Make Up Sex


Ever wonder why “make up sex” is so much more powerful than regular sex?
The last time you had an argument, then forgave each other and made love, wasn’t it a bit more powerful, more passionate, more intense?

Oh Yeah!

Clinically speaking, the endorphins released during anxiety cause a “fight or flight” syndrome in our bodies. These chemicals make us more aware, fast paced and yes…angry.  For many people, arguments turn “ugly” because we get caught up in the method and form of the fight instead of the content. Personal attacks, raising our voice and dredging up past transgressions add fuel to the fire.

When things die down and two mature people apologize, analyze and forgive, those endorphins are still bouncing around in our bodies. When we copulate and use physicality to restore our love, we put extra effort (energy, love, passion, and lust) into our act in order to flush out the bad feelings.

Make up sex is nearly ALWAYS better than normal sex because we are not just “feeling good” but we are feeling good AND trying not to feel bad! This double whammy works WONDERS!

So, do I occassionally start an argument in order to have great make up sex?


But when an argument starts with my hot wife (literally and figuratively HOT) I used to avoid them. Now, I let them play out and run their course. Our communication increases, we get stuff off our chest and of course…the make up sex is always passionate and powerful!

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