Cuckold: Are you demented?


Of all the fantasies that divide people cuckolding could be one of the most confusing. For the uninitiated, cuckolding is a husband’s desire to have his wife have sex with another man. It is most often when the husband is watching but can extend out to him not even being there.

When I think about this fantasy from a psychological view, I find it fascinating. On one hand, the stories I have read show a man who enjoys being dominated by a strong woman; a woman so powerful that he alone cannot satisfy her. This type of man may also embrace dominatrix fetishes and become stimulated by being dominated; sexually and otherwise.


On the other hand, some men who are NOT into the dominatrix stuff still enjoy seeing their wife having sex with another man. Their confidence and comfort with this activity is the exact opposite of the weaker man syndrome. A man who enjoys watching his wife having sex with another man is akin to watching pornography, only your WIFE is in the show!

Now, pornography is a visual stimulus many individuals and couples use to assist in arousal where average arousal has either tapered off or isn’t working at all. The logical extension of 2 dimensional stimulation is 3 dimensional. Going to gentleman’s clubs, getting a lap dance (for 2!) and considering cuckolding or group sex can raise the bar, your blood pressure, and sensual arousal to extreme heights.

This type of activity, however, is never for the couple who have any confidence or jealousy issues. Too many couples have tried to use extreme arousal techniques to rekindle a relationship when the REAL issue was communication and not sex.

That is one of the key drivers for our HUGELY successful workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada this past November. Our 1/2 day workshop in 2010 will focus on creating open, honest and complete communication with an emphasis on the sexual expression of your love and lust. It will be a enlightening afternoon and evening. Men, women are couples are all invited and I encourage you to email me about what weekend would work for you. If it is anything like our last one, you’ll go home charged up, enlightened and maybe a little sore!

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Pay Bills = Get More Sex


My wife is not a whore.

In fact, she is an MBA with 3 teenagers and a new career that she loves. A few years ago, however, things were pretty bleak.

I had a midlife crisis, my 20 year business evaporated in less than 3 months and we lost our entire fortune due to a series of unfortunate events that nearly tore us apart-permanently.

Along the way, I stopped paying some bills. Along the way, the sex stopped. Along the way, our lives were in shambles.

Somehow, during this turmoil we managed to take infrequent breaks from the pain of bankruptcy and foreclosure and go out and see a movie or take a walk. Even a one or two hour break created a great deal of renewal and energy as we went out to tackle our obstacles and rebuild our lives.

Stress is the no.#1 killer in America.

Stress of your job, your spouse, your finances, etc. Let’s face it…stress sucks.

The stress of bill collectors can do more to kill your libido than watching re-runs of Tella Tubbies. This is especially true for women. Women crave security. Women are designed to take care, nurture and raise families. Don’t give me any arguments about woman’s liberation or careers. I don’t care. Let me prove my point.

Women are designed to be the primary care giver of families because they have breasts and men don’t. Get it? If God wanted us to share in the duties equally, he would have made us like the seahorse (I am not making this up) where the male seahorse carries and gives birth to the offspring.

Since women are designed to nurture the family, it is obvious that men are designed to PROVIDE for the family. Our job, as men, is to provide that security they crave so women can focus on two singular tasks:

1. Raising the children.
2. Making more children.

Now it doesn’t matter if your kids are teenagers or if you are done “making” babies. Our DNA doesn’t know how old we are. Women are designed to breed and the more attractive they are, the more we want to have sex with them. Survival of the fittest works both ways, guys. The more a man can provide and support the family the more attractive he is and the more a woman will open up to him.

I don’t apologize for making these examples over simplistic. Basic biology and anthropology back up what I am saying. Transferring this into the 21st century is your job.

  1. Pay your bills.
  2. Provide for your family.
  3. Show her you are a good provider.
  4. If you have financial troubles, reassure her you are going to do better.

Above all else, give her the financial, emotional and physical security she craves.

Your sex life will thank you!

You can have all the sex, romance and excitement you had when you first met. It isn’t more difficult as you get older, it just becomes more thoughtful. For more basics and ADVANCED techniques to create a sexually-charged relationship, visit today.

Now go pay your bills, buy her some flowers and get laid!

Hello Husbands!


Today, after some amazing lovemaking with my hot wife, I decided I would start a kiss-and-tell blog.

I can’t help myself.  I love bragging about my trohpy wife and the great times we have together.  Hopefully this will inspire some husbands to implement the techniques taught in my guide so they can experience this for themselves!

And to all other husbands, it will make them JEALOUS as hell as they drool like animals at the storys of passion between myself and my super hot wife!

I would also like to welcome OTHER bloggers to add and cross promote our information…it’s like a light bulb went off in her! She used to be so cold, now she can’t get enough!!!! I know I am not alone out there!? Please comment, write us, and let’s create a new revolution of communication, intense passion and MORE SEX! Blog Now!

Got to run!  Someone is calling my name!!!