What is the Appeal of a Cougar?


The above video discusses the practical side of younger men with more mature women. It is portrayed from a woman’s perspective and very pragmatic. All practicality aside, doesn’t the idea of “forbidden love” and “dangerous liasons” add to the excitement of sex?

Only in a HUGE way!

The post I wrote a few days ago about my incredible cougar experience was a whole lot of fun to write (almost as much fun as the experience itself!). As you know, my CURRENT life is my passion. I am a person who enjoys living in the here and now. I REALLY enjoy looking forward to new and creative experiences that life has.

I rarely reminisce about any of the women I knew before marriage. (Except for the ocassional fantasy!)  However, that part of my life does have bearing on who I am today. The total sum of my experiences, upbringing and my DNA shape who I am. Those experiences are worth reflecting upon if you want to learn, grow and become a better lover to your woman.

I am not suggesting you share intimate details of past girlfriends with your wife, mind you. But when you reminisce about exactly WHAT made you happy and discover WHY it was such a powerful experience, my hope is that you can translate that into meaningful sexual experiences with whom you are with right now.

I would like to add that the “risk” and “unusual” aspects of a couple like this are added titillation for both the man and the woman. A man loves the idea of being a “boy toy” or stud for a sexy woman who hasn’t had sex in a while. A woman like that may certainly fantasize about a young, virile man who has more energy and spontaneity than the men her age. It has the same power and thrill of an affair. Affairs are exciting because they are new, forbidden and the danger of getting caught adds to the excitement. Being “bad” doesn’t always have to come with collateral damage like having an affair while you are married. Use the creativity you have in you to conjure up a younger man or woman fantasy for your next encounter with your spouse.

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