Money Can Buy Happiness


There are really only two ways to have the trophy wife of your dreams and all the sex you can handle.

1. You can simply buy it (gold digger, concubine, or by the hour).

2. Become the charming, strong, secure, attentive and sexy man SHE craves.

If you don’t care about your health or your other relationships and have the means, maybe buying (or renting) your trophy wife is the path for you. Sure, I may kid about it, but that is only because I created my trophy wife BEFORE I had money. There are plenty of guys who bloom later in life and focused their energy on the almighty dollar. This path has worked for thousands of years.

The other path of working on your confidence, interpersonal communication, ab crunches and sex appeal is one that works for others. There are plenty of cabana boys and personal trainers who get more sex than they can handle. But, do they end up with a long-lasting relationship with the energizer bunny from the gym.

More importantly, do they even want that?

Of course, what WOMEN want is both!

Women want the security (translation: money) of a stable household and relationship and they also want to be swept off their feet by prince charming. I am not blaming them. After all, guys want Betty Crocker in the kitchen and a private whore in the bedroom. We all have needs, after all.

If you choose to focus on finances, you need to be wary of the gold digger who is faking her orgasms and having too many lunches with her personal trainer. If you care, that is.

The REAL solution is to work on both your charm and security. You see, security does relate to finances, but it is not the foundation for making a woman feel loved and secure. Her feelings of security are the foundation for her happiness, not the security itself.

There are millions of stories of men who were “up and coming” in their careers who scored the hot chicks even though they didn’t have two nickels to rub together. If you are in mid-life and haven’t hit your stride, your ability to show your woman that your time is just around the corner financially will go a long way to opening up her heart and her legs.

Balancing your energy between building your 401K, improving your health and taking tango lessons will be more than enough to make her feel loved, cherished and desired. When she has THOSE feelings, you are guaranteed that she will want to return the favor.

I am not saying that canceling your ESPN MVP club membership is required to win her heart. However, if you spend more time on creating a better you that appeals to her, you will create HER prince charming. When you are on that path and it is apparent to her that she has scored with the best catch of her life, you can get away with leaving the toilet seat up and occasionally farting during a game on TV….just don’t make it a habit.

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Sex and Money…What else is there?


Time to offend some people…Hooray!

What else is there besides sex and money? Let’s be clear about this, OK? Try me! I don’t think you can get to the core essence of a man and not relate it to sex and money. I’ll have a brief dialogue with myself, but feelĀ  free to comment.

1. Family. Taking care of our family is an extremely strong drive. For most men, ‘taking care’ of them is an emotional AND a financial obligation. Money makes for a happy life and a happy wife. Many men avoid divorce to be around for their kids…hmm…avoid divorce, why are they considering that? Not enough sex? (With the exception of adoption, you can’t have those darling kids without sex!)

2. God. Let’s see, King Solomon was the wealthiest man in the world. No wonder he had 700 wives and 300 concubines is there a larger example of sex and money? Even Hugh Hefner can’t match this guy. Sex and sexuality is mentioned all over the bible.

3. Community service. Why do people TRULY volunteer? It makes us feel good, special and gives us a sense of giving back. Many people donate because it is a great tax deduction (money). What about non-financial volunteerism. What does that do for your ego? It empowers you. What do you want to do when you feel powerful…HAVE SEX!

Essentially, human beings are in a constant struggle to avoid pain and seek pleasure. When we increase our health, our wealth and our relationships we feel better and life is good. The epitome of a fulfilling life is one rich in relationships and leaving the world a better place than when we found it.

Of course there is more to life than sex and money. As men, however, we have core needs to increase both. Instead of running away from those needs or trying to sugar coat them with Oprah-fied niceties, isn’t it more authentic to embrace our masculinity? Isn’t it just easier to say our bodies were built to kill Mastodon’s, bring them back to our caves and make more people?

Women are certainly designed for sex. Why else would they be so curvy, smooth, and sexy looking? A student of science or anthropology can easily agree that the propagation of the species is mission #1. Without that, no amount of volunteerism, enlightenment or family vacations are relevant.

You can’t really enjoy life, let alone HAVE a life, if we don’t take care of the most important objective of all mankind; the continuation of the species.

Sex is the most important thing to have.

So there.