My Wife’s Favorite Sex Position



"I can't understand what you are saying with that in your mouth"

Variety is the spice of life!

Which doesn’t mean I am in favor of wife swapping (At least SHE isn’t) but it does mean that a variety of positions, toys, fantasies and environment is required to keep me interested. How about you?

When we have a favorite sex position; one that always makes us climax, we tend to gravitate to that almost routinely. Like a fine wine or your favorite restaurant, you know you can always expect a smooth finish or your favorite meal.

When it comes to lovemaking, our favorite position is one that is comfortable, is pleasurable to both partners and the orgasm or multiple orgasm, is not a question of if, but when.

If you have been with your partner for more than a few years, it may be time to explore, fantasize and create some NEW positions that will expand your creativity, pleasure and sense of something new…get that variety you seek!

When we have a relationship that is stale or routine, our minds and our bodies respond in kind. It is only through the pursuit of challenges, new adventures, and an exploration of the unknown when our lives feel fulfilled and worthwhile.

Take your next interlude and really try something fresh and new. Go ahead and push WAY past your comfort zone. You may step on her toes (Figuratively or literally) and share an embarrassing moment, but it will be those moments that will create some laughs, some fun and a sense of “dating” again.

When we date and learn all the nuances of our partner, it is the discovery of her favorite color, how long it takes her to get dressed and what makes her cum that makes us happy. When we go through the process of discovery, it creates a feeling of “newness” and playful exploration that is pleasurable. After you have experimented with a dozen or so positions, it is time to graduate to a higher level of physical pleasure.

The more open you are to talking about sex, trying new things and wrestling with holding her legs up in the air while you stand on your tippee toes, the more fun you are going to have. Professional lovers, of course, know that the absolute best manual for experimenting with positions is the kama sutra.

There are dozens of variations of this manual and I have previewed over a dozen different copies. If you are serious about creating an intimacy and euphoria that is “off the chart” then get your copy of the Kama Sutra by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed, although you may wear yourself out!

That is what got you two together in the first place, why not do it again?

For more ideas on creating the trophy wife of your dreams with the one you have, check out my book, “Make Your Wife Hot.” You have a FULL money back guarantee, although if you apply even 1 of the dozens of strategies in the book, you will end up like all of my readers…sore and smiling.

sex position

"Stop playing with yourself...make your wife do it"

Go for it!

Her Lips Are Made For More Than Talking


Is there more to life than sex and money?

Of course there is! What about soccer practice, community volunteerism and taking care of aunt Martha? Of course these are important parts of our day to day lives. But what about the sex and money part? How much better would YOUR life be if you could get professional, off-the-chart oral sex from your woman that placed your sexual arousal into the stratosphere?

Before you simply go out and buy “Tickle His Pickle” or “Blow Him Away” (Both excellent books, by the way) you need to understand the psychology and journey to opening up a woman’s mind and her mouth to this experience. Let’s take a look at 2 scenarios:

A. She does not like to give oral to you. It never interested her, she is uncomfortable, she gags, doesn’t like the taste…whatever. You rarely receive and you basically have not had a decent or exceptional blow job in quite some time…maybe never.

B. She loves you, wants to please you and gives it a good effort. The results are satisfactory, but not as good as that 26 year old you had 12 years ago…you remember, don’t you . She was a flight attendant and…

In either case, you may have regulated your sex to 1-3 times per week in the standard positions that please both of you.


A. If your gal doesn’t like the act, you have to start off by taking care of a few things yourself, pal. There are physical changes you should try out and a few psychological steps you need to take to get her to not only re-think her desire to go down on you, but take it to the next level and RELISH the thought of going down on you. It is only when she becomes a real fan of the deed that she will become great at it. Here are the some practical tips:

1. Clean your act up. You can try 3 varieties of cleanliness; waxed, shaved or trimmed up. Anyone who has seen any porno knows that women are trimming themselves up more often than not nowadays. It isn’t the 70’s anymore and a clean landscape not only eliminates “nature’s dental floss” for partners, it can actually increase the power of a woman’s orgasm.

For men, a trimmed area not only makes you LOOK bigger, it can be easier for you woman to grease the pole without any abrasive weeds in the way. Try trimming yourself back by about 1/2 to 2/3 of your bush and see what it feels like and how much easier it will be for her to navigate. After you do that, try trimming it ALL off for a week or two. It will definitely be more sensitive to you and it will make her work easier, too. Once you’ve done that and things improve, try a wax job. It hurts like a MF, but an ounce of pain for a pound of pleasure was never so dead on.

2. Be respectful and wash up before you hint at the idea of a BJ. Early in the morning, we know are hormone levels are up and most of us have instant erections, but that doesn’t give you a green light for her to have a sausage for breakfast. Clean up, freshen up and she’ll be more likely to open up to the experience.

3. From a psychological standpoint, there is only one path here. YOU need to give HER a mind blowing experience first. Be a giver, not a taker. The better your skills at turning her on, the more she will feel indebted to return the favor. Asking for a hummer from her before giving cunnilingus to her is the wrong order. The better job you do of giving her an orgasm or two, the more her body and mind will be open to giving you the same feeling.

4. Finally, you should both read up on the subject and practice different tactics to see what your body enjoys most. Giving head may seem natural, but the nuances and specifics escape more women than you realize. Many men like to have other areas of their body fondled during a blow job, some do not. It will take some trial and error on both your parts. Encourage her to try things and above all else, give her feedback! When a particular set of moves works, let her know with a verbal, “Oh yeah” or “That’s perfect”. Likewise, if she tries something that is uncomfortable or painful, try not to react quickly (That could make it worse!). Simply say, “Not so much” or “That doesn’t work for me, sweetie.”

Don’t be afraid to give the gift of love to your wife or girlfriend. The following book, “Blow Him Away” is excellent at understanding the specifics of our bodies. Giving head has never been this interesting to read about! Click here NOW and get your copy today!

If there is any amount of embarrassment or feelings of inadequacy, go ahead and order the companion book, “The Low Down on Going Down.” Written by a speech therapist, nobody understands better the nuances of our mouth, throat and tongue…umm…

Doug Steponin