The Eroticism of Kissing


When was the last time you kissed your wife….really kissed her?

Kissing is very intimate and french kissing, according to my 5th grade health teacher, is the most intimate act you do. Two people who are physically entering each other somehow has more intimacy points that anal sex….go figure.

The bottom line, however, is that kissing is very intimate and the muscles in your lips and tongue are exercised more often than any other. A former lover described kissing as a combination of eating and talking…you were communicating while satisfying an urge. Not bad.

When you kiss your spouse tonight, take a break from your old routine. Pause. Hold her face. Go super slow and match her breathing.

The more variety and tenderness you put into your kissing the more wet she will get.

Foreplay. It’s a lost art.


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