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Your Little Princess


It doesn’t matter if your wife is an executive, tomboy or average girl, ALL women (although many won’t admit it) want to be a princess. This desire is embedded into their psyche at an early age from fairy tales, women’s magazines and a DNA laced desire to be feminine.

Your job, buster, is to create an atmosphere, desire and adoration of that princess inside of her. The more you can empower and create an environment of grace, beauty and purity for your little princess, the more she taps into her genuine desire to be feminine. After all, it is this femininity that turns us on…Right?

What can you do to encourage your woman to be more feminine and be the princess you both want her to be? Follow these simple ideas, expand on them using your resources and creativity and get ready to indulge in steamier sex, unbridled passion and extended sexual liasons fit for a king!

1. Draw her a bath. Women love to be pampered. Pamper her. Light candles, put some rose petals out and do EVERYTHING for her…including giving her a sponge bath. This will relax her and open her up to your advances which will come LATER! Don’t get her all warmed up and pounce in the tub like a golden retriever. Pamper, spoil her and take everything slow.

2. Compliment her beauty. Women love to be beautiful. If she has short hair or is the least bit frumpy, tell her she is gorgeous and you love her unconditionally. Your words and your actions that support and affirm her beauty will encourage her to do more tweaking to become the image you see in your minds’ eye.

3. Take her shopping and buy her outfits that you both like. Compliment her choices. If she asks your opinion, don’t make the mistake of saying her butt looks big in anything! She looks amazing in everything she wears, Felix. Let her know you are captivated by her grace.

Don’t worry about the prices, most women love a bargain. Let her determine which outfits she likes the best based on price and style. Every once in a while, pay full retail for something she looks amazing in.

You don’t have to have a honeymoon every day to make your wife hot, you merely have to feel like you are on a daily basis. Do that consistently, and you’ll have a sex-crazed beauty that will keep you up all night and give you the time of your life! For more ideas get a copy of my book, Make Your Wife hot by clicking here.

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