Tease: Not so Much Jack Rabbit, Please


I was chatting with a woman friend of mine the other day and she was complaining about her “jack rabbit” hubby. It seems that this guy LOVES to pound her with vigor, but has not mastered or even entertained the idea of the “slow comfortable screw.”

What’s up with that?

Sure, both genders enjoy a robust love-making session with a full bore slammin’ of the gonads, but what about changing things up a bit?

Strangely enough, I told her it was partly her responsibility.

You see, if it was a problem for her and she wasn’t satisfied, it is up to the dissatisfied party (her) to communicate her needs to her lover. There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to do this.

Wrong way:
“Honey, you bang me too hard. Can you please change the variety of your lovemaking? Why don’t we do it slow for a while.”

Right way:
“You are such an incredible lover! I love the way you bang me. Let’s try changing our pace for a few minutes…I need to catch my breath. Make love to me as slow as you can.”

While the direct approach may work, it doesn’t take any extra effort to add a compliment to the beginning of your request. This works for either gender. You see, our egos are fragile. No where are they more fragile than in the bedroom. Many couples who become bored or complacent, don’t talk enough about sex. They both know what makes each other cum (Hopefully) and don’t experiment with either frequency, pace, rhythmn, mood, aroma, location, etc.

The bottom line is that even if your sex is good or great, it never hurts to talk!

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