More Sex From Your Wife…in VEGAS!


Boys, there is one unmistakable truth in love, relationships and getting the little woman to open up…Vegas!

When you bombard the senses with hot, sexy women 24/7 it is impossible to stay sheltered, reserved or pious for very long. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is good, rotten, mediocre or great. A trip out of your environment and into “Sin City” causes nearly anyone to loosen up, feel good, and sensual.

Tips for the adventurous lover:

1. Be sure to get a nice room when you are here. Don’t skimp and get a $44 room at the budget hotel. Gamble a little less and invest some cash in your room. After all, if you want to have a sexual weekend with your wife in Vegas (or anywhere) she’ll be turned on more by satin sheets than orange shag carpeting and furniture from 1978.

2. Avoid the all you can eat buffets. The food is lousy and your body slows down to digest when it needs that energy for going out, dancing and late nights in your room.

3. See any Cirque du Solei show you can. Of course, if you can get tickets for Zumanity, that is one of your best options. This is the sexy, sensual circus of the contortionists! Sure there are a few acrobatic feats, but the humor, sexy moves and Cirque experience is one of a kind.

4. Alcohol. As you may know, if you gamble, you can get cheap drinks for free. Stay easy on the booze not only because it will impair your judgment, but it can lessen sexual performance as well. One exception would be if you are using this trip to loosen up your partner for some attempts at truly living out one of your fantasies.

5. Attitude & dress. This is a chance for your spouse to dress as sexy as she can. Some soccer moms are reluctant to dress sexy when they are going to Walgreens. In Vegas, there is nothing that is “over the top” so she can be as comfortable in jeans and a t shirt as she would be in that slinky short skirt that resembles the t shirt!

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