Long Hair vs. Short Hair


What does hair length have to do with making your wife hot?


Many women look sexier with longer hair. Short hair can work, but it has to be on the right face, done properly and include an attitude to match. Longer hair is traditionally sexier on a woman because long hair that wax curvy and bouncy tends to match the rest of her body. Besides, men have short hair…without the curves, you may not be able to distinguish gender from a distance!

If your wife has longer hair, you probably don’t need to persuade her to do much to it. Unless it is a rat’s nest, straight or curly, long hair tends to look more feminine overall. Images of Lady Godiva or Rapunzel conjure up beauty, grace and sex appeal.

Short hair is simply butch.

So, what to do if your woman insists on having short hair?


For starters, there are hundreds of examples of cute, sexy and fun short hair styles that can still frame out a beautiful face and give that “come and do me look” that drives a man crazy. Strangely enough, women with a few extra pounds tend to look better with shorter hair. Additionally, if it is styled right, with some hair covering an eye, it can be extremely alluring and will give her the edge on the sultry, “just banged” look that makes you want her more.

Of course, there are high-profile examples of Halle Berry and others who look fantastic with short hair, long hair or even no hair! (Grace Jones and that chick from the first Star Trek movie)

In the end, fellas, for the sake of simplicity, long hair is traditionally sexier. Buying your gal a day at the spa and complimenting her looks always does more to encourage her sensuality than any critical explanation of the evolution of hair length. To get more sex and to keep it spicy in the bedroom, your ability to encourage, compliment and adore her will keep her self-esteem high and her libido in overdrive.

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How to Make a Woman Feel Sexy


How do you make a woman feel sexyHow do you make a woman FEEL sexy? Well, buster you DON’T do it by telling her lies (Or the whole truth for that matter) and you don’t do it by simply giving her an afternoon at the spa (Although that is a GREAT start!)

If you want more sex (And who doesn’t) your mission is to think like a woman and be consistent in your thoughts, actions and feelings. Sometimes that can be difficult when you kids’ mom is acting matronly or is all frumpy and in the “Mom Zone”. Marriages often drift apart because a couple transforms from dating, to marriage to parents…I love kids, but they do change the environment quite a bit! Here are some GREAT tips on making your woman feel sexy. Follow these words carefully, because most of the tips come from women themselves!

“When a man stares at me with total fixation, lust in his eyes and passion in his heart, I feel wanted and sexy.”   -Mary C. Chicago, IL

“I feel very sexy after a great hair stylist gives me a cut, shampoo and style. When I come home and my husband sees the new me, we almost always have great sex that night.”  -Christine A. Trenton, NJ

“I feel sexy in heels and a nightie.”   -Gloria W. Denver CO

“My woman looks extra sexy when she walks confidently and flips her hair back with her hand. It really turns me on.”  -George H. Reno NV

“Little black dress, 2 martinis, and a killer smile.” -Jesse A. Boulder CO

“When my boyfriend goes off about how attractive he thinks I am when I am wearing my favorite underwear.” -Felicia D. New York, NY

“Big boobs, 23 inch waist, great legs and a tight ass with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude”  -Bob C. Columbus, OH

“Thong panties and push up bra under my clothes. Even if no one else sees them it makes me feel confident and sexy.”  -Grace M. Cincinnati, OH

“Snugging into my size 2 jeans, putting on alluring make up, and heels. Of course, having guys notice that look is the icing on the cake” -Jennifer M. Phoenix, AZ

“Having my hair done up. Stylish clothes, sunglasses and a clean car driving around feeling cute.”  -Stacy T. Dallas, TX

“How a man undress me with his bed room eyes.”  -Sue R. Los Angeles, CA

You see, fellas, making your woman FEEL sexy is half the battle to getting more sex for your relationship. Dressing her up, taking her out, and letting her know that she is the world to you is what gives her the confidence to do it over and over again. Words are nice. In fact, the words you use and how often you use them are important. But over 85% of what we learn and what we respond to is non-verbal communication. Keep the attitude up, let her know she is gorgeous and treat her like a princess in public and she’ll become a whore in the bedroom.

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Hope for Your Marriage


It’s not often that I re-post another article…after all, this is MY blog and advice and commentary about my 21 years of marriage. You’ve read about how love and sex is a comedy, tragedy and love story all in one. However, after reading Alisa’s post (http://projecthappilyeverafter.com) I can tell you that she has the “right stuff” when it comes to communication and relationships. She is a gifted author and definitely worth the read.

YOUR relationship has the potential to become whatever you want it to be!

Your DECISION can be much more important than your history or circumstances. Take charge of what you really want and just decide to stay married, act married, and become the man of her dreams. After YOU take charge of that decision, chances are VERY high that she will become the MILF of your dreams and the relationship everyone envies. Here is Alisa’s most recent post, below:

Many people ask me how I found the motivation to work on my marriage when so much was going wrong. Most of the people who ask this are entrenched in the Planning The Funeral stage of marital discontent—what I sometimes refer to as mile 20 of the marriage marathon. Their sex life is either non-existent or unfulfilling. They don’t have conversations. When they go out to dinner together, there’s silence. When they do talk, they fight. And when they fight, the rarely if ever reach a resolution.

As a result, they console themselves by imagining what their lives would be like if their partners would conveniently drop dead.

Yeah, I’ve been there.

So how did I find the courage to work on my marriage when everything seemed so hopeless?

The courage came from a deep place. It was an act of faith. It will be an act of faith for you, too. In the beginning, you won’t know for sure whether or not your marriage project will work. So you must decide to work on your marriage for reasons that go beyond the finish line. You do it for your self, because:

1.    You need to know—without a doubt—that your marriage is or is not worth saving. The only way to know for sure? Try to save your marriage and see if you make any improvement. At the beginning of your marriage project, rate your marriage on a scale of 1 (I wish he would just drop dead) to 10 (I am so glad I married him!) Four months later, rate it again. If your rating went up? Your marriage has potential. If it stayed the same or went down? It’s probably not worth saving. Sure, you’d rather have the ease of posing the Is My Marriage Worth Saving? to a Magic 8 Ball, but I’m pretty sure my method—while more time-consuming—is much more reliable. It allows you to walk away from your marriage (if it comes to that) without a shred of guilt, because you tried everything and everything did not work.

2.    You need to work on you. Your bad marriage is not entirely your spouse’s fault. You are a part of the problem. A bad marriage is caused by the chemistry between two people. One person doesn’t ask for what she wants, which allows the other person to get away with whatever he wants. One person is controlling, which allows the other person to never stick her neck out and make a decision. Usually, the thing about your partner that you most hate is the thing that will make you feel most incomplete if you split up. Working on your marriage will force you to work on yourself, so you’ll become more assertive, learn how to communicate, evolve into a better listener, and more. So even if you do eventually split up, you’ll still be better off, because you’ll be a more complete person.

But you need more than that, right? You want a guarantee. You want to know that it will work. I just can’t give you that. What I can tell you is this: Not a day goes by that I don’t feel downright grateful that my husband is still in my life. Slightly more than two years ago? Not a day went by that I didn’t think about how much better off I would be if my husband were no longer in my life.

Today, when I’m irritated with my husband, I tell him. I’ve learned how to talk about such issues in a way that does not make him defensive, and he’s learned how to listen and respond. Whenever something bothers me about my marriage, I’ve learned to see if as a problem, one that my husband and I can solve together.

I’ve also learned to recognize grumpiness for what it is: grumpiness. I’m not as quick to go to the He Doesn’t Love Me Place when my husband is having a hunger emergency and accidentally bites my head off because I can’t seem to find the restaurant we’re looking for. No, I’m much more likely to think, “That big brat is having a hunger emergency. I better find the restaurant before he completely implodes.” And once he’s shoveled some food into himself, I say, “Are you still mad at me?” He says, “God no. I’m so sorry” and that’s that.

My husband makes my latte for me every morning, not because I can’t make one for myself, but because he knows I like it when he makes my latte. It makes me feel loved. And I make sure to Atta Boy him whenever he does something around the house for the same reason. Even when he does something small, like buy me a gift for no reason, I am sure to let him know I appreciate the gesture.

Our sex life? My husband recently told me that he’d like to do it every other day. As he said it, though, he acknowledged that he didn’t think it was really possible. And instead of feeling put upon, I thought, “I would really love to make that wish come true, because I really do love this guy.” And this week? I have. He’s floored. I’m not the wife he knows, but he certainly likes the new me.

Your marriage might get to this place some day, too. It won’t happen overnight. It won’t happen linearly, either. You’ll continually take two steps forward and one step back. But if you continue to grow and change together (your partner has to be willing to work at it, too), you can get to this place, too.

-Alisa Bowman

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Wedding Anniversary


Well, today marks my 21st wedding anniversary. INCREDIBLE!
Like many of you, not all 21 have been a bed of roses. With 3 kids, a business that collapsed, a separation, my midlife crisis, affairs and child medical issues, our family therapist stated that the odds were definitely against us. Our “Train wreck” was virtually unsurvivable.

With patience and an open mind, we pieced together remnants of our past, our values, and our needs and pressed forward. Where most people give up out of an excessive amount of pain, we pushed forward. Our book and blog explain it all.

We didn’t always know what the outcome would be. Our hearts very often sought the escape valve of divorce. The separation often gave both of us required space to collect our thoughts and garner some introspection without the pressures of being a “couple.”

There is no “end” of course. We continue to talk, laugh, love and lust for one another. The past issues are constantly in our psyche. We can never eliminate our mistakes-only learn from them.

Increasing sexual desire and pleasure after sleeping with the same person for 22 years (yeah…premarital sex) isn’t easy. My personality craves excitement, adventure and “newness.”

My wife and I nearly divorced not because of my cheating, but because we didn’t know how to communicate the REASONS I strayed from my vows of marriage. Now that we can talk about ANYTHING without judgment or emotion, we have created a new and stronger bond than ever before.

There is no “end” to this story. There is only a new day, every day that we can crawl into bed, whisper something really naughty, break out the new toy or new chapter in the Kama Sutra, and bang each others brains out.

When all else fails in a marriage, try vigorous, passionate, off the chart sex. Couples who have a sexually charged, intimate relationship rarely divorce.

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