Unusual Sex Positions: Creative Orgasms


Variety is the spice of life.

Dont’ get this wrong! So many men associate a different WOMAN with variety. While this may work, it also works for environment, outfits, wigs, accents and yes…even positions.

Many people realize a specific position and/or sequence to make their partner orgasm. Hey, if it ain’t broken there is nothing to fix-right?


You see, as much as we all need certainty in our life, we also crave surprises. Certainty is important in our jobs, our income and even our expectations on a vacation. This desire for certainty is clearly portrayed in our desire (especially as children) to view the same show or movie over and over again.

What does this have to do with orgasms?


You see, once you are CERTAIN how to make your wife orgasm, you tend to not deviate from it for fear of lowering your status as the stud that you are. However, when you discover and improve a NEW technique or position, you open up an entirely new level of romance and discovery.

Try a new position every week. If you are ambitious, try a new one every night. There are an infinite number of variations on where a leg here or a pillow there can not only hit a new spot, but actually make your penetration deeper and more satisfying.

So go ahead, hike those legs up, put a pillow under her ass, grab those legs like a wheelbarrow and speak in a foreign accent. The variety you both seek is all around you!

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Here are 26 positions to get you started. I bet you’ve only refined less than 6 of them, so get busy!