Viagra: Even When You DON’T Need It!


Listen guys, I know that MOST of us have no problem in the performance or endurance department. However, regardless of your age, sex drive, and/or consistency, there are some distinct advantages to adding a little “umph” to your evening.

If you’ve been married for more than 5 years, then maybe your WIFE would like a little variety in the sack. If your confidence is high-great! But one or both of you probably could use some spice, variety, and/or new thing in your bedroom. If you don’t want to go out and buy a Brad PItt mask, the least you can do is to impress your wife with multiple sessions in one evening. Or, if you are already a 2-3 times per night kinda guy, what about lasting longer? It doesn’t matter if you already go for an hour or two in a session. Any time you change positions, pace, and yes…endurance, you are going to add a new element to your love-making. There are specific, natural enhancers, both psychologic and herbal that have proven to work. For a list of these, please check out my website.

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I am focusing my attention on you middle-aged guys with weak and/or average marriages. You used to be a passionate guy. You and your wife used to laugh more, have sex in odd places, and you were turned on by the very mention of her name. After 10+ years of marriage, many of us see a decline in our passions and our relationships. Kids, work, mortgage, and time all slowly erode what makes us men and what gives us a fire in our belly.

This is 100% YOUR responsibility and you can re-light your marriage and your passions. Sure, there are medical needs for Viagra, Cialis, etc. But there are herbal supplements that can achieve the same thing! In fact, if you really want to see about getting a slight boost on the cheap, here’s one that should help you out this 4th of July….eat more watermelon! A recent scientific survey has determined watermelons contain an ingredient called citrulline that can trigger production of a compound that helps relax the body’s blood vessels, similar to what happens when a man takes Viagra, said scientists in Texas. Don’t take my word for it, check out the link here.

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Don’t Change Wives, Change Positions!


Duh! But it goes WAY beyond missionary to doggy. For anyone who has been married more than a year, even trying a new position every day will eventually expire your creative juices (Pun intended). When it comes to changing positions, you have more than simply your physical variables. Sure you can move this way and that, but what about changing something OTHER than yourselves?  Interested? There are hundreds of ideas, strategies and influential tricks you can use by clicking on my website. For instant success, read on…

Change your pillows. Putting a pillow underneath your wife can deepen your penetration by up to a full 1.5 inches depending on how you measure it, and how she stretches and reacts.

Change your headboard. Headboard…what a dumb idea. What about a footboard! Now, you can get some traction. Do a 180 degree move on your bed and use your headboard or wall as a fixed object to work from. You’ll go deeper, appear stronger and I guarantee everyone will benefit.

Change location. This isn’t as obvious as it seems. Less than 3% of married couples ever get a hotel room in their own home town and fewer still have done it in their own car! Go to the drive-in, or after a great dinner, go to the park, beach, or library! Changing location and bordering on havin sex in public can be extremely thrilling! Don’t forget other areas of you own home including the kitchen, closets and other rooms. Experiment!

Have an affair. People START affairs because of a lack of attention, communication and/or sex. The thrill and danger obviously accelerates the excitement. You can have an affair WITH your spouse by simply taking on a new role, personality or doing it in a local hotel.  It takes some play acting, but who cares? You are married and probably have had plenty of embarrassing moments before. Create a new name, check into a cheap hotel and get out of there in under an hour! Be creative!

Change your pace. If your love-making style resembles a rabbit, try slowing down and moving as SLOWLY as possible. If you traditionally are a gentle lover, mimic the rabbit. The more varied you are in your style, the more interesting you will be to her, and you’ll discover new things about yourself as well.

Change your dress. Rent a tuxedo, uniform, or other outfit and play dress up. Most adults have no imagination and are embarrassed to do things like this. What have you got to lose? Giggle about it, split a bottle of wine, or simply test the waters with a hat or a tool belt. Needless to say, nurses outfits work better on her than you!

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