How to Seduce Your Wife


Seduction is a powerful emotion. The idea of seducing a woman gives us power and the thought of being seduced eliminates guilt! Either way, we win.

Seducing a woman is, of course, a mental game. The end result is getting her in bed, but in order to accomplish that, one must understand the mental and emotional triggers most woman have, be able to read a person’s personality, and be adaptable to the situation, game, and unexpected words and body language that will occur.


Oh…I’m sorry…you’ve been married for 10, 12, 20 years. Never mind. Just keep taking the kids to soccer practice, work you ass off and hope for vacation sex every year or so. If you’re lucky, maybe if your wife isn’t too tired, you can sneak in a 20 minute session Sunday morning.

Remember when you seduced her? Remember when you had sex every day? Would you like to feel young, vibrant, and sexually-charged like when you were dating years ago?

Duh. So go ahead and SEDUCE YOUR WIFE!

Below are some pointers so you don’t appear ridiculous. After all, she knows your name, how to make you cum, and where you are going home tonight. The point of seduction is the mystery of the “dance” and the excitement of “new” with a partner. As a married guy, your job is to rekindle those feelings with a woman you know very well.

It is MORE difficult to seduce someone you know. (Perhaps that is another reasons affairs are so thrilling. It is easier to seduce a stranger or co-worker than your spouse.)

  1. Be aloof. Your wife can read your body language, style, vernacular and words better than anyone. In order to pull this off, you need a new personality. Study one of your friends, an actor or a co-worker and pick up some of their mannerisms, voice inflection and attitude. Don’t be a jerk, just learn to be different.
  2. Surprise her. Women LOVE surprises. Don’t bore her with an arrangement of flowers, chump. That is too easy and even though she will appreciate it, it’s no surprise. Send her a singing telegram, hire a sky writer, or send her a put up a full size poster of her face in your office. Be extraordinary and don’t be cheap.
  3. Pamper her. Showing a woman you care about her comes in many forms. You can tell her how beautiful she is, shower her with gifts, do the dishes without being asked, or give her a hot oil massage. In any of these scenarios, one will stand out as her favorite. Do it. After you are done, DO NOT EXPECT OR ASK FOR SEX! That is a sure way to blow the seduction.
  4. Patience. Do not expect sex as soon as you pull your “move.” It is better to keep pampering her, surprising her and simply not care about sex at all. The more you DON’T want it, after being prince charming, the more SHE will want to give it to you.

This last point is the crux of the seduction. Seduction is not conquering. The less you care about her the more she will be curious and come to you. This only occurs, of course, after you have shown, displayed, spoken, or written how much she means to you. Being a prince charming is being charming!

Making her the hot vixen you want and desire isn’t difficult at all; my book comes complete with a full blown 30-60 day plan to create the changes you want for your relationship not just “one-night stands” but permanent habits of lust, love and laughter for the rest of your life.