Make Your Wife Horny with a SEXY Gift Card!


Making your wife horny is probably easier than you think.

If you don’t have the time or patience to read my book (Big mistake!) or think that flowers and chocolates won’t do the trick, you can always whip out the credit card and do BOTH of you a huge favor.

gift-cardGet you wife something that will make her feel fabulous, sexy and get her wet. It really doesn’t matter what kind of mood a woman is in or if she’s had a bad day. Your thoughtful gift of love and appreciation can do wonders for her self-esteem and your sex life.

You don’t really have to think about this, do you?

What woman wouldn’t be touched (And want to BE touched) by your selfless act of love? What girl isn’t deeply moved by the fact that her man WANTS her to feel sexy for him? I don’t care how conservative your woman is, deep down inside she wants to feel attractive and when it comes from her man, all the better.

This act of giving works wonders especially if there is any Holiday stress, angst, or even a recent fight. Giving your wife a gift that shows her how much you desire her can move you out of the dog house and into the bedroom with the click of your mouse! Try it! Fire her up and get her wet by clicking here right now.

Admittedly, my wife isn’t even a big shopper. Her primary love language isn’t physical touch, time together, words of affirmation, or gifts…it’s acts of service. (Read “The 5 Love  Languages”, it’s a very good insight into how women and men respond to a variety of ways of the expression of love) In fact, she could care less about the diamonds on her hand or the Lexus in her driveway. She is more impressed when I cook her a meal or do the laundry.

Actually, I am very lucky! Some women are more passionate about “keeping up with the Joneses” and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if your wife or girl is a shopper or not because ALL women love being thought of. ANY expression of your thoughts will give her the feeling of love and security that she craves.

Now, don’t go and waste this opportunity for  Holiday sex by giving her a blender, chump. If you are going to go all out and get her some nice things, be sure to add a few items that will not only make her feel like the princess she is, but instill in her self-esteem, the vision of her sex appeal to you!SexySantaChick

Get her a sexy gift card! Click here right now and you can bet she will have a GREAT time window shopping online at a variety of lingerie, oils, toys, and more! Buy her a gift card right now and dont’ wait for Christmas to give it to her, she’ll want to give it to you sooner than that!

Of course, you will BOTH benefit from such a gift of love (Duh!). But the ongoing benefit of lingerie, toys, etc. is that it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you opt for the “Rabbit” vibrator, be sure to get an extra set of batteries. Last time I was out of town, my wife went through two sets of them!

Ho, Ho, Ho ! (Double meaning optional)

How Do I Have a Quickie?


How do I have a quickie?

Why do I WANT a quickie?

A quickie doesn’t hit the same pleasure centers of our brain as soft lights, quiet music and slow seduction. Those environmental triggers cause our romantic qualities to surface. A quickie is designed to attack our base desire to have sex…fast, dangerous and utterly animalistic. A quickie is designed to create an atmosphere of “I have to have you now, I don’t care that we haven’t finished dinner” attitude. This absolute hunger for raw sex is what makes a quickie attractive and effective, but only if you’re doing it right.

Just because the act of sex is quick, doesn’t mean there is no foreplay. Most women (and a few men) need a warm up before going to bat. Foreplay for a quickie is a matter of suggestion, plenty of eye contact and innuendoes of lust and sex. If you want to make her groan and moan as if you’d already spent hours warming her up be sure to follow 3 simple rules:

1. Communication: Women are verbal—sometimes communication can be just as good as foreplay. So whisper in her ear about how hot she looked at the restaurant this evening; how you could barely keep your hands to yourself; how her breasts are perfect and how you can’t wait to feel her, etcetera. Make sure your non-verbal communication is in concert with the words you use and the attitude you bring. Don’t be a leering deviant. Think James Bond. Hold your gaze on her longer than usual.

2. Lubrication: A woman can be turned on and emotionally ready for sex and not have the preparation down south. Be sure to pack a water-based lubricant that washes off easily and doesn’t degrade latex condoms. Having lubricant should be as common as condoms or breath mints. There are obviously convenient carry-on sizes for air travel (A favorite quickie location!) For extra fun, try the new Sex Toy Fun flavored lubricants. With over 57 flavors (No they don’t have ketchup) you’ll be sure to find a few that are pleasing to the palette.

3. Location: If you’re having standing sex, consider the stairwell. Elevators are perfect and depending on your height, a well placed set of books can match things up. If there are no elevated accessories available, holding your lady up and having her wrap her legs around you work well. Depending on your voyeuristic tendencies, you may put a tissue over the security camera or just be sure the quickie is very quick. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about a quickie is location. When you “have to have her” and she obliges, nothing puts a damper on the moment like not having a place to copulate. Being fast is more important than being creative. Locking office doors, pulling the car off the road, or finding seclude sections of a library are all possible…as long as you are respectful when it comes to noise levels.

Enjoy your life, my friend. It is short and your sex life will be shorter, so make the most of it while you can. For more ideas about making your wife hot, creating a sexually-charged relationship, click on today.

Sex in Unusual Places!


After a few years you may run out of positions to try…sure you’ve found your top 2-3 favorite ones…the ones that are a 100% sure fire hit and get you and your spouse to share in the euphoria.

But what about WHERE you have sex? After you’ve “broken in” the rooms in the house, done it in the car or on the back patio, where can you go to add some spice and ‘ZIP’ in the relationship? Below are a few ideas I gleaned from my personal experience as well as a few other people. (I can’t and WON’T claim having sex in church or near the dumpster…yuk!)

You’ll never run out of places or WAYS to spice up your sex life! We are not talking porn here, just some edgy stuff to give your relationship some new life and vitality. If you don’t keep doing NEW things, someone is likely to get bored and have an affair and/or get divorced. Your sex life and your marriage may be at stake!

Send me YOUR entry as to the most UNUSUAL place you’ve had sex and win a copy of my book-FREE! Send me an email to or simply post your story or place in the comments section below.

  • In a public Jacuzzi with others around.
  • In my ex wife’s parent’s basement while they were home!
  • In a public park pavilion in daylight.
  • In the elevator at a 25 story hotel (quickie)
  • In the alley next to a dumpster (empty thank God) behind a nightclub.
  • On a trampoline in a college gymnasium.
  • On a picnic table outside of an icehouse. People were cheering us on.
  • In most of my friends bathrooms during parties.
  • In the front seat during road trips (in mustangs, very hard to do).
  • In my ex-boyfriend’s parents bed with my husband.
  • In a Christmas display in the middle of the shopping mall.
  • In the back bed of a ford f350 while being driven down the road.
  • In a confessional and behind the altar.
  • At an amusement park haunted house with people walking through.
  • At a baseball stadium pitcher’s mound (with the pitcher of course!).
  • In a jump tower on a military training field.
  • At the zoo in front of the monkey cage (after hours).
  • In a dentist chair (I worked in a dental office).
  • On the 50 yard line at Raven Stadium at night.
  • At an ice hockey arena change room in between games.
  • At an elementary school in an empty class room.
  • On top of a school building during a football game.
  • In the ladies room at a law office during business hours.
  • In a room full of guests (my girlfriend sitting on my lap and nobody was the wiser).
  • In the bathroom stall at parking garage.
  • In a park in the bushes next to a playground.
  • Under the Rheine main bridge downtown Mannheim.
  • On the roof of a high rise after a thunderstorm.
  • In a church up by the organ late on a Sunday night.
  • On a massage table one hour before the spa opened.
  • In the darkroom at a photography lab.
  • On the EXACT beach where they filmed “From Here to Eternity” in Hawaii.

Try something new and send an email to and let me know what new and unusual place you’ve had sex. Winner of the most UNUSUAL place will get a copy of my free book. Any other stories are welcome…all names changed or hidden to protect the guilty!

For more ideas, tips, strategies and ways to spice up your sex life, have a SMOKIN’hot wife visit today!

Surprise her TODAY; Get Great Sex TONIGHT!


If you are a reader of my blogs (and you really should!) you know that the way to get your wife wet beyond belief is to be the prince she THOUGHT she married! You see, after a dozen or more years of marriage, many people simply get bored with the relationship and seek “new” adventures to get that spark back. Meanwhile, they may jettison a relationship that has the POWER to become more meaningful and fulfilling than ever!

Doug, really? Are you high?

Not really. You see, in order to get YOUR wife to become the sex slave you truly desire, she has to WANT to become the alluring temptress that you want. If you started out in your early days (like most of us did) impressing her with your charm, wit and good looks, its safe to say, “That ain’t cutting it anymore, Chuck!” She knows all your lines, routines, witty jokes and has your M.O. down pat. In order for you to IMPRESS, COURT, and WOW her, you have to do something completely different. In fact, the ONLY way to get YOUR wife to be hotter is to show her that she is! Check out our book for details.

Most women LOVE surprises-right? (Not the surprise that you will be an hour late for the opera-champ) Make TODAY the day you will surprise her with something. I guarantee that the extra effort you put forth however simple will first of all, show her that you appreciate her and second, begin the courtship process all over again. Here are a few ideas:

1.     Send her flowers for NO reason. (The IFA, International Floral Association says less than 3% of orders are not associated with a holiday or special event. I made that up, but it is probably true)

2.     Send her a dirty text message. (Make sure she doesn’t leave her phone around for the babysitter to pick up, otherwise, you may have to turn down a hummer from Sally)

3.     Ask her if there are any odd jobs that need taken care of. (WHAT? You mean pre-empt the request that comes every Saturday?)

4.     Get home early, make dinner and leave her a card telling her how much you appreciate her. (Come on guys, you KNOW that you will score that night!)

5.     Offer to take the kids to their lesson or sporting event. (Even if you are already on the shuttle bus schedule, tell her you’d like more time with the kids. Wives love this)

6.     Send her to the spa for ½ or full day. (This one is almost too easy. The best $200 you could spend. If you are courageous, get her a nurse’s outfit for when she returns home)

You get the idea. The more spontaneous you are, the more surprised she will be and the more she will respond with a loving heart and open legs. Get to work, fella! For more ideas, tips, and strategy on making your wife hot visit today.