Long Hair vs. Short Hair


What does hair length have to do with making your wife hot?


Many women look sexier with longer hair. Short hair can work, but it has to be on the right face, done properly and include an attitude to match. Longer hair is traditionally sexier on a woman because long hair that wax curvy and bouncy tends to match the rest of her body. Besides, men have short hair…without the curves, you may not be able to distinguish gender from a distance!

If your wife has longer hair, you probably don’t need to persuade her to do much to it. Unless it is a rat’s nest, straight or curly, long hair tends to look more feminine overall. Images of Lady Godiva or Rapunzel conjure up beauty, grace and sex appeal.

Short hair is simply butch.

So, what to do if your woman insists on having short hair?


For starters, there are hundreds of examples of cute, sexy and fun short hair styles that can still frame out a beautiful face and give that “come and do me look” that drives a man crazy. Strangely enough, women with a few extra pounds tend to look better with shorter hair. Additionally, if it is styled right, with some hair covering an eye, it can be extremely alluring and will give her the edge on the sultry, “just banged” look that makes you want her more.

Of course, there are high-profile examples of Halle Berry and others who look fantastic with short hair, long hair or even no hair! (Grace Jones and that chick from the first Star Trek movie)

In the end, fellas, for the sake of simplicity, long hair is traditionally sexier. Buying your gal a day at the spa and complimenting her looks always does more to encourage her sensuality than any critical explanation of the evolution of hair length. To get more sex and to keep it spicy in the bedroom, your ability to encourage, compliment and adore her will keep her self-esteem high and her libido in overdrive.

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