became excited about the sexual rewards we would both share after I treated her to some delicious appetizers, a sponge bath and foot massage. The atmosphere would be perfect. I had it all planned out. I would have a good 2 hours to plan and prepare this surprise for her. She would be putty in my hands.

The surprise was all on me.

About 2 hours BEFORE she said she was going to be home, her car pulled in the driveway. Wait a minute! What happened? I wasn’t ready!!! I looked at the car and saw a BLONDE woman driving her car! (My wife’s a brunette) Did she loan her car to a friend? I didn’t know what to think…

Before my mind could reconcile the disconnect between the mystery driver and her car, this absolute bombshell walked into our home with a short skirt, heels and a European accent, she said, “My name is Natasha…your wife sent me.”

My jaw hit the floor and I didn’t know what to do. Double whammy. Before I realized what was happening, this Russian concubine was in my lap and whispering into my ear, “You wife should be here in 2 hours…what should we do in the meantime?”

I said I was 100% loyal and that NOTHING inappropriate would be happening even though the stirring in my pants said otherwise. She slowly gyrated her pelvis in my lap and unzipped her dress. What a dress! The zipper started in the front and wound around to her side in a sexy spiral.

I couldn’t move.

Her breasts were full, round and her nipples protruded like bullets. Her mouth grazed my lips and I was fully hard and unable to stop her advances. She unzipped my pants and those soft full lips moved down from my belly to my cock. I was nervous, excited and physically unable to move away or push her off. It was electric.

After she sucked me fully, I grabbed her soft round bottom and pulled her onto the sofa.

Her moans told me the next hour was going to be unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her lovemaking was strangely familiar to what I was used to. Her demeanor, hair and accent completely foreign. My excitement of this “mail order” affair was like nothing I had ever experienced. She wanted me and my wife had allegedly ordered this concubine.

Did she?


How did I know? After about 45 minutes of slow, passionate sex, that blonde wig came off and the accent dissolved away to reveal my sexy bride who turned the tables on me. Of course I knew it was her the moment she came in the room, but the fantasy was complete and I had a guiltless affair. My bride had given ME the surprise of my life!

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Why Married Men Should Read Playboy


There aren’t many icons out there as recognizable as the bunny with the bow tie. The playboy logo has been around for decades and continues to be a thriving brand as it moved from magazines, to online to reality shows.

As a married guy, what can you learn from Playboy?
Doesn’t the little woman get jealous seeing you going ‘ga-ga’ over girls that are young enough to be your daughters?

Well, yeah! As my wife aged the playboy bunnies seemed to some how become younger and their breasts continue to grow! Does this threaten my wife. It used to.

Women tend to personify themselves when men’s eyes stray. The feeling they have in their heart is “I am not good enough”. This creates jealousy and that emotion manifests itself in many evil ways including cutting you off from sex, giving you the cold shoulder or worse, telling you to clean the gutters when “The Girls Next Door” is on television.

There is a simple solution to this challenge.

First of all, you have to bridge the gap between sexuality and love. Men are visual and I’m sorry, but those models are hot. Even a smokin’ hot 40 year old wife can’t always compete with a 19 year old hard body. The message you must convey to your wife is that these images are nothing more than visual stimuli. The image in a video or magazine is no different than a harlequin novel or a fantasy you have with her. The difference is that they LOOK like real people. Remind her that they are not.

When you separate sexual stimulation from love at this level, your wife can begin to realize that we ALL need or want passion and that getting a little help from a sex toy, magazine or video is simply an accessory to love, not a competing image of desire.

Additionally, by encouraging your wife to do the same levels the playing field. My wife is totally turned on by a few foreign accents. My role play as a foreign diplomat isn’t close to Oscar material, but is is sufficient to create an “Affair to Remember” in her mind’s eye.

So go ahead, renew or subscribe today.

Click on the magazine image on the right.

You owe it to yourself AND your relationship to spice it up, make it exciting, and create the sexually-charged passion you BOTH desire.

Share the jokes, articles and visual pleasing images WITH your wife. By including her in your thoughts she won’t see your interest as competition, merely a way to spice things up, keep them interesting and bring your passion to new heights and your intimacy closer.

More Sex From Your Wife…in VEGAS!


Boys, there is one unmistakable truth in love, relationships and getting the little woman to open up…Vegas!

When you bombard the senses with hot, sexy women 24/7 it is impossible to stay sheltered, reserved or pious for very long. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is good, rotten, mediocre or great. A trip out of your environment and into “Sin City” causes nearly anyone to loosen up, feel good, and sensual.

Tips for the adventurous lover:

1. Be sure to get a nice room when you are here. Don’t skimp and get a $44 room at the budget hotel. Gamble a little less and invest some cash in your room. After all, if you want to have a sexual weekend with your wife in Vegas (or anywhere) she’ll be turned on more by satin sheets than orange shag carpeting and furniture from 1978.

2. Avoid the all you can eat buffets. The food is lousy and your body slows down to digest when it needs that energy for going out, dancing and late nights in your room.

3. See any Cirque du Solei show you can. Of course, if you can get tickets for Zumanity, that is one of your best options. This is the sexy, sensual circus of the contortionists! Sure there are a few acrobatic feats, but the humor, sexy moves and Cirque experience is one of a kind.

4. Alcohol. As you may know, if you gamble, you can get cheap drinks for free. Stay easy on the booze not only because it will impair your judgment, but it can lessen sexual performance as well. One exception would be if you are using this trip to loosen up your partner for some attempts at truly living out one of your fantasies.

5. Attitude & dress. This is a chance for your spouse to dress as sexy as she can. Some soccer moms are reluctant to dress sexy when they are going to Walgreens. In Vegas, there is nothing that is “over the top” so she can be as comfortable in jeans and a t shirt as she would be in that slinky short skirt that resembles the t shirt!

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Cuckold: Are you demented?


Of all the fantasies that divide people cuckolding could be one of the most confusing. For the uninitiated, cuckolding is a husband’s desire to have his wife have sex with another man. It is most often when the husband is watching but can extend out to him not even being there.

When I think about this fantasy from a psychological view, I find it fascinating. On one hand, the stories I have read show a man who enjoys being dominated by a strong woman; a woman so powerful that he alone cannot satisfy her. This type of man may also embrace dominatrix fetishes and become stimulated by being dominated; sexually and otherwise.


On the other hand, some men who are NOT into the dominatrix stuff still enjoy seeing their wife having sex with another man. Their confidence and comfort with this activity is the exact opposite of the weaker man syndrome. A man who enjoys watching his wife having sex with another man is akin to watching pornography, only your WIFE is in the show!

Now, pornography is a visual stimulus many individuals and couples use to assist in arousal where average arousal has either tapered off or isn’t working at all. The logical extension of 2 dimensional stimulation is 3 dimensional. Going to gentleman’s clubs, getting a lap dance (for 2!) and considering cuckolding or group sex can raise the bar, your blood pressure, and sensual arousal to extreme heights.

This type of activity, however, is never for the couple who have any confidence or jealousy issues. Too many couples have tried to use extreme arousal techniques to rekindle a relationship when the REAL issue was communication and not sex.

That is one of the key drivers for our HUGELY successful workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada this past November. Our 1/2 day workshop in 2010 will focus on creating open, honest and complete communication with an emphasis on the sexual expression of your love and lust. It will be a enlightening afternoon and evening. Men, women are couples are all invited and I encourage you to email me about what weekend would work for you. If it is anything like our last one, you’ll go home charged up, enlightened and maybe a little sore!

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My Wife’s ‘Mile High Club’ Story


The internet has replaced our imaginations with stories of intrigue, romance and forbidden sexual encounters with clear an unambiguous imagery. Years ago, naughty stories and movies that left something to the imagination gave all of us a different view of the same scenario.

When people watch movies, they often project themselves into the character. “What would I do if I was them…” and things like that. How often have you expressed anger when a character in a horror movie deliberately walks into that dark house instead of simply going to the neighbors and call the police!

My wife and I enjoy watching porn every once in a while, but what REALLY gets both of us off are detailed stories about things that have happened to us in the past. Embellishing real events brings a reality to the fantasy that can drive anyone wild. Instead of projecting ourselves into a fictional character, my wife and I take TRUE incidents that have happened to us and twist the facts, names, and places around slightly. When we reveal these stories as part of our foreplay, the sparks ignite and we find ourselves totally in the moment. My wife are totally commited to creating crazy, passionate sex life for ourselves and love teaching others how to do the same. Click here for a copy of our book.

Recently, my wife told me a story about a long trip on an airplane years ago when our marriage was on the rocks. Enjoy…

It was going to be a long flight and I wasn’t tired. In fact, I was a bit annoyed, having just left home and totally ticked that my husband didn’t take me to the airport and didn’t even kiss me goodbye…things aren’t so good at home. In fact, I often have visions of leaving him…or killing him!

I checked through the gate without much of a delay and boarded the plane on time. Like most flights, the people around me were a mixed bag…families, singles, young and old. Normally, I get some non-descript ordinary person sitting next to me. I am not one for much conversation and since this was a night flight, I actually PLANNED on not even saying hello to whoever sat next to me.

Then he sits down next to me…OMG.

As much as I tried NOT to pay attention, it was impossible not to stare at the man who sat next to me….Mr. Charm. He was young, handsome, chiseled, strong, firm and a smile that could melt the anger and resentment of anyone.

What a dish. If only…No. I shouldn’t think those things. I should catch some sleep like I planned. As much as I tried to settle in and sleep, I couldn’t. Instantly these crazy, ridiculous fantasies explode into my head. What was wrong with me?! I don’t ever have fantasies about strangers! This is stupid…Close your eyes, Chris. Get some sleep.

It doesn’t work.

He notices I am fitful and starts the conversation with that wry little smile that nearly make me instantly wet. We chat a little and he is so full of life and happiness (unlike Mr. Cynical at home). He flirts a little bit in the conversation, but I brush it off. The more we talk, the more I am captivated by that smile and those tightly toned biceps. Why am I having these thoughts?! It is SO wrong.

How can a 20-something man be so gracious and interested in me? He asks me about my life, my goals and dreams. I have never sat so close to someone with so much…I don’t know…charisma. When he asks a question about me it doesn’t come off as conversational or casual. When he asks, the blue-steel eyes of his seem to pierce right through the normal defenses we put up talking to strangers. The connection is instant and unmistakable. Weird.

I ask him about his home, his life, and what he is doing. I figured he was a personal trainer or beach bum. “Consultant”, he replies. Oh, one of those. “Telling people what they already know and charging them for doing it,” I blurt out loud. He laughs with a burst of happiness, “Exactly! Those non-profits waste so much money and every time I save them a few million here or there, sure I get paid a great fee, but I am also reminded of all the REAL good I am doing! When the Cystic Fibrosis charity reduced their overhead by over $2 million last year, that money went straight into more research. I feel as though I donated $2 million.”

I instantly adored this guy.

When the conversation drew to a close, we seemed to know everything about each other, including little bits of our past. What tantalized me the most was his energy and enthusiasm for the future. He was hypnotic. He was bright. He was…oh…incredibly sexy.

The conversation ended casually and naturally and I thought that I drifted off to sleep. The transition to dreamland was fuzzy because I was STILL in my seat sleeping! Normally when I dream I am in high school and freaking out because I didn’t study for a test. This dream was so real! Maybe it wasn’t a dream at all? Perhaps the 2 cocktails, red-eye flight and connection with this guy put me in a new zone. I have no idea. My head slowly falls onto his shoulder, he doesn’t lift it or shrug it off, but gently turns my head to face his and give me the softest, sweetest kiss in the world.

I don’t resist.

We start making out! Is it a dream or is it real? His hand slides across my thigh and I feel the wetness start to flow inside my body. The kissing becomes more passionate and the breathing a little heavier. We readjust the blanket so my legs slowly slide apart. His hand doesn’t go up my thigh, but he keeps teasing me with his caress. I SO want him to finger me, but he won’t do it.

His kissing stops and he looks into my eyes…No…He looks into my lustful heart, locks onto my eyes, stares, saying nothing, just stares and cracks that dreamy smile. We both want more and don’t know if we should risk a trip to the washroom in back of the plane. My nervousness is mostly subsided because I still don’t know if this is a dream or reality.

We kiss some more and wraps his hand around my waist, pulling me close to his body. The heat and tingle of my inside is screaming for him to touch me. His hand gently glides up my leg and he deftly moves around my panties and stimulates my clit. OMG. This is SO WRONG! Why does it feel SO good? I haven’t had and orgasm in over 3 years! I am about to climax and he stops…I grab his hand and whisper in his ear, “Start what you finished, buster.” He does some double finger stimulation and somehow manages to roll one finger around my clit while pressing on my G spot with another. I shudder, moan softly and have the longest, deepest orgasm of my life. I fear the noises I am making will wake the other passengers or alert the flight attendant. I can’t control myself. The fantasy is real! I am totally into this guy and the feelings he has awakened inside of my heart and my body.

OMG…it rolls into a second orgasm and I want to grab his cock and have him slam it inside of my body. The craving is uncontrollable. As I roll down from the 2nd orgasm, I reach for his package and he holds my hand, kisses my ear and whispers, “This is only for you.” I think to myself, “Well, THAT is for me, too!” and move my hand to his pants. He resists and holds onto my hand, preventing me from unzipping his pants. I read his body language, stop my advance to his love stick and enjoy the afterglow of my double orgasm. His firm strong arm still gently lying across my body, light as a feather, but strong enough to hurl an anvil.

What have I done? Why don’t I feel guilty? Is this a dream or did it really happen? I don’t have feelings of confusion, just curiosity and warmth. The warmth of a chance encounter with a guy who has the body of a Chippendale dancer and a George Clooney smile and charm….Wow.

A few minutes later, I enter that realm of sleep/awake where you don’t know what is real or what isn’t. Did I have a wet dream? Did we actually do it? Did I join the mile high club? My blanket is still on me, I am definitely wet. I turn my head to look at this man and he is asleep…fast asleep. Oh…must have been a dream.

After I relax, adjust myself and start to pick up a magazine, I steal another glance at him and see that half-crooked smile appear across his lips…hmmm.

Chris Steponin

How To Get My Wife to Dress SEXY


If you want your wife or girlfriend to dress sexy, it is definitely THE season to plant the right seeds to get her to feel sexy, dress sexy, act sexy and give you more sexy…(Thanks Borat)

With Halloween fast approaching, now is the PERFECT time to get a shy or reluctant woman to see what it feels like to put on your fantasy outfit. Keep in mind the bottom line for any woman is that deep down inside, she wants to feel sexy. Weight, age, gravity and the economy are all great excuses for not wanting to dress sexy or naughty…forget about it! You are a man and you LIKE sexy outfits! Don’t let her embarrassment or shyness hinder your fantasy! Below are a few tips to insure you don’t push the idea too hard or too fast.

  • Don’t start out by buying the French Maid outfit and expect her to be your personal love slave. Most women need to feel valued before they can let their hair down or be your personal whore.
  • Use the upcoming Halloween holiday to introduce a non-threatening character or image. Short, personal and quiet hints as to what HER fantasy is a great start.
  • Go online and look around at the different options available. Many of the costumes are modeled by 6′ 2″ woman who weigh 92 pounds. She will see that. Remind her that no matter what her size, you find her hot and want to see her in it.
  • Go to a Halloween store and let her try on a few outfits. If she won’t come out, go in back with her. If she is still too shy to wear it in public, suggest a private “trick or treat”.

By using the holiday and a public venue to showcase your hottie, you are well on your way to increased role play in the bedroom. You will win regardless because:

  1. She will get in the spirit and put on your favorite costume and delight you for hours with her new personality.
  2. She won’t be caught dead in public but agrees to wear it for you in private.
  3. She won’t wear it in public OR in private, but understands your need for something new and you two can come up with some new role play ideas that she will enjoy.

Have fun and focus on those treats more than the tricks, unless she’s wearing the hooker outfit, then an equal amount of “tricks” is permissible. For more ideas on creating a smokin’ hot wife, and creating a sexually-charged romance, visit today!

How to Make My Wife Scream


Making your wife scream comes in two flavors; ecstasy or anger. The gradual climb from pre-orgasm to orgasm or the “I can’t believe you (fill in the blank)”.

Let’s focus on the former.

Many women are often soft and subtle about their vocalization of sex. Maybe you have a moaner or a woman who enjoys sex, but doesn’t shout, scream, or dig her nails into your back. She’s happy, content and even sexually satisfied.

Every once in a while, you just want a freak in bed.

The overall foundation for hitting this level of sex is going to be communication. You must let her KNOW that you love her, respect her and worship her. Failure to let her know this by word, deed, and feelings is a non-starter. A safe and secure household makes all the difference. Be sure to instill that secure feeling daily.

You are not complaining, mind you. You just crave the variety and excitement that you used to have. Below are 3 strategies to rekindle your passion, fill her with unbridled lust, and buying a set of ear plugs for the kids.

1. Set a good example. 90% of porn shows the WOMAN being vocal and writhing in ecstasy as the man proudly satisfies her. The next time you are making love, work on a simultaneous orgasm. Reading her body and her ascension to climax you should be able to work up enough pace, penetration or fantasy to climax at the same time. When you do this, give her a Tarzan yell or scream. By sharing your euphoria vocally, you let her know how good a job SHE did in driving you wild. By doing this during a simultaneous orgasm, your chances of getting her to scream increase.

2. Get her to reveal her deepest, naughtiest fantasy. You may need a bottle of wine or a night with the Chipendales to pull this out of her, but don’t worry, she’s going home with you. The more you can get her to open up her mind, the better chances you have of opening up her vocal chords. Fulfill her fantasy whatever it is. (Unless farm animals are involved) If it involves Bruce from the last bachelorette party, buy her a private dance and get over it. People can visualize fantasies and create physical and chemical reactions in their bodies that are IDENTICAL to the reaction they would have with the real thing. (Example: crying at a movie or reliving a past event)

3. Ask her to scream. Duh. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Let her know that one of YOUR fantasies and/or desires is for your sex lives to be so uncontrollable that she screams bloody murder as you pump her like there is no tomorrow. Simply letting her know what turns you on, may be enough for her to try this “new” thing! As always, variety is the spice of life, so keep being creative.

For more ideas on creating a sexually-charged relationship, visit today!

Sex, Lies & Videotape


My wife is NOT an exhibitionist. This is a wee bit of an obstacle because having her get a little crazy and dirty dancing in public is a bit of a turn on for me. If you are a fan of my blog and/or book, you know that her transformation from frumpy housewife to smokin’ hot MILF was HUGE!

Sex, lies and videotape was a movie starring a young James Spader and I thought it was a decent film. What my  wife and I do has NOTHING to do with that film, but the essence of role playing, videotaping your wife and getting creative is what this article is about.

We are able to turn on the passion at the drop of a hat and have the intimacy and passionate sex that is normally reserved for the movies. This kind of passion is normally reserved for newlyweds, NOT for a couple celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.

Getting her to dirty dance at night clubs happens every so often. But if we aren’t in the mood to go out or if we are traveling and there are no “anonymous” places we can go (Not being known helps her to get out of her shell) then we sometimes get a little crazy with the camera.

Now, let’s be clear, we don’t do amateur porn or anything. But, once we start to role play a little bit, our imaginations run wild and after a half hour of having her talk in a eastern European accent and slowly fidgeting with her blouse, I get a little hot and bothered. Setting up the video camera and getting her to really heat things up can be SO seductive!

The first time we did this, honestly, I knew she wouldn’t go for the camera thing. I decided it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission, so I hid it behind some books on the table and let it run. I asked her if “Natasha” was available (This is one of our fantasy Eastern European Courtesan characters she likes to bring to our bedroom) and she said, “Da.”

Once Natasha explained how horny she was, I purposely kept the air conditioning off so she could perspire a little bit. The more Natasha breathlessly whispered how hot she was and how turned on she was, I politely asked her to unbutton her blouse and I would get her an ice tea. Actually I brought her a Long Island ice tea and as she became tipsy, her accent slipped a bit, but her sexual arousal did not.

The entire evening lasted about an hour and the videotape lasted only 45 minutes. This wasn’t a bad thing, because the shot was wide angle and I couldn’t see the soft, moist skin of my wife very well, anyway.

After I confessed that I had taped our interview and seduction, my wife laughed and said, “Natasha doesn’t care, only I do.” So, whenever I want to videotape my wife dancing, stripping, or simply record that sexy accent during a seduction scene, I only have to ask for one of our imaginary friends to accomodate us. This not only turns me on to NO END, but it allows for some serious fantasy-time with other women. And yes, I reciprocate with my wife. I have only 2 or 3 accents that I do decent enough to let her fantasies run wild, but that is MORE than enough to keep our marriage fresh, our love alive and our sexual excitement at its peak.

For more ideas, strategies and tips to make your wife hot and your marriage hotter, visit

Housewife by day, Naughty wife by night


When I was dating, there were girls I had great times with, but didn’t bring them home to meet the parents. The girls I DID bring home, were pre-screened as “marriage material.” What does that mean? For most of us, it meant she had what it took to be a supportive spouse, a good mother, and a pillar of the community. Women who fit this description are usually not ex-strippers or biker chicks. After several years of marriage, many of us long for the days of yesteryear. The days of our youth and our wild dates with that slutty cocktail waitress, or a band tramp are most likely great memories, with plenty of excitement.

What if you could train your WIFE to publicly be that adoring wife, but privately be a band groupie or professional escort? (Not for real, but for image purposes) There is a slow and precise method to pulling this off. It takes several weeks to perhaps a few months depending on your wife, her upbringing, sexual desires, and comfort level. Details of this process can be found in my book.

Here are a few first steps:

1. You must let your wife know that you are bored and show her your concern for your marriage. Don’t do anything drastic, just let her know that you realize that your marriage needs to be spiced up. Don’t say that she is boring….only that the marriage needs a jolt.

2. Talk to her candidly about her fantasies, desires, and anything she has thought about but not done. Many women are not very experimental here. If she doesn’t have any, you’ll need to give her some. Get an issue of Cosmopolitan, or some other woman’s magazine that talks about such issues. You can also try a romance novel or sexy movie. (For a list of “sure thing” movies, visit my website)

3. Once she is emotionally and intellectually stimulated, you can move on to satisfying those desires. Take your time and do NOT bring up any of your desires yet. You’ll have to give before you receive so be a good sport and deliver first.

There are dozens of ideas, psychological triggers and moments you can create when you understand what a woman actually wants. Her desire for security and to be “heard” overshadows their sex drive. Be sure to acknowledge those emotional needs first. Once you really tap into that, she’ll recognize that your desire for a secure marriage is important to her and that aspect alone will surely turn her on!

For more information, visit my website at