Dirty Talk if you Dare


There is something very special about talking “dirty” during intercourse. If you’ve not done this with your wife, you REALLY need to start. If you have a shy wife, then you need to understand this topic and implement the creativity even more so. If you already talk about “Thrusting your manhood into her sweet wetness”, then you are probably OK. Maybe you have a great thesaurus of flowery words that can make your woman squeal with desire with your breathless tones. You may be that impressive…read on anyway.

You may learn something.

We know that sex, stimulation, and love is 90% psychological. Our brains tell our bodies to get wet, hard, or take out the trash. This brain of yours is 1,000,000X more powerful than the world’s largest supercomputer, yet we can fool it as easy as telling our 4 year old about the Easter bunny or almost as easily as telling our wife that “Nothing bad happened at Bob’s bachelor party.”

Your brain is SO easily fooled, that you can shine a light through a moving stream of celluloid film, and whatever some over-paid, neurotic actor said and was recorded on that piece of celluloid can create a physical reaction in your body (laughter or tears or both if the movie was Marley & Me). Our brains can be tricked, influenced, and even made to believe that the government is trying to help us by taking over GM…uh….well maybe not all of our brains can be influenced so easily.

For a more satisfying sexual experience, you can create the most INCREDIBLE fantasy with your wife by simply talking about it. You don’t have to be an accomplished actor or even that good looking to pull this off. Your brain will be fooled into thinking that you and your wife are the most dynamic, sexy, and professional lovers in the world. All you have to do is speak it into existence.

Take a visual vacation from your wife, watch a porno movie, read some dirty magazines, and basically get yourself worked up to a frenzy of testosterone that makes your pants look like a tent. Remember some of the lines, images, specific girls, situations, and fantasies that struck a chord with you. Now comes the fun part. Be sure to do this right, or you might end up with a frying pan smacked across your face. Take the SAME material, share it with your wife and ask her to go through it. She may giggle, give you a raised eyebrow or better yet, say, “Oh that stuff…yeah, it’s OK. Let me show you something REALLY kinky!” The result will be that you two can SAFELY share fantasies and what turns you on. Some people are too shy to do this…LOSERS! Try again with some PG rated chick flick and graduate to some soft porn where you don’t see any penetration. It may take some time to move up to “Debbie Does Dallas” but the road won’t be painful! (Unless you watch THOSE kinds of movies!)

Once you both explore the seedier side of sex it’s time to talk about it. You have two choices here. You can get a bottle of wine, sit out on the porch and discuss why you are so bored with each other and want to join the local swingers group or better yet, take advantage of that bottle of wine, hit the sack and try something new. Below are a few suggestions. For more visit www.makeyourwifehot.com .

  1. Atmosphere, mood, and anticipation. After being married for so many years, I am sure you know exactly how to make her orgasm and your foreplay is about 45 seconds. STOP IT! Try a few fantasies such as:
    1. You are on your first date and you have to be a gentleman, even though you both want to do it.
    2. You are in High School and your parents are in the next room
    3. You pick her up at a bar, bring her home and tell her that you are leaving for the Army tomorrow.
    4. You are NOT her husband, but the pool boy and you must get to your next job.

You get the idea…we watch movies and we insert ourselves into the story all the time. The difference is we keep these thoughts to ourselves. How many times have you fantasized about being James Bond, or Indiana Jones? Well, if you are courageous, get the costume and crack that whip. Other than that, get the tuxedo out, order the martini’s and show her who’s the man. The more foreplay the better.

  1. Taking your love-making to a more naughty level by “talking it up” during intercourse. This can really intensify the fantasy and make your passion stronger. Always start with a compliment about her “wet, soft, delicious pussy” or how much you want to “slide yourself deep into her wetness”. Focusing on her, her beauty, and your desire for her will combine taste, vision, smell, touch with words. You are hitting ALL the senses now. Grunting is OK, but come on, guy! You mastered the English language in grammar school…use it when it counts!
  2. After you have been able to show her what a delicious whore she is (meant in a NICE way) you can graduate to “dangerous” or “off limits” fantasies. Readers of my book know that over 73% of men and 17% of women fantasize about lesbian or bi-sexual acts with women. See the problem here? Those numbers don’t match up! Therefore, you have to use the brain trick to get that fantasy into reality. Next time you are in the heat of passion, you can suggest that next week, you are going to have a surprise for HER. Tell her that a 5’ 2” Asian cunnilingus master is going to join you. Let her know that you will be there to watch, learn and join in appropriately. Focus on HER and how this little tart will show her things that are unimaginable. After she comes for the third time, you will dive into her (your wife) and finish her off. It may be important to let her know that you won’t touch Mei Ling and that she has been there ONLY for your wife (Yeah right). If you run into a road block, just erase that scene, start a new one and enjoy. The really GREAT thing about fantasy land, guys, is that you can create or eliminate a character with a word. Reset the stage and start again.

Have fun with this. Don’t worry about the mistakes you make. Be sure to laugh at the embarrassing moments you share. It’s all good-natured, clean fun that you both will have a ball with. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Be safe and keep it “up.”

For more ideas, techniques, commentary and advice about making your wife hot, visit our website, www.makeyourwifehot.com and be sure to read my blogs both past and present! Your comments are welcome.

Surprise her TODAY; Get Great Sex TONIGHT!


If you are a reader of my blogs (and you really should!) you know that the way to get your wife wet beyond belief is to be the prince she THOUGHT she married! You see, after a dozen or more years of marriage, many people simply get bored with the relationship and seek “new” adventures to get that spark back. Meanwhile, they may jettison a relationship that has the POWER to become more meaningful and fulfilling than ever!

Doug, really? Are you high?

Not really. You see, in order to get YOUR wife to become the sex slave you truly desire, she has to WANT to become the alluring temptress that you want. If you started out in your early days (like most of us did) impressing her with your charm, wit and good looks, its safe to say, “That ain’t cutting it anymore, Chuck!” She knows all your lines, routines, witty jokes and has your M.O. down pat. In order for you to IMPRESS, COURT, and WOW her, you have to do something completely different. In fact, the ONLY way to get YOUR wife to be hotter is to show her that she is! Check out our book for details.

Most women LOVE surprises-right? (Not the surprise that you will be an hour late for the opera-champ) Make TODAY the day you will surprise her with something. I guarantee that the extra effort you put forth however simple will first of all, show her that you appreciate her and second, begin the courtship process all over again. Here are a few ideas:

1.     Send her flowers for NO reason. (The IFA, International Floral Association says less than 3% of orders are not associated with a holiday or special event. I made that up, but it is probably true)

2.     Send her a dirty text message. (Make sure she doesn’t leave her phone around for the babysitter to pick up, otherwise, you may have to turn down a hummer from Sally)

3.     Ask her if there are any odd jobs that need taken care of. (WHAT? You mean pre-empt the request that comes every Saturday?)

4.     Get home early, make dinner and leave her a card telling her how much you appreciate her. (Come on guys, you KNOW that you will score that night!)

5.     Offer to take the kids to their lesson or sporting event. (Even if you are already on the shuttle bus schedule, tell her you’d like more time with the kids. Wives love this)

6.     Send her to the spa for ½ or full day. (This one is almost too easy. The best $200 you could spend. If you are courageous, get her a nurse’s outfit for when she returns home)

You get the idea. The more spontaneous you are, the more surprised she will be and the more she will respond with a loving heart and open legs. Get to work, fella! For more ideas, tips, and strategy on making your wife hot visit www.makeyourwifehot.com today.

Waxing: Ounce of Pain for a Pound of Pleasure


Well, here is a pretty sensitive and delicate post, guys and gals…waxing!

20 years ago, not many people ever heard the term, “Brazilian wax.” For many baby-boomers, we have missed this trend. Fellas, I am here to encourage you to STRONGLY lobby the little woman to consider this.

For the truly naive, a Brazilian wax is not a “bikini” wax that takes off the surrounding pubic hair, but takes ALL the hair off of the area. For many women, it equates to more than simply an “ounce of pain.” as the waxing process is not pain-free. Unlike many guys, I actually have had a small waxing procedure done on my eyebrows so I know first hand how much this process hurts (although my experience is probably only 10% of what my wife goes through). Enough of how painful this is, let’s talk about the upside!

First of all, I can tell you that the quality of my wife’s orgasms has easily doubled. The QUANTITY of her orgasms has easily increased 200% or more and we can thank the Brazilian wax process for a large part of this. Removing her pubic hair makes her entire region infinitely more sensitive and at first we had to pace ourselves because her orgasms were quicker and uncontrollable. With some patience and experience, we have been able to bring them on as often as we’d like without any loss of intensity.

For me, all I can tell you is that the experience of going down as increased immeasurably. No longer do I get symptoms of “nature’s dental floss” when I am practicing being a cunning linguist. I always enjoyed “dining at the Y” but now, I relish in it as often as possible.

I could go on, but need to keep the blog R rated for now…for more details on how to make your wife hot, visit www.makeyourwifehot.com.

If your woman has a low pain threshold and is adamant about NOT getting a brazilian wax, there are alternatives! (Don’t you just love technology!) Check out these compact shavers that are DESIGNED for sensitive areas of the skin (Including YOURS, Chuck!) Click on the image below and start experiencing a smoother experience and BETTER orgasms!