Educational Porno


With the proliferation of MILLIONS of sex websites, it is sometimes difficult to filter the good porn from the ridiculous. Many people use video porn or erotic novels to stimulate and enhance their love life.


However, do you realize there are some really GREAT sites out there that can actually teach and educate us on advanced techniques? I know everyone thinks they are fabulous lovers, but in reality, only a fool believes he/she knows it all. All good teachers (yours truly included) is in a constant state of experimentation, discovery and erotic search mode.

The more variety, spontaneity and fun you put into your sex life, the more your love life improves. Many people get this backwards. While there is a time for romance, tenderness and communication, exceptional lovemaking rarely leads to divorce.

Instead of searching online for “porn” or “amateur porn” try search terms like “kama sutra” “advanced cunnilingus” or more specific items of curiosity. You’ll find a whole new world of videos, techniques and reading that will open your eyes…and her legs.

I encourage you to add YOUR favorite educational porno sites in the comments section below. Together we can build a list that committed couples can refer to over and over and over and over again…

Doug Steponin