Sex-escape Room


My wife and I recently bought a little getaway place to escape the city and it was a quaint, comfotable 2 bedroom. We set up the kitchen, office and bedroom. The original thought was this would be a sanctuary where kids were NEVER invited and it would be a true retreat for just the two of us.

With no restrictions, our imagination ran wild!

If you could build the PERFECT getaway, how would you design it?

What would it look like?

What add-on’s would you like?

Here is our list so far…I encourage your feedback on design, toys and layout for our place. I won’t be posting pictures. Instead, let’s let our imagination take hold and create a space that others can emulate, adapt and flat out copy.

1. Mirrors…lots of them. We haven’t done the ceiling yet, but the closet full length mirrors are an excellent start.

2. Stripper pole.

3. Light dimmer.

4. Pillows…lost of them, too. Throw pillows and the sex pillow or wedge.

5. Bar. Our favorite libations.

6. Sex lounge chair. These are AWESOME. Check out the site

7. Tennis balls. We’ve broken a few headboards…time to cushion the blow…so to speak.

Send me your comments, ideas and thoughts on the ultimate sex escape room…

Doug Steponin