Sex in Unusual Places!


After a few years you may run out of positions to try…sure you’ve found your top 2-3 favorite ones…the ones that are a 100% sure fire hit and get you and your spouse to share in the euphoria.

But what about WHERE you have sex? After you’ve “broken in” the rooms in the house, done it in the car or on the back patio, where can you go to add some spice and ‘ZIP’ in the relationship? Below are a few ideas I gleaned from my personal experience as well as a few other people. (I can’t and WON’T claim having sex in church or near the dumpster…yuk!)

You’ll never run out of places or WAYS to spice up your sex life! We are not talking porn here, just some edgy stuff to give your relationship some new life and vitality. If you don’t keep doing NEW things, someone is likely to get bored and have an affair and/or get divorced. Your sex life and your marriage may be at stake!

Send me YOUR entry as to the most UNUSUAL place you’ve had sex and win a copy of my book-FREE! Send me an email to or simply post your story or place in the comments section below.

  • In a public Jacuzzi with others around.
  • In my ex wife’s parent’s basement while they were home!
  • In a public park pavilion in daylight.
  • In the elevator at a 25 story hotel (quickie)
  • In the alley next to a dumpster (empty thank God) behind a nightclub.
  • On a trampoline in a college gymnasium.
  • On a picnic table outside of an icehouse. People were cheering us on.
  • In most of my friends bathrooms during parties.
  • In the front seat during road trips (in mustangs, very hard to do).
  • In my ex-boyfriend’s parents bed with my husband.
  • In a Christmas display in the middle of the shopping mall.
  • In the back bed of a ford f350 while being driven down the road.
  • In a confessional and behind the altar.
  • At an amusement park haunted house with people walking through.
  • At a baseball stadium pitcher’s mound (with the pitcher of course!).
  • In a jump tower on a military training field.
  • At the zoo in front of the monkey cage (after hours).
  • In a dentist chair (I worked in a dental office).
  • On the 50 yard line at Raven Stadium at night.
  • At an ice hockey arena change room in between games.
  • At an elementary school in an empty class room.
  • On top of a school building during a football game.
  • In the ladies room at a law office during business hours.
  • In a room full of guests (my girlfriend sitting on my lap and nobody was the wiser).
  • In the bathroom stall at parking garage.
  • In a park in the bushes next to a playground.
  • Under the Rheine main bridge downtown Mannheim.
  • On the roof of a high rise after a thunderstorm.
  • In a church up by the organ late on a Sunday night.
  • On a massage table one hour before the spa opened.
  • In the darkroom at a photography lab.
  • On the EXACT beach where they filmed “From Here to Eternity” in Hawaii.

Try something new and send an email to and let me know what new and unusual place you’ve had sex. Winner of the most UNUSUAL place will get a copy of my free book. Any other stories are welcome…all names changed or hidden to protect the guilty!

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Viagra: Even When You DON’T Need It!


Listen guys, I know that MOST of us have no problem in the performance or endurance department. However, regardless of your age, sex drive, and/or consistency, there are some distinct advantages to adding a little “umph” to your evening.

If you’ve been married for more than 5 years, then maybe your WIFE would like a little variety in the sack. If your confidence is high-great! But one or both of you probably could use some spice, variety, and/or new thing in your bedroom. If you don’t want to go out and buy a Brad PItt mask, the least you can do is to impress your wife with multiple sessions in one evening. Or, if you are already a 2-3 times per night kinda guy, what about lasting longer? It doesn’t matter if you already go for an hour or two in a session. Any time you change positions, pace, and yes…endurance, you are going to add a new element to your love-making. There are specific, natural enhancers, both psychologic and herbal that have proven to work. For a list of these, please check out my website.

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I am focusing my attention on you middle-aged guys with weak and/or average marriages. You used to be a passionate guy. You and your wife used to laugh more, have sex in odd places, and you were turned on by the very mention of her name. After 10+ years of marriage, many of us see a decline in our passions and our relationships. Kids, work, mortgage, and time all slowly erode what makes us men and what gives us a fire in our belly.

This is 100% YOUR responsibility and you can re-light your marriage and your passions. Sure, there are medical needs for Viagra, Cialis, etc. But there are herbal supplements that can achieve the same thing! In fact, if you really want to see about getting a slight boost on the cheap, here’s one that should help you out this 4th of July….eat more watermelon! A recent scientific survey has determined watermelons contain an ingredient called citrulline that can trigger production of a compound that helps relax the body’s blood vessels, similar to what happens when a man takes Viagra, said scientists in Texas. Don’t take my word for it, check out the link here.

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